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11 Best Asana Alternatives Free & Paid (2023)

A project management tool has become an essential tool for any business. Asana is a cloud-based project management and task management platform that is familiar among worldwide companies. It helps to handle multiple projects at a time without missing deadlines or making bottlenecks. If you need more features or are waiting to switch to another project management tool, it is better to know about the Asana alternatives. Let’s check out the best Asana alternatives available at present. 

Who Are Asana’s Competitors?

1) Basecamp

Basecamp is a famous project management Asana alternative. It is best for freelancers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and small teams in large businesses. Basecamp consists of several features to help your business. It offers a customizable template, collaboration tools, calendar management, client portal, file sharing, mobile access, and many. 

In Basecamp business has a flat rate of $99 per month. It offers several features, including unlimited projects, unlimited users, 500 GB storage, space for team projects, unlimited clients, total control over the clients, project templates, and priority support.

The Basecamp Personal plan is free to use. It offers three projects, 20 users, and 1 GB of storage space. Basecamp has a simple pricing scheme that is affordable for anyone. 

Which is Better: Asana Or Basecamp?

Asana vs Basecamp: They are cloud-based project management tools. So, Asana free version has a kanban board, but you won’t find it Basecamp. But anyway, now the Kanban board is available as an add-on for Basecamp. You get free trials for the paid plans in both Asana and Basecamp.

Basecamp offers a 30-day free trial, while Asana has 14 days free trial. Hence, both platforms have good customer support. Asana and Basecamp have many valuable features for project management. So it is not fair enough to say that one is better than the other. Hence, I advise you to try the free trials of both and get the decision to proceed with the best one that suits you. 


2) Trello

Trello is one of the best Asana alternatives free that helps teams to track project plans, tasks, and progress. You can make ‘To Do,’ ‘Doing,’ and ‘Done‘ tasks with this platform. Trello has a clean Kanban dashboard. All the projects in Trello are shown aboard. The board is divided into Cards and Lists. You can drag and drop cards among lists without concerning their stages. Also, you can create the cards through email. 

Is Trello Really Free?

Trello has pricing plans to select for businesses. The free plan is ideal for individuals and teams searching for a productivity increase. It offers unlimited cards and members, up to 10 boards, 2-factor authentication, and Ios and Android mobile apps, and more.

The Business Plan that comes for $10 per user per month includes all the features in the Free plan plus dashboard view, calendar view, a map view, timeline view, observers, collections, saved searches, and more.

The Enterprise plan is good for companies that need to connect work across teams and enhance controls, support, and security. It contains all the features in the Business Class plus many advanced features. 

Is Trello Similar to Asana?

Trello and Asana are both online project managers. They help businesses to grow up. While Trello is suitable for small businesses, Asana free limitations are ideal for any type of business. 

Is Trello A CRM?

Trello is similar to project management software Asana for personal task management. But you can customize it into basic CRM functionality using the Kanban interface, Google Drive integrations, calendar, and custom fields. Compare asana and Trello and find the best one.


3) Jira

Jira is one of the best alternatives for Asana for personal use. More than 65 000 customers worldwide use this software. It is not only a project management tool. But also acts as a bug tracking and issue tracking platform. Jira has four pricing plans to select from. It has a free plan designed for small teams.

So they can plan and track work more efficiently. The free plan allows ten users. The Standard plan that comes for $7 per month for a user allows 10 000 users. It is ideal for growing up business teams. The Premium plan in Jira costs $14 per month.

If your organization needs to scale the way of collaborating and online project tracking work, this is the ideal plan. The Enterprise plan is suitable for enterprises having global scale, security, and governance needs. It allows 10 000 users. Jira offers seven day free trial for Standard and Premium plans. 

Is Asana like Jira?

Both Asana and Jira are collaborative tools for project management. Because they offer useful features to the users. Jira gives comprehensive project management and tracking tool for big projects. So, it is for software teams and developers working on projects. Asana suits non-software teams and small teams. It can manage big projects too. 


4) ClickUp

ClickUp is an Asana free alternative to Asana tool. It helps businesses to organize and manage tasks, stay focused on the objectives, and report on progress. You want to find automation as standard in ClickUp. So you have to get help from a third-party app. The software becomes slow when processing several tasks at once or when moving between views. 

If you like to move onto a project management software like Asana task manager, then ClickUp is a good option. This platform is ideal for organizations that need to control all the activities in a single, connected, and smart place. This collaborative platform manages work from start to end. You get clear visibility across programs, portfolios, and projects.

You can prioritize the immediate work, identify bottlenecks, reduce the risk, and deliver the best outcomes for the team using ClickUp. It supports several operating systems like Windows, Unix, Linux, and Mac OS. ClickUp has a free plan, paid plan, and custom plan for the users. So they can select the best plan that suits to requirements. 

 Is ClickUp Better Than Asana?

Both Asana and Clickup are productive management tools that help teams to organize tasks and projects. They are easy-to-use platforms. Both of them have free plans for individuals and small teams. ClickUp gives a multiple project view like Asana. But the Gantt chart view is not flexible like Asana.  


5) Smartsheet

Smartsheet is a project management tool like Asana. It offers solutions to make teams efficient, effective, and scale. And, it combines multiple programs like Asana team management into one easy-to-use application. Smartsheet has two plans, namely Standard and Enterprise.

The Individual plan in the standard category costs $14 per month. It helps to improve work and collaborate with others in real-time. The business plan costs $25 per user for a month. It has all the features included in the individual plan plus more advanced features.

Besides, the Enterprise plan has features available in the Business plan plus enterprise-grade features and tools. The Premier plan is good for well-established organizations that need premium features. Smartsheet has an app to ease your project management work. 


6) is a famous project management software similar to Asana. It helps to track tasks, ease collaboration, store documents, increase visibility, and visualize has many attractive features. It has a task scheduler and prioritization. So you can easily track the progress of a project.

You can view each project board in a team calendar view. This helps to identify the tasks and allocated dates and times for them. The resource management options help to track the resources of the project. You can add time tracking for the separate column that includes project tasks. But this feature comes only in Enterprise plan and Pro plan.

Apps like Monday offer integrations with 40 apps and platforms, including Google Drive, Jira. Shopify, Slack, and Zapier. It also has an API. You get a space to store project documents, spreadsheets, images, and any other project-related material on

What is Monday COM Used For?

Moreover, you get collaboration features like team dashboards, standard communication features, mobile applications, and file sharing facilities. There are four pricing schemes on The cost for each plan differs with the user counts.

The Basic plan offers unlimited project viewers, 5GB file storage, unlimited boards, Ios and Android app, and unlimited boards. The Standard plan includes all the features in the Basic plan plus 50GB file storage, unlimited activity log, four guest accounts, calendar view, integration access, custom forms, and timeline view.

The Pro plan consists of all the features available in the Standard plan and unlimited file storage, time tracking, chart view formula column, private boards, unlimited guest accounts, plus ten dashboards. The Enterprise Plan has all the features mentioned above and 25 dashboards, advanced account permission, one-on-one training, audit logs, user session management, and a dedicated customer success manager

Is Asana Better than Monday?

Both Asana and are project management tools. They offer features to achieve your business goals. If you need to select the best one from these platforms, it is better to consider their features. Asana and Monday offer integrations with several apps. Asana offers integration with 100 apps, while Monday supports only 40 apps.

Asana vs Monday: Security is one of the most important factors to consider when using a project management tool. Both Asana and Monday offer good security for your data. You can easily start the process on Monday. But Asana also offers advanced help to start work.

When it comes to pricing, Asana offers a free plan. The Basic Plan in Asana is free. But you won’t find any free plan on Monday. The pricing packages on Monday are more complicated compared to Asana. It is not fair to say Asana is better than Monday. The best project management tool from these two depends on your requirements. 

Is Monday a CRM System?

Monday offers CRM functionality. You can add a CRM board to your project management boards. Moreover, Monday CRM offers lots of customizable features.

Website Android IOS


7) Miro

Miro is one of the best Asana alternatives open source. It is a collaborative whiteboard platform that helps to take meetings together at any time and anywhere. You can hold meetings and workshops through Miro.

It also allows making mapping and diagramming, brainstorming, and decision making with digital workspaces. You can share the screen and presentation directly from Miro. Embedding videos, chat, and comments are available to get reviews and approvals. You get more than 20 integrations in Miro. 

How Much Does Miro Cost? 

Miro has several pricing plans to make your choices easily. The free plan offers unlimited team member access. If you are new to Miro, then try this free plan. It includes three editable boards, anonymous board viewers, premade templates, core integrations, and basic attention management.

The team plan costs $8 per member for a month when billed annually. This plan is ideal for small teams. The Business plan comes for $16 per member is good for teams having more than 20 members. The Enterprise plan has custom pricing. It is well suited to companies that need enterprise-grade workflows, controls, integrations, and support.

The consultant plan that costs $12 per member for a month is designed for agencies and consultants working with client teams. There are more than 15 million worldwide customers for Miro all around the world. 


8) Wrike

Wrike is similar to the Asana platform. And it has 2.3 million customers across the globe. Wrike is available in more than 140 countriesIt assists you in tracking the project performance of your team without knowing statics. You can share the progress reports with the stakeholders to offer a visual insight into your business. This platform provides integrations with many apps.

Is Wrike Really Free?

Wrike vs Asana: Wrike is an Asana alternative self hosted having a free plan. It includes features like task management, file sharing, board view, spreadsheet view, cloud storage integrations, 2 GB total storage space, and real-time activity stream. The Professional plan that costs $9.80 for a user per month helps with project planning and collaboration.

Gantt chart, task and subtask management, shareable dashboards, collaborators, advanced integrations, and 5 GB storage space are some of the available features in this plan. The Business Plan includes report templates, calendars, custom fields and workflows, project and task approvals, branded workspace, 50 GB of storage space, automation engine, and salesforce integration features to help project management tasks.

It costs $24 per user for a month. The Enterprise plans have features for advanced security and controls. Hence, you select the best plan that suits your business. Each of the plans comes with a free trial for two weeks. 


9) Airtable

Airtable is one of the Asana competitors. It is a part of the success of more than 200 000 leading organizations in the world. Airtable has several pricing plans to select concerning your requirements. It has a free plan that offers unlimited bases, 1200 records per base, grid, calendar, kanban, form, gallery views, and 2 GB attachments per base.

This plan is ideal for teams and individuals who wish to start with Airtable. The Plus plan costs $10 per seat. It is perfect for growing individuals and teams that require more space and advanced features.

The most popular one in Airtable is the Pro plan. It costs $20 per seat and is ideal for the teams and organizations that need to collaborate on complex workflows. The Enterprise plan is good for companies with advanced control, security, and support needs

How Do I Use Airtable?

You can sign up on Airtable and get a 14-day free trial. The Plus plan costs $10 per user for a month. It is good for personal projects and the creation of basic project plans. Many users are allowed in this package.

The Pro plan is popular among growing teams. It costs $20 per user for a month. The most popular plan is the Enterprise plan. It offers unlimited features and projects for a month. But you need to contact sales to get a quote. 


10) Freedcamp

Freedcamp is an Asana alternative that is used by millions of people. It helps streamline projects, workflows, processes, track issues and time. You get a task list, kanban boards, subtasks, Gantt charts, and Tasky as features. Freedcamp includes all the tools needed to make your project successful.

The calendar to see an overview of due items, held discussions with the team members instead of email threads, set goals and dates, keep multiple versions of documents, issue tracker, and track time to increase productivity are important features in Freedcamp. You get third-party integrations, an online project tracker, task bard, backups, CRM, project templates, invoices, passwords, and many other handy features too. 

How Much Does Freedcamp Cost?

You can use the free plan of Freedcamp for a lifetime. It allows unlimited projects, storage, tasks, and users. Here, the Minimalist plan comes free for 14 days. After that, you need to pay $1 per user for a month when billed annually. But if you are billing monthly, then the cost changes to $2.49.

The business plan is the most popular one in Freedcamp. It costs $7.49 for a user per month billed annually and $8.9 billed monthly. The Enterprise plan costs $16.99 per user for a month billed annually.


11) Zoho Projects

Zoho project is one of the best project management tools like Asana. It has task automation, task management, time tracking, team collaboration, project administration, issue tracking, charts and reports, project timesheets, and mobile project management app features. 

Zoho project is similar to Asana. It has more than 60 million customers around the world. Zoho project helps to take your projects to the next level. Also, it offers many tracking and planning features. The Gantt chart view helps you and the team plan, schedule, and update projects in real-time.

The Dashboard in the Zoho project enables you to track the progress, costs, workloads, and others with live graphs. You can review, print, and share data easily in the report. Here, You can integrate the Zoho project with over 1000 business apps, including Quickbooks, Saasu, Zoho Books, and google apps

Is Zoho Projects Good?

Zoho projects help you to turn all your projects into a success story. It offers a birds-eye view of your project with Gantt charts. So you can keep an eye on all the critical tasks and dependencies to check any deviation.

The drag and drop interface in Zoho projects allows you to automate and manage all the tasks in an organized manner. The two-way integration in the Zoho invoice allows tracking and handling billable and non-billable hours for tasks.

You can create custom fields, layouts, statuses, and workflows to make the team more productive.  You can work on your projects either in web or mobile apps in Zoho projects. Moreover, this tool supports 17 languages, including Chinese, Polish, Korean, Dutch, French, etc. You can pay via MasterCard, American Express, Visa, Paypal, and wire transfer

Is Zoho Projects FREE?

You get three pricing plans in Zoho projects. First, the free plan is only for three users. It offers simple task tracking, Gantt chart viewer, and mobile apps like Asana for Android and ios. You can do two projects and attach files up to 10MB in this free plan.

The most popular similar asana pricing plan is the Premium that costs $5 for a user per month. It is up to 50 users, gives 20 project templates, unlimited projects, and files up to 100 GB. The Enterprise plan offers unlimited projects, 30 project templates, and attach files up to 120GB. It costs $10 per user for a month. You get a ten-day free trial with all these plans. 


What Is The Best CRM for Small Businesses?

CRM software is useful for small businesses to manage customers and potential customers to grow the business. It allows you to manage customer information, send emails, make notes, customer satisfaction, and more. Zoho, Agile CRM, Keap, Salesflare, Freshsales, ntask, and Pipedrive are some of the best CRM for small businesses in 2021. 

What Is The Best Free Project Management Software?

Are searching for free project management software. Then there are ample options to select. Some of the alternatives to Asana project management tool are Kissflow Project, ClickUp, TeamGantt, and Teamwork. There are many project management software that offers free plans for users. 


Project management is an easy task due to the availability of software and tools. No matter what the scale of business is, a project management tool can help to increase the productivity of the company. Asana is the giant leader in project management. But it does not sound like Asana is the only project management software available at present.

There are many free Asana alternatives. They offer many features just like asana software. Asana program includes features like task management, document management, a mobile app, task assigning, automatic notification, a customer portal, and collaboration tools. 

You can easily keep an eye on your projects and teams using these tools. Some of them have free plans for individuals and small teams. The paid plans that come at an affordable price offer more advanced features to drive your business towards success. The best project management tool and the pricing plan must be selected concerning your requirements. 

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