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15 Best & Cheap HubSpot Alternatives For Marketing (2023)

What is the most popular marketing software available? We know that your answer is HubSpotIt is not the only marketing software available at present. There are several HubSpot alternatives available to ease your work. HubSpot offers some services like CRM for free. But you need to pay for the rest. So this can be an expensive marketing solution. Sometimes you will find it difficult to use HubSpot for startups and small businesses. So you can try for an alternative.

Who Are The Best HubSpot Competitors?

1) SalesForce

This site provides a great marketing tool for the business world. Hence, It is one of the best alternatives for HubSpot. This is a marketing cloud. Salesforce Marketing Cloud has many products like Audience Studio, email studio, data studio, mobile studio, and interaction studio.

The marketing offers six different platforms to build effective marketing strategies. Those are Journey Builder, Personalization Builder, Analytics builder, content builder, and audience builder. The salesforce platform can work with Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge

The SalesForce plans come in 4 types. Here, you can pay monthly or annually. The Essential plan costs $25 per user monthly. It includes many products, one admin user, one site, 25 pipelines, marketing emails per month, and many active users. On the other hand, the Professional plan comes for $75 per user per month.

The Enterprise plan costs $150 per month while the unlimited plan comes for $300 per month. It comes with four user approvals, one workspace, unlimited campaigns, and unlimited stories and social media posts. These plans include many users’ accounts, private workplaces for clients, unlimited stories and social media posts, unlimited campaigns, and Whitelabel notifications and reports. 

Is HubSpot Better Than Salesforce?

HubSpot vs Salesforce: It is not fair to say that HubSpot is better than Salesforce. Both of them have the best features for any kind of business. So it is better to use one of them considering all your requirements and the available features. 

Is Salesforce Bigger Than HubSpot?

HubSpot has 78 700 users all around the world. It is famous in more than 120 countries. Also, the Salesforce marketing tool has more than 150 000 customers. Still, all these numbers are fluctuating, and both tools are keep growing. 

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2) Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a famous marketing tool. It helps your business connect with your audience. Hence, it is good for email marketing by automating emails. Mailchimp has few plans to select. The Free plan allows one audience up to 2000 contacts. You get marketing CRM, Creative assistant, website builder, Mailchimp domain, and forms and landing pages.

Moreover, the Essential plan allows three audiences and up to 50 000 contacts. It includes all email templates, custom branding, A/B Testing, Custom branding, and 24/7 Email and chats support. All these come for $9. It contains features like online editor access, document approval, multi-channel publishing, and invite team members and collaborate.

The Standard plan comes for $14.99, and it supports five audiences and up to 100 000 contacts. It offers custom templates, behavioral targeting, dynamic content, sending time optimization, and customer journey builder + branching points.

Hence, the Premium version comes for $299 per month. It allows unlimited audiences and 200 000+ contacts. Also, it has everything available in standard and multivariate testing, advanced segmentation, phone support, comparative reporting, unlimited seats, and role-based access. Check out all these plans and select the best one for you.

Is HubSpot Better Than Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is famous, just like HubSpot. Both have similar contact management features. When comparing HubSpot and Mailchimp, Mailchimp is best for small businesses. It has an affordable price, value, and is easy to use. 

Is Mailchimp Still The Best?

This application has more than 12 million customers and clients. It offers a vast range of features and services for businesses. There are many valuable features available in Mailchimp. Those are collaboration, content management, scheduling, SEO, API, Integrations, text editor, customer targeting, etc. You can use Mailchimp’s forever. 

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3) ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is one of the best marketing solutions similar to HubSpot. It is a famous platform and has a wide range of customer bases. Also, this is designed for marketing, sales, and customer service teams. It also acts as a higher education software as a service or SaaS. ActiveCampaign is best for agencies, bloggers, and eCommerce

It had features like CRM and sales, messaging, marketing automation, email marketing services, and machine learning. ActiveCampaign offers four paid plans. So you can use the best one suits you. The Lite plan supports three users. It has email and chats support, newsletters, email marketing, marketing automation, and unlimited email.

It costs $9 per month. The Plus plan for $129 supports 25 users, sales automation CRM, unlimited email sending, lead and contact scoring, and deep data integrations. It also offers custom branding, a custom domain, training, SMS marketing, and custom user permissions. The Professional plan supports 50 users.

What is ActiveCampaign Used For?

Site messaging, unlimited email sending, predictive sending, attribution, and win probabilities are some features available in this plan other than common features. It costs $129 per month. You can buy the Enterprise plan by paying $229 monthly. It has phone support, a custom mail server domain, customer reporting, unlimited message sending, free design services, onboarding, and offers a dedicated account rep. 

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4) Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is an all-in-one marketing powerhouse. It includes services like website creation, email hosting, customer relationship management software, and project management software. The Zoho CRM has different plans to select. There, you get a free trial with all the plans. The Standard plan costs $12 per month.

It also contains features like mass emails, custom dashboards, workflows, scoring rules, and multiple pipelines. The Professional plan contains sales signals, Blueprint, Web-to-Case Forms, Validation Rules, and Inventory Management plus features in the Standard. Also, it costs $20 per user for a month. The enterprise plan comes at $35 per user for a month. This plan’s features contain:

  • Features available in the Professional plan plus Zia Al.
  • Canvas.
  • Multi-user Portals.
  • Mobile SDK and MDM.
  • Advanced customization.

The Ultimate plan that comes for $45 per user for a month contains features available in the Enterprise plan plus enhanced feature limits and advanced BI-bundled with Zoho Analytics. The free edition of Zoho CRM allows three free users and essentials like mobile apps, leads, and documents. You can select the perfect plan that suits your business. 

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5) Marketo

Marketo is one of the best Hubspot sales alternatives. And, it includes tools for data management, social media analytics, and SEO content management. Also, it is famous in more countries and has more than thousands of users. Storychief is famous among freelancers, agencies, and brands

Marketo is an all-in-one platform marketing tool like HubSpot. It helps to create sale funnels, landing pages and convert site visitors into customers. Also, it is famous as an email marketing tool too. Marketo gives a visual email editor. So you can build great-looking, high-converting email campaigns fast. 

What Is Marketo Used For?

Marketo marketing features including lead nurturing, lead sourcing, Bi-directional CRM, email marketing, consumer Marketing, Web Activity Tracking, Mobile Marketing, Social Marketing, CRM Integration, Digital Ads, Revenue Attribution, etc. 

It has several plans to select that offer three pricing plans. They are Select, Prime, Ultimate, and Enterprise. These features, as well as pricing changes from one, plan to another. Marketo has few plans to select. Those are Select, Prime, Ultimate, and Enterprise. You can select the best one comparing the features of this plan with your requirements. 


6) Wishpond

Wishpond is a popular alternative for HubSpot. Many big companies similar to Hubspot, small businesses, and agencies get the support of this platform. It offers several products like marketing automation, email marketing, website pop-ups, online forms, leads database, referral suit, landing page design, promotions, and contests assistance

You can automate email newsletters, easy to create emails using the drag and drop feature in Wishpond, automating email drip campaigns, and use mobile-responsive templates for emails are some features you find in email marketing with Wishpond.

Tracking lead activity, demographics, and other data for email campaigns, sending potential leads to the inbox of salespeople via automation, and automate your favorite programs and apps via integrating with Wishpond are some features available for marketing automation. It supports vote, referral, video, photo caption, photo, sweepstakes, bonus entry, and leaderboard contests

Is Wishpond Any Good?

Wishpond offers a 14-day free trial to decide whether to proceed with it or not. You get your plans on this platform. The starting out plan costs $49 per month. The Everything You Need plan costs $99 per month, and the Rapid Growth Plan comes for $199 per month. The no-user accounts, leads, and other features differ from one plan to another. 


7) Sendinblue

Many people around the world use Sendinblue as an alternative to HubSpot. It offers unlimited contacts and a built-in-CRM as a part of the free service. Sendinblue has SMS marketing tools and autoresponders. So it is easy for you to make new customers and actively engage with them. 

If you are a beginner at email marketing, then Sendinblue is an excellent choice. It contains lots of great features to help you in learning. Sendinblue contains a free version. You can use it for years. There are paid versions of this HubSpot alternative that comes with advanced facilities.

The Lite version costs $25 per month. It allows you to send 100 000 emails per day. The Premium version costs $65 per month. It supports 1 million emails per day. Also, it allows marketing automation, among other connections. The Enterprise package can be customized concerning your requirements. So its prices also may change. 

Which is Better: Mailchimp or Sendinblue?

Mailchimp and Sendinblue are famous marketing tools. Both of them are easy to use. You get a more significant number of more attractive email templates than Sendinblue. It facilitates email automation better than Mailchimp.

The price plan of both of these significantly differs. This difference is also available with the features they provide. It is not fair to say Mailchimp is better than Sendinblue. Both of them have good features and help businesses. 


8) Keap

Keap is one of the best Hubspot CRM alternatives. Also, It is a cloud-based sales and marketing solution. Keap provides customer relationship management (CRM), e-commerce functionalities, and marketing automation in one place. You get many features with Keap.

What is Keap Used For?

It allows sending emails, track customer interactions, running campaigns with personalized communication triggers based on email opened, clicks, segmenting contacts, and more. You can analyze ROI data, campaign performance, and emails. You can use Keap on android or ios devices.

Keap integrates with Zoho CRM, SugarCRM, Salesforce, and social media like Linkedin, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Twitter, and Foursquare. It has some similar Hubspot pricing plans to select with a free trial and a free version. This platform is best for B2C and B2B companies like Hubspot that target to leverage digital medium for growth.

What Are The Plans Keap Has?

Keap has several pricing plans to select. The Lite plan costs $79 per month. The Pro plan comes at $149 for a month. The Max plan costs $199 monthly. These plans offer service automation, a custom domain, site messages, broadcasting A/B testing, push notifications, call records, proposals, and marketing automation. They also offer branded emails sending for a month to contacts. You can select one of these plans considering all your requirements. 

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9) Buffer

Buffer is a famous marketing tool that is similar to HubSpot. It suits small and midsize businesses. Many big brand names in the industry like Denver Broncos and Microsoft use this marketing tool. You can publish content, analyze social media performance, and engage with clients using Buffer.

Buffer has different products like Buffer Publish, Buffer Reply, and Buffer Analyze. All these products make your business life easier. It allows integrations with several social media profiles like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. You can customize the social media posts to different platforms at once. Then you can send it to all the platforms at once. 

Is Buffer Free?

Buffer has a free version for you. It allows only one user, three linked social media accounts, and ten scheduled posts. The Pro plan that costs $15 per month allows two users, 100 scheduled posts, and eight linked social media accounts.

The business plan offers 25 linked social media accounts 2 000 scheduled posts for six users. But, it costs $99 per month. Here, you can use either the browser extension or the app in Buffer. More than 75 000 people across the globe are a part of this tool. 

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10) Zymplify

Zympify is a popular marketing tool like HubSpot. It helps to grow your business through a multi-channel campaignZymplify can track website visitors. So you can identify unknown website visitors and track their connection with your site. The Marketing Calendar shows all your scheduled marketing activities in a single place.

Here, you can build a lead magnet, newsletters, tripwire pages, and more with Landing Page builder. The contacts CRM allows you to manage all the contacts in one place. The single customer view offers a complete overview of all interactions through all channels with your prospects.

The social posts feature lets you connect with all leading social channels and schedule social posts in advance. Zymplify will help to achieve your business goals and easily. It has several pricing plans to select from. The Demand plan costs £499 per month. Also, it offers unlimited contacts. The Prospector plan comes for £750 per month. 


11) GetResponse

GetResponse is a company like HubSpot. It is one of the best choices to fulfill the marketing requirements of small businesses. You get several solutions like webinars, auto funnel, email marketing, autoresponders, and marketing automation.

What Is GetResponse Used For?

The autoresponders feature got a drag and drop feature to manage messages, send any number of daily messages, adjust advanced timing controls to the messages, send time-based messages, and enable editing them at any time.

GetResponse gives customizable webinar URLs, webinar registrants and autoresponders, SSL encrypted webinar URLs having password protection, and webinar analytics including time spent watching the webinar, survey vote responses, and the location of viewers.

How Much Does GetResponse Cost?

It offers four plans. The basic plan that costs $15 a month includes exit pop-ups, surveys and forms, automation templates, email marketing, landing pages, Facebook Ads, and autoresponders. The Plus plan contains all the basic plan features plus support for three users, e-product selling, sales, and list-building funnels, landing pages, a basic CRM, and webinars for 1000 attendees. It costs $49 per month.

The Professional plan supports five users. It includes paid webinars, unpaid webinars up to 300 attendees, webinar funnels, automation builder, and contact tagging and scoring. This plan costs $99 a month. The Enterprise plan that comes for $1 199 per month includes transactional emails, your IP address, an account manager, a webinar for 500 attendees, deliverability consulting, and email campaign consulting.

This plan also includes all the other features included in the previous plans. You are given a 30 day free trial for each plan in GetResponse. The marketing automation features include automated communications with tagging and scoring and visual workflows having actions, conditions, and filters with drag-and-drop functionality. So you can try them and get the decision whether to proceed or not.

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12) SharpSpring

SharpSpring is one of the best HubSpot marketing alternatives. It offers to manage sales, do analytics, lead generation, manage contacts, SharpSpring allows integrations with Salesforce, Google Adwords, and many other famous applications. The open API and Zapier integration offer the chance to connect with other solutions they have. 

What Are The features That SharpSpring has?

Social ROI displays, conversation filtering, track brand advocates and hot leads, schedule social media posts to display them, and social activity triggers are the features you get in social media campaigns with SharpSpring.

You can boost a blog with this platform. It offers an HTML editor for tech-savvies, templates to design the blog, social media widget, and SharpSpring tracking code. Automating, CRM, and marketing automation also have different features to ease your work. 

SharpSpring has five plans. You can have a $ 450 per month plan for 1500 contacts. The plans come for $650 per month is for 10 000 contacts. Also, $875 per month for 20 000 contacts. There are two other plans, namely Agency and Enterprise plans. A full plan is having all the features. 

What Is SharpSpring Used For?

Here, it offers marketing automation, web analytics, proposal analytics, and branded emails per month sending to unlimited contacts. You can choose the best plan concerning the features and your requirements. If you are having a startup business or a small business, SharpSpring is the best HubSpot alternative. 


13) Agile CRM

Agile CRM is one of the best alternatives of HubSpot that has more than thousands of customers. If you are running a digital business Agile CRM is a helpful tool for you. This platform has features like landing page builder, lead tracking, lead nurturing, email marketing automation, A/B testing, email marketing automation, web site tracking features.

Agile CRM is an excellent alternative for HubSpot. It is an all-in-one CRM that automates your sales, service, and marketing. Moreover, Agile CRM contains modern features and integrations. It is easy to implement. Agile CRM can be integrated with Facebook, 1wilio, RingCentral, Google Apps, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Is Agile CRM Really Free?

The free plan allows you to send branded emails every month to contacts. Here, you get all these features plus tag manager, third-party integration, conversational inbox, a landing page builder, web pop-ups, email templates, SMS marketing, and social suite with the Basic Plan. You will send 10 00 branded emails every month to 50 000 contacts with this package that costs $29.99.

You find landing page builders, email marketing, marketing automation, social suite, email tracking, and mobile marketing. Agile CRM has four plans to select, including the free plan. The Starter plan costs $8.99 while the Regular plan costs $29.99. You must purchase the Enterprise plan by spending $47.99 monthly. 

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14) Drip

Drip is among the top place in the popular Hubspot alternatives list. This HubSpot competitor has several features to make your marketing automation processes easy. It has features for personalization, engagement, customer data, and optimization

Drip is an all-in-one marketing suite that is an alternative to HubSpot. It offers a wide range of facilities, including email marketing, SMS marketing, marketing automation, web forms, email sequences, landing pages, etc.

Moreover, it includes contact management software, CRM, appointment scheduling software, and sales enablement toolsYou can integrate Drip with lots of apps that you use every day. Drip has a free plan. You get free lifetime access to up to 500 users. It includes helpdesk, CRM, live chat, landing pages, email marketing, email broadcasts, lead grabbers, and sequences.

What Are The Plans Of Drip?

You get three plans in Drip. The Basic plan costs $49 per month. It provides 24/7 email and chats support, a contact list with 2500 active users, unlimited emails. The Pro Plan offers to upgrade to 5 000 subscribers. It costs $122 monthly. The price of the Enterprise plan varies with your requirements. One of the main drawbacks of Drip is, it is limited to the ECRM or CRM sphere


15) Ontraport

Ontraport is a similar software to HubSpot. You can lots of features in Ontraport like membership sites, marketing analytics, CRM, landing pages, sales force automation, marketing automation, and business process automationIt offers integration with Stripe and PayPal to offer you secure gateway payments. 

Is Ontraport Free?

Ontraport has a two-week free trial. So you can check the compatibility of this software with your requirements. The Basic plan comes for $79 per month. It supports one user and unlimited emails, and 1000 contacts. The Plus plan that costs $147 per month offers two users and 2500 contacts with unlimited emails.

In the Pro plan, you get three user approvals, 10000 contacts, email consultations, and unlimited emails that come for $297. You get five user support, more than 20 000 contacts, 200 000 monthly emails, a personal account rep, email consultations, and an Ontraport account set up. It costs $497 per month. If you need more features than the above-mentioned, then a special custom-priced monthly plan is waiting for you. 


What Is The Best Free CRM For Small Businesses?

A free CRM is a great help for a small business. Moreover, there are several free CRM available at present. Some of the best free CRM are Agile CRM, Apptivo, SuiteCRM, and HubSpot CRM. You can use one of them as a marketing tool for your small business. These apps include all the above features and a dedicated account manager, goals role management, role management, SSO, uptime SLA, and phone support.

What Is The Easiest CRM?

Most CRM is easy to use. Salesforce Sales Cloud, Nutshell, Ontraport, Nimble, Close, Zoho CRM, Pipedrive, and Apptivo are some of the easy-to-use CRM. Pipedrive is the easiest CRM. It has a user-friendly interface. 

Does Shopify Have A CRM?

The simple answer is yes. Shopify has a CRM. But you can use any other CRM platform like Agile CRM, Nimble CRM, Zoho CRM, Ontraport CRM, etc. 


It is better to know about the alternatives to HubSpot before switching to them. If you are searching for the best and cheap best free Hubspot alternatives CRM, just go through this article. There are many apps available for marketing purposes. It contains all the details about the Hubspot alternatives free to assist you in finding the best one. 

All of them have something new for the customers. You must select the best solution to suit all your business requirements. Hubspot alternatives comparison offers you a cheaper and better plan. Some of the above-discussed marketing tools give you first-class automation, while some alternatives are easy-to-use tools. It is better to check more about the marketing tool before you select one for the business. 

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