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13 Best Grocery Shopping Apps like Instacart to Make Money (2021)

Now you don’t need to go out to buy groceries. Many grocery shopping apps deliver your list of groceries to the doorstep. It saves your time as well as money. But how does it saves your money? These shopping apps like Instacart offer coupons and deals for buyers. So it will save you some dollars. Instacart is one such app for grocery delivery. 

In instacart shopping method, someone should shop on behalf of you. You can make money from Instacart either as an in-store or full-service shopper. If you become a store shopper, then after receiving the order, you have to go through the store and make purchases. Here you don’t need to take the food to the shopper. The full-service Instacart shopper has to purchase the groceries and deliver them to the buyers. The part-time shoppers have regular shifts up to 29 hours per week. Full-service shoppers can work for any amount of orders. They don’t have a time boundary. 

As an Instacart shopper, you may able to earn between $15 to $20 per hour. Customers also pay tips for shoppers. Instacart has many competitors. Several apps like Instacart have developed in recent times. Some of the competitors are Uber Eats, Peapod, Amazon Fresh, Postmates, and Shipt Shopper. Both Instacart and alternatives offer a chance for you to Make Money. 

What are the other grocery shopping apps like Instacart?

1) Uber Eats

Uber is a very famous alternative to Inatscart. Nowadays, many people order their foods with Uber Eats. Whenever a customer orders food through the app, you can accept the job. Then you have to go to the restaurant and take the parcel to the doorstep of the customer. If you are already an uber driver, you can start making Money with Uber eats too. 

You have to meet the minimum driving age in your city to start earning with Uber Eats. You should have a valid I.D. If you are doing the job with a car, it must never be a 1999 model. If it is a scooter or a motorcycle, it should be a minimum 50cc motor. A valid insurance and registration is a must for the vehicle. 

You get paid for every order you pick up and deliver. The payment is made considering the mileage rate for which you had to travel from the restaurant to the customer’s home. You will get tips from the customers too. Uber Eats won’t get any dollars from the tips you receive. You get the chance to earn additional Money from surge pricing at busy times and fulfilling journeys to deliver a set number of orders depending on your location. You get payments in Uber Eats every Monday. 

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2) DoorDash

DoorDash is one of the best food shopping apps like Instacart. It differs from Instacart because it does not deliver groceries. You can use a car, a scooter, or a bike to deliver products. You must be at least 18 years or more to work in DoorDash. A valid driving license and car insurance is a must for people delivering using a car. 

You get paid in DoorDash by considering a few metrics. The base payment for the job takes place on the length of the time taking to fulfill the task, the distance to travel, and how popular similar jobs among the drivers. It pays between $2 and $10 for every task. It also offers bonuses in busy areas and for peak hours. There are some challenges for shoppers. After completing a given number of deliveries, you can earn a bonus. The tips given by the customers belong to you. You can either accept or reject orders in DoorDash. The app allows you to know the worth of delivery and whether you are accepting a tip or not. So it is easy to decide whether to accept or not. 

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3) Grubhub

Grubhub is an app like Instacart to work. It is a food delivering app that has partnerships with over 225 000 restaurants. Grubhub is available in more than 4000 U.S. cities. You should be 19 years or older to work in Grubhub. Two years’ experience is a must for you with a driver’s license and vehicle insurance. You should have a smartphone and a checking account. If you have all these qualifications, you can make Money with Grubhub. Grubhub offers comprehensive details about an order. So you can decide whether to accept the order or not. 

Grubhub is one of the highest paying apps like Instacart. The drivers are getting paid on a mileage and time basis. The mileage rate contains both the distance traveled to the restaurant and the customer’s home distance. $3.25 is the base rate per order and $0.50 per mile you drive. You are getting paid for the waiting time at the restaurant. The tip getting from the customer is totally for you. It is said that many drivers earn about $20 per hour in Grubhub. 

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4) Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh is another grocery delivery app like Instacart. Amazon Prime users enjoy this service free of charge. It delivers clothing, toys, electronics, and household goods other than groceries. Drivers for Amazon Flex delivers for Amazon Prime,, and Amazon Fresh. You should be at least 21 years old to become a delivery driver in Amazon Fresh. A driver’s license, insurance, and the qualifying vehicle is a must for Amazon Flex drivers. Amazon gives commercial insurance for all drivers. But if you live in New York, the commercial insurance coverage is not valid for you due to the state law. 

You can make an earning between $18 and $25 per hour. You can make a larger earning than this if you have a larger car. You can carry more packages with it. Amazon Fresh allows customers to offer tips for delivery drivers. You get paid twice a week. Usually, your payment will be settled on Thursday and Friday. 

Which is cheaper: Instacart or Amazon fresh?

Amazon Fresh and Instacart are very famous online shopping apps. Instacart is available in more cities when compared with Amazon Fresh availability. Amazon Fresh only works with Whole Foods. Instacart has partnerships with many stores. So you can get many kinds of stuff through Instacart than Amazon Fresh. You need to get a membership in Instacart to use it. Amazon Fresh comes free of charge with Amazon Prime. 

Is Amazon Fresh like Instacart?

Instacart and Amazon Fresh both have the same services. Both companies deliver goods to your doorstep. 

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5) Postmates

Postmates is an alternative to Instacart. You can make money from delivering stuff to Postmate users. One main difference in this site compared to Instacart is that customers can order products like food, stationaries, cloth, and office stuff other than groceries. Instacart allows only groceries to order online. So there is a big chance to make more money by going to a variety of shops in Postmates. This delivery platform is available in around 3500 cities across 50 U.S. states. 

Earning in Postmates differs with your city and type of job. You get paid for every pickup and drop off on this platform. Besides that, you also get paid for the waiting time at restaurants and other shops on a per-mile basis. You can use any method to deliver the stuff. You can deliver by scooter, car, bike or even on foot. But you have to deliver the things within an hour. If you received a tip from the customer, it belongs to you. You get payments weekly. Postmates usually pay on Wednesdays or Thursdays. You must be at least 18 years old to make Money with Postmates. 

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6) Favor

Favor is one of the best grocery shopping apps like Instacart. It does not limit to groceries. It also allows delivering of anything from local stores. This service prevails in the cities of Texas. Favor offers an hourly earning. You can make money as a part-time driver or a full-time driver. You must be at least 18 years to become a driver at Favor. Android smartphone or an iPhone is essential for you. You have to purchase your Favor Delivery Shirt and a cooler to deliver food to customer’s hands. You can earn between $10 and $18 per hour. Some hours have a guaranteed minimum pay rate. Tips may increase your income through Favor. 

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7) Shipt Shopper

You will find delivery jobs like Instacart at Shipt Shopper. It is a delivery app like Instacart. It delivers food, electronics, groceries, and everyday essentials. You have to deliver food from the restaurant to the customer’s doorstep. You can get a job to deliver food in selected areas by car or bicycle. You have to submit a copy of your state I.D. and proof of Insurance to Shipt Shopper when signing up. You have to buy accessories to keep food warm or cold during the delivery.

Shipt Shopper deals with major grocery chains like Whole Foods, Costco, Fry’s, Kroger, Petco, H-E-B, and Publix. You can select the working schedule for up to five days. You can choose either a single zone or multiple zones for delivering. Experienced shoppers can earn up to $22 per hour. You can earn from tips too. You get payments every week. After becoming a shopper, you get a free membership. So you can contact someone else to deliver groceries to your doorstep. 

Which is better, Shipt or Instacart?

Both of these apps allow you to Make Money. Shipt is still expanding. T is available only in 270 cities in the U.S. Instacart is available in thousands of cities across the USA and Canada. It has partnerships with more than 350 retailers and more than 25 000 groceries. You must be at least 18 years of age to make money through these apps. Both Shipt and Instacart has background checks for all shoppers through a third party service. It usually takes up to 10 days before starting delivering stuff. An Instacart shopper should capable of lifting 50lbs or more with or without accommodation. But for Shipt shoppers, it is only 40lbs. 

You can reject orders on these two platforms if they are too short or for any other reason. Instacart does not make sense when you refuse orders. But if you reject too many orders in Shipt, your acceptance rate will go down. Both Shipt and Instacart have their advantages and disadvantages. It is not fair to say Shipt is better than Instacart. Select the one that is good for you. 

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8) Waitr

Waitr is a grocery delivery app. You can buy more than 700 000 stuff from this app. It is one of the best grocery shopping app to make Money. You can work as a delivery driver. You can get a salary of $5 to $12 per hour in Waitr. You can earn more from the tips given by customers. 

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9) Walmart Shopping & Grocery

Walmart Shopping & Grocery is an app for online shopping. You can make money by delivering stuff to customers. Walmart provides you home delivery from about 1600 stores using companies like Roadie, Point Pickup, and DoorDash. A driver can earn more than $15 per hour. The tip given by the customer is totally for you. 

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10) 7NOW

7NOW is an app to order food and alcohol. It is available in more than 200 cities. You can order Wine, Snacks, Frozen Food, Mobile Gadgets, and stationaries. You will get paid $8 to $650 per delivery, depending on the distance. 


11) Kroger

Kroger is an alternative grocery shopping app for Instacart. Now you don’t need to go shopping to collect groceries for your home. Kroger makes your lives easier. The hourly payment of a Kroger driver is about $16.71. Becoming a delivery driver here is easy after fulfilling all the requirements. It will generate good revenue for you. 

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12) GoPuff

GoPuff is another shopping app like Instacart. It is famous for drink and food delivery. Unlike other delivery apps, it has a local warehouse. So as a delivery driver, you don’t need to pick up stuff from third-party locations. You must be 21 years or older to become a GoPuff delivery driver. You should have a valid license and an insured vehicle. GoPuff does a background check before hiring you. 

You get a scheduled shift each week. The shift begins at a local GoPuff warehouse. Then you get orders to deliver to the customer’s doorstep. After delivering a particular order, you have to come back to the local warehouse to get another order. All the deliveries lay within a half-hour radius of the warehouse. You get paid per order with a guaranteed hourly minimum. It is said that a delivery driver can make up to $15 per hour. The tips getting from the customers belong to the drivers. You get payments weekly via direct deposit. 

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13) Peapod

It is one of the oldest online grocery services. This app delivers groceries like fruits and vegetables, meat, pantry staples, dairy, and a meal kit brand. Peapod is available in the mid-Atlantic, the Midwest, and New England. You can be a delivery driver at Peapod and make Money. You can earn between $4 and $17 per hour. The tips offered by customers belong to you. 

 Which is better, Peapod, or Instacart?

Both Peapod and Instacart are grocery delivering options you can choose to make Money. It is not fair to choose a better app from these two. The availability of these two grocery apps also differs from one location to another. 

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Can I do Instacart without the card?

You don’t need a physical payment card to pay in Instacart. You can sign up for Instacart and start shopping before the arrival of a physical payment card. 

What is the cheapest online grocery store?

There are many cheapest online grocery stores. Some of them are Amazon Fresh, Peapod, Shipt Shopper, and Postmates. You can select the best online grocery shop considering your location. 

Which grocery delivery app is best?

It is difficult to answer this question. All grocery delivery apps like Instacart provide access to many products. So you can easily get your grocery items to your doorstep. 

What are the other Apps similar Instacart in Canada?

Instacart is the best delivery apps in Canada. Besides it, Cornershop, Spud, Inabuggy, and G0cery are the other apps n Canada. People use these apps to deliver groceries to doorsteps. 


Having more extra Money in your pocket is always nice. Grocery shopping apps like Instacart let you find more extra Money. You can become a full time or part-time shopper. As a part-time delivery driver, you can earn in your free time. It can be a great help to your current job too. Sometimes your earning may not be enough to fulfil your family’s needs. These apps will help you t find extra Money. It is better to know the requirements of delivery apps before signing to them. Select the best company to start your part-time or full-time delivery job. 

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