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15 Best Slack Alternatives Free (Android | iOS) in 2023

Here, we are going to talk about alternative Slack clients. Slack has about 44 million daily active users. No, other facts will be needed to prove the popularity of Slack. Sharing files, access to more than 100 integrations and securely encrypted transfer data, advanced search functionalities, and two-way audio and video are functions in Slack. But it does not sound like it is the only viable option. There are many Slack alternatives that provide the same features as Slack and even more improved features. Have a look!

Who Are Slack’s Competitors?

1) Skype – Is Slack The Same As Skype?

You can use Skype as an alternative to Slack. Here, you can hold video conferences using Skype. It is easy to use which allows 250 people to engage in a business conference video call. Skype for Business has three pricing plans. All these pricing plans are comprised of a free 14-day trial. Business Essentials costs $2.50 per user monthly where the Business plan costs $8.25, and Business Premium comes for $10 per user

Why Is Slack Better Than Skype?

Slack vs Skype: You get to integrate the ability to Slack team management with many apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, Twitter, and Github. Skype does not allow integration with any software that can post messages to it. Slack offers better search features that include search by date, user, and other properties, searching all conversations at once, searching files, and several filtering options.

Skype does not have this feature. You get email notifications in slack open source when you are offline. But there is no notification system on Skype. Skype is free. So, it is a plus point for skype. Slack free has a free version of slack, but it has only limited features. But, Skype allows you to communicate with people outside the company. But Slack open source allows communication with people within your company.

You can use Skype even without an internet connection. Also, It provides access to contacts, searches, and reads old messages, and creates new messages. These new messages will send automatically whenever you connect to the internet. But you can’t do anything on Slack without an active internet connection. 

It is not fair to say Slack is better than Skype. There are advantages as well as disadvantages to both platforms. So it is better to concern about your hardware requirements before selecting one. Sometimes you will end up choosing both. 

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2) Google Hangouts

Hangout Chats is another product of Google. Also, It is one of the famous programs like Slack. Internet connection is not a must to work on Google Hangouts. Here, you can work on slides, sheets on the device, and documents offline. So, It is easy to join video conferences with Google Hangouts. Thirty participants can participate in a Hangout Meet video meeting using a shared link. Hangout is compatible with many browsers and apps like slack. 

Does Google Have A Slack Competitor?

Google has several Slack competitors. Hangouts, Video conferencing apps are competitors of Slack. So, they are developing another Google Slack alternative as a part of Google’s cloud-based applications. It will fit across chats, documents, emails, calls, and tasks

Is Google Hangouts Chat Private?

Yes. Your Google Hangout chat is only visible to the participation in the conversation. Anyone from outside can’t peep into your chats. You can invite outsiders to join your conversations so that they can read your chat.

Why Is Slack Better Than Hangouts?

Both Slack and Hangouts are designed for all businesses. On both these platforms, you can search for a topic and find the related message threads. Both platforms allow adding files and sharing them with teammates. All the added files are stored and shareable across workspaces. You get lots of integrations with Slack.

Hangouts allow integration with all Google apps. You can see whether your contacts are online in Slack, but Hangouts shows only the contact’s email address. Both Google Hangouts and Slack are team communicating apps. So select the best app concerning your requirements. 

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3) Microsoft Teams

Many organizers and businesses use Microsoft teams as an office tool due to the prevailing pandemic situation. Microsoft teams are one of the best slack alternatives open source for large enterprises. It comes free with office 365. You can easily share documents in Microsoft Teams. Editing of documents is also available in Microsoft teams that provide virtual assistant bot accounts. 

Microsoft Teams is compatible with Mac, Windows, Android, Ios, and Linux. You get excellent data security in Microsoft teams. The free plan and the Office 365 Business Essential Plan allow a maximum of 300 users. Here, The 365 Business Premium allows an unlimited number of users. 

Is Slack Better Than Microsoft Teams?

Slack has limitations for a cap on several messages. You can send only 10 000 there. But there is no limit for caps on the number of messages you can search in Microsoft Teams. You get Guest access with Microsoft but not with Slack. Moreover, you can arrange channel meetings in Microsoft.

Slack does not have this option. Screen sharing is available on both platforms. Slack allows only ten app integration, but Microsoft teams have an unlimited app integration option. You get two-factor authentication with Slack but not with Microsoft teams. 

Can Teams Replace Slack?

Now many people use Microsoft Teams. There are differences in some features teams. It can’t be said that Slack will replace Teams. 

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4) Discord

Discord is a very famous tool among gamers. Gaming communities widely use it. This app is not only for gamers. Also, It is one of the best alternatives to Slack. Here, you can access message history unlimitedly. Discord’s user interface is quite similar to Slack’s user interface. The color options are available in either a dark theme or a light theme.

Moreover, you can share the file with others on this open source collaboration platform. But it is limited to 5GB in the free plan and 10 GB per person for the paid plan. Discord supports the sharing of audio and video files only. One major drawback of Discord is it is difficult to search files by their name and their content.

Discord provides only nine integrations. It includes social media, games, and some other services, including API integrationsDiscord has a free plan and a paid plan. It allows only eight persons to engage in video conferencing. The Niro plan or the Paid plan costs $4.99 per user monthly.  

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5) Cisco Webex Meetings

Cisco Webex Meetings is one of the famous alternative sites like slack. If you want to have high-quality audio and video chats, then Webex Meetings is the best solution. This tool’s most significant collaboration functions are Meetings, Scheduling, Chat, Calling, File sharing, and Whiteboard. You can invite participants to an already started meeting via voice conference, instant messenger, or emails.

And it allows you to remind your team members about an upcoming meeting. WebEx audio assists in creating a productive meeting experience. You can record the meeting. This is very beneficial. It allows reviewing the discussion in the future or can send the details to the team members. Intelligent file searching is available at Webex. 

This has four pricing plans. One is free to use. So, the Starter plan is suitable for small teams. Plus, a plane is good for mid-sized teams, and the Business plan is designed for mass-scale teams and businesses. Cisco Webex Meeting app is available for Android, iPhone, iPad, and Blackberry. The user interface of Webex is also simple and user-friendly. Your data is protected in Webex under end-to-end encryption for files, messages, and whiteboards

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6) GroupMe

Microsoft owns GroupMe. It is an alternative software like slack. The read receipts function is available at GroupMe. It has an excellent web client. So it helps to send and receive messages and manage groups from the desktop.

You can easily mute one group or stop receiving notifications from within the app. One specialty in GroupMe is all your team members don’t need to have a smartphone. The custom phone number helps to send and receive messages without the app. GroupMe does not allow deletion of past content

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7) Workplace From Facebook

Have you heard about the Workplace on Facebook? It is one of the alternative websites like slack that is a special version of Facebook having an identical interface to normal Facebook. It helps organizations create groups, conduct surveys and polls, make HD video calls, share announcements, and post. You get 5GB storage per person and access to 50 groups with the free version.

The group or conferencing calls are limited to 20 people in the Workplace from the Facebook free version. You can get the auto-translation option from one language to another with it. It offers integration with more than 50 enterprise open source collaborative tools. Facebook’s paid version is Advanced, which costs $4, and the Enterprise plan costs $8 per month.

If you are purchasing these plans for a charitable organization, then you will get discounts. The advanced plan offers 1TB storage, and the Enterprise plan offers unlimited storage. You can connect with an unlimited number of groups from both these plans. 

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8) Wire

The wire is also similar to Slack. It is open-source and a high-security platform. Mainly, this platform offers end-to-end encryption for voice calls, file sharing, screen sharing, and videoconferencing. It also enables screen sharing of up to 10 people. Wire allows you to have conferences with customers using ‘Guest Rooms.’ So the customers don’t need to create accounts. 

The wire is compatible with Linux, desktop, Ios, and Android. Also, wire offers two plans. It has 30 days free trial where you don’t need to add credit card details. The Wire Pro Plan costs $5 per user for a month while the Wire Enterprise Plan comes for $9 monthly per user.

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9) Hive

Hive is another team chat tool similar to Slack. It mainly focuses on project management. Hive allows your team members to create their to-do lists. You can assign a task to a group member and easily track the progress with this tool’s help. If your business team edition is doing a project, this tool allows you to track its progress.

You can integrate this free chat server tool with many other third-party open source collaboration tools like Google Drive and Github. The Hive collaboration software open source connects with cloud storage for easy file sharing, access, and collaboration with team members.

Hive has two plans. The professional plan costs $12 per user for a month. Here It offers unlimited projects and messages. Also, It has standard integrations. It allows up to 100 users. The Enterprise plan comes with custom pricing. 

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 10) Rocket Chat

This app is at the top of the free Slack alternatives list. It is an unlimited and open source. Also, It is home to many world-famous brands like Audi, Samsung, and Nokia. It also has partnerships with Gluu and Amazon. You get team and one-on-one chat in Rocket Chat. So it is easy to share audio, videos, and files. You don’t need to consider language barriers.

Rocket Chat provides real-time translation to more than 50 languages. It also has screen-sharing features. There are three plans in Rocket Chat. The community plan is free. You have to pay $3 for a user per month. The Enterprise plan comes with tiered pricing and volume discounts. You can download Rocket Chat onto your Windows, macOS, Linux, IOS, and Android devices. 

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11) Flock

Flock is one of the top Slack alternatives. It is free to use. You can set private and public channels to discuss tasks and ideas. Besides, you can make audio calls as well as video calls here. Flock enables you to add 20 people for a video conference. So you may not need to pay extra money for third-party video calling solutions.

It also allows the uploading of files in multiple formats. They can include images, apps, files, videos, and Google Drive Links. Flock is very useful to developers. They can create and share code snippets on the go. You can set reminders for personal and team tasks. Simple and advanced searches for files and links are allowed in Flock. You can access entities and company directories even without an active internet connection. Data in Flock is secured using TLS 1.2.

You get three plans in Flock. A free plan is also available here, which limits message history to 10 000 entries. The Pro plan costs $4.5 per month. The Enterprise plan comes with custom solutions. When comparing with Slack, user plans in Flock are cheaper. The Flock app is available for both iOS and Android devices. 

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12) Mattermost

Mattermost is the best Slack alternative open source. Now it is easy to communicate with your team by waiting at any place. There are so many features. It offers customization options. You can customize the app’s user interface, support links, and logos in email notifications, fonts, and on-screen text with white labeling. Hence, you can easily organize conversations in the Mattermost app.

Mattermost vs Slack: Organize your discussions on various topics under private channels, public channels, and direct messages. You can also mention team members to notify them, flag and pin messages, share files, execute commands, and format text with code, GIFs, emoji messages, etc.

Mattermost supports more than 600 integrations with bots, plugins, extensions, and other apps. You can switch back and forth between different audio and video call providers like BigBlueButton and Zoom. A screen-sharing facility is also available in Mattermost download. Mattermost has two plans. The enterprise E10 plan costs $3.25 per user month that can hold up to 500 users.

You get features like custom branding options, advanced access control, and commercial support. The Enterprise E20 plan is scaling for more than 1000 users, and it costs $8.50 per user month. It offers features like extensive integrations with electronic discovery tools, compliance reports, and premium support. You can have a 30-day free trial before getting started with Mattermost.  

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13) Fleep

Fleep is a good example of free open source slack alternatives. It allows you to send a message to anyone using the Fleep app. You just need to know the email of other Fleep users. It supports conversations with other people who are not members of your organization.

There are some differences in Fleep when compared with Slack. In Slack, you need to create separate accounts for each team that you need to communicate. But here, you can use a single account to join any time and can chat with anyone who uses Fleep app. 

Fleep allows you to send messages to yourself like Slack. So you can send notes or Links to your name. Fleep allows for editing sent messages. All your conversations are stored at Fleep’s cloud server. So you can access them in the future also. Fleep also helps in project management. You can integrate Fleep with email, GitHub, Dropbox, and many others 

Fleep has a free plan. Here, you get unlimited messages and search options. It offers 10GB file storage and up to 3 group conversations. And the business plan is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses that give 100GB of file storage. The Enterprise plan is suitable for large companies and corporations. You get file storage up to 100GB

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14) Moxtra

It is one of the excellent Slack alternatives free for you. Also, It provides a real-time communication channel over network content. It is a mobile collaboration application. Moxtra has many features like instant and open source messaging, status updates, document collaboration, task management, and more. Moxtra has four plans. The Start Plan is free to use. It gives two service integrations and a 10MB file upload.

Moxtra vs Slack: Only 3 participants can be in video meetings, Whiteboarding, and Screen sharing. The Business Plan offers a 20MB file upload size, five service integrations, and allows 5 participants per meeting. It is also available for free. The Business Pro costs $12 for a user per month. It offers unlimited service integration and a 200MB file upload size. The Enterprise Plan has so many features to offer. Moxtra integrates with Stripe, PayPal, Box, Dropbox, Salesforce, and many. 

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15) Glip

Glip is another very famous alternative to Slack. Many small, mid-sized, and large enterprises use this open-source collaboration software for team communication. You can make video conferencing, file sharing, adding notes, integrated task management, and calendars with Glip. It can work as a project management tool too. 

Glip integration is available with GitHub, Joomla, Microsoft Outlook, Google Drive, Gmail, and many others. It supports English and Chinese languages. Also, Glip has three pricing plans. Here, It offers a free trial that does not require credit card details. The Basic plan costs $5 monthly for a user. The Pro Plan comes for $10 per user for a month. 


What Is The Best App For Team Communication?

  • Google Chat
  • Chanty
  • Twist
  • Basecamp
  • Troop Messenger

Who Are Other Free Alternatives To Slack?

  • Google Chat
  • Discord
  • Skype
  • Jabber


The success of a business lies in the hands of whole team members. You need to adopt information-sharing technology in an online environment. As a result of pandemic prevails at present, communication apps have become an essential tool. Many business conferences around the world are taken through these apps. Slack is among the top open-source collaboration tools in this instance. It is one of the most powerful workplace communication apps. 

This app has four plans to select. One is free. The Slack Standard plan costs $6.67 per person for a month. Also, It offers 10GB of storage for each user. Slack Plus costs $12.5 per person for a month. The Slack Enterprise Grid is ideal for large corporations in highly regulated industries. The price of this plan can be discussed with the sales team after telling your requirements. 

All the Slack app competitors have their own set of features. So you can select the best tool to make your team conferences. Different packages are available in every collaborative tool. You have the freedom to choose the best tool Slack alternatives, along with the best package to fulfill your requirements. 

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