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13 Best Animation Apps Free for Android & iOS (2023)

Now you don’t need to be a talented artist to start drawing. There are animation apps online to help you. Creating your cartoon characters and cartoons is very easy with animation-making apps. It is an exciting hobby to do. These apps will help to take out your creative thoughts. Apps animation are available for your PC, Android, Mac, and iOS. Let’s check out the best animation apps free for Android and iOS. 

What Are The Best Animation Apps?

1) Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is one of the best free animation apps. You can create short video stories and social graphics with this app. It offers different video formats and themes. You can continue the desktop and mobile projects due to the availability of the sync feature in Adobe Spark. So it is a portable tool.

Whenever you feel like making an animated video, this feature supports you. There are thousands of images in Adobe’s repository. You can either select an image from there or upload it from your collection to continue. Also, you can make animations for your business, college, and social media sharing using Adobe Spark.

The social media posts made using this app have personalized features. So the quality of your animations is high. Adobe Spark has a free plan. But it has limited features. The individual plan comes for $14 per month along with a two-month free trial. You can work as a team by purchasing the Team Plan for $27 per month. The Adobe Spark app is available for both iPhone and Android devices. 

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2) Alight Motion

Alight Motion is an app to design animations, motion graphics and create custom intros and titlesYou get several features with Alight Motion. Some of them are custom font support, multiple layers of video, graphics, audio, grouping, masking and solid color and gradient fill effects. 

The free version of the app offers you basic features to create animations. The videos created with this plan contain watermarked videos. There are paid plans also. You can have regularly update premium features with these premium plans. 

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3) FlipaClip

Flipaclip app is the best animation for cartoon animation creators. It is the best free animation app. Flipaclip animation has all the modern animation technology perks. So you can share your creative animation on social media platforms like YouTube, Tumblr, and Facebook. You can use your sketches to make cartoons similar to a flipbook.

Moreover, you can create cartoon videos with up to three free animation layers. The frame-by-frame animation allows you to draw cartoons easily. You can add a video to Flipaclip online and draw over it. You get a grid overlay drawing, and there are several font styles to insert texts. A variety of shapes, brushes, and tools are available to edit your drawings.

The canvas sizes of this cartoon-making app can change up to 1920. It supports several formats like image, SEQ, and GIF. The Pro version of FlipaClip free allows working in 10 layers of the image at once. This app’s facial control feature helps to offer a clearer view of facial expressions and is useful in voicing videos. 

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4) Autodesk sketchbook

Autodesk Sketchbook is a simple, fast, and portable app. Even a beginner can design animation with this app. You can work either on your mobile or desktop. The Google Drive sync allows you this cross-platforming. You can make animations based on the frame-by-frame method and with the support of multiple layers.

Autodesk Sketchbook is a cartoon animation maker app. The clean user interface provides you with a natural drawing experience. This app has all the tools to create marvelous digital art. There are more than 170 different brushes. When you get expertise in digital art, you can customize them. 

It has features like unlimited undo, ruler and ellipse, autosave, radial summary, full layer support, predictive stroke, scan sketch, and many othersMillions of people use Autodesk Sketchbook to make animation videos. You can download it to any Ios or Android device. 

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5) Motion Leap

Motion leap is an animation maker app. It is one of the best animation apps for iPad. You can add animation to your photos. So you get life to your still photographs. Motion Leap has an intuitive user interface. So you don’t need to be a professional artist to get a good animationYou need to have only a few taps and swipe to animate a photo using Motion leap.

It offers powered water animation and sky replacement technology. If you like this animation app android, you can subscribe for unlimited access to all features and content. A one-time payment plan is also available here. This app has 4.8 ratings out of 5 and 92k reviews in Apple App Store. 

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6) Stop Motion Studio

If you are a beginner, then it is better to start with Stop Motion Studio App. You can create great 4K stop-motion animations using this app. Those can be easily mixed with 2D-style drawings painted directly onto an image

This app supports a DSLR camera. It is better to have a good camera when working with Stop Motion Studio. But in the beginning, you can use your mobile phone camera. It allows connecting a remote camera as a second device.

Also, it enables the making of slow-motion videos with different video editor options. So you can use this app as a slow-motion video app too. You can get the Stop Motion Studio app onto your iOS device by paying $4.99, onto Mac paying $9.99, onto Android devices for $4.99, and to Windows by paying $1.99.

This app provides an advanced sync function. So you can work on multiple devices. This means if you start making a stop-action movie on one device, you can finish it on another device. You get many handy tools like a magic eraser, paint tools, sound effects, and many with this app.  

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7) Motion Ninja

Motion Ninja is a free video editor and animation maker app. Now it is easy to convert your moments into creative videos. Motion Ninja software is full of various features. You get detailed tutorials about keyframes. So you will be able to understand using the keyframe, keyframe tools, and making masks, texts, audio, stickers, and others using keyframe animation.

You can make videos using the chroma key and green screen features. Also, you get editing features like duplicate, crop, detach audio from video, and vice versa. There is also an option to avoid mistakes with the help of unlimited undo and redo options.

You can embed funny stickers, emoji, animated stickers, and illustrations onto the video. Here, you get export resolutions and frame rates of 720p, 1080p, and 4K. It is easy to upload created videos to Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Likee.

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8) PicsArt Animator

PicsArt Animator is a cartoon animation creator app. You can create animations, funny doodles, animated GIFs, animated pictures, and cartoon videos from this app. PicsArt offers a frame-by-frame animation method and multiple layers. So you can design complex animations. It includes animation features like layers, numerous drawing tools, duplicate frames, stickers, and more.

You can animate your photos after drawing them. The Emoji Me feature lets you create your emoji. You can record sounds in the app and also add voice-overs for your animationsThis app is free to download. PicsArt Animator app is available for iPhone, iPad, and AndroidAndroid. 

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9) Animoto

Animoto is a video cartoon animator app for your Ios device. You can create amazing vertical videos, digital marketing, and any other need. It is easy to post your story on social media with the help of this app.

There are professionally designed templates to make Facebook stories, Facebook ads, Whatapp status, Instagram ads, and IG storiesYou don’t need to be creative to create an animation with Animoto. It helps to create unique content that will attract your followers. Templates for video stories are available here.

You can easily upload photos and video clips directly from your phone to the Animoto. This app can add fabulous backgrounds to the animations with the help of collages and layouts. You get 24 fonts with animated text effects, resize, and customize the text.

Moreover, you can customize text colors to suit your brand theme and add the logo to the videos you make. The music library in Animoto has over 700 songs. So you can add a soundtrack to your videos. There are two premium subscriptions in Animoto. 

You can create unlimited animation videos from the free version of Animoto. The Professional plan costs $32 per month. A user having this plan can create unlimited branding videos. The team plan allows multiple users to create unlimited branding videos. It costs $59 per month

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10) Animation Desk

Animation Desk is one of the good animation apps drawing. If you are a beginner, then this is the best app to start. There are high-quality functions and tools for advanced users. Animation Desk is a frame-to-frame-based app. It is a kind of stop motion app. Animation Desk app has a friendly user interface.

You can make quick sketches of a lengthy cartoon from the Animation Desk app. It has a lot of painting tools, having pressure sensitivity also. This app includes crayons, pencils, brushes, a fountain pen, and erasers. You can import and export many things, including PDF sheets, GIFs, and Photoshop layers

Auto Desk is compatible with Android, Mac, and Windows. You can get many advanced and creative animations using a compatible stylus and Apple pencil for the iPad. This app has an Animation Desk community. You can share your work here and get more creative and inspiring ideas for your next animation. 

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11) Procreate

Procreate is the best animation app iPhone and iPad. You can create animations very easily with this app. It offers many features to create quality animations, storyboards, GIFs, and sketches. An advanced layer system, innovative artistic tools, and a fast Valkyrie graphic engine are some features.

You can create rich paintings, beautiful animations, expressive sketches, and marvelous illustrations with these advanced features. Fortunately, you won’t lose your work because of the autosave and backup features.

Procreate has frame-by-frame animation with onion skinning. You can import image files such as TIFF, PNG, and JPG in Procreate. Procreate app has a 4.5 out of 5-star rating at Apple App Store and 20.3k ratings. You can purchase this app for $9.99 from Apple App Store

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12) Toontastic

Toontastic is another cartoon animation app for pc that helps to create cartoon animations. Google is the founder of it. This app is also suitable for your children. All that they have to do is to draw a character. An animation is waiting there.

Toontastic offers all the facilities to draw, animate, and narrate your cartoon on your smartphone. You have to press the ‘record’ button and move the character on the screen. A tale will be built up. After completing all steps, the app will convert all the animations and display the cartoon. Toontastic app supports several wireless stylus pens, including Apple pencil.

You can share your animated videos and pictures with your friends and Toontastic Network Community. It allows you to record your voice and animations and store it on your mobile as a 3D video. You can share the cartoon you made with your friends via the internet. Toontastic is free to download on Android, iPhone, and iPad

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 13) The Pivot Creator for Stickman

You may find of making Stickmen. Several animator apps can be used to make Stickman. It is easy to animate stick figures with a Stickman animator. The Pivot Creator helps to make the Stickman, and Pivot Animator can make it move. There are many pivots to download.

The Pivot Creator for Stickman supports many famous formats like ASE, GIF, PSP, JPG, and PNG. It has many downloads, and it is translated into many languages. This app consists of more features like Customizable background color, unlimited canvas size, onion skin for advanced animation, tile mode for creating seamless textures and brushes, built-in and custom brushes, and more. 

All that you have to do is like their Facebook page. It is easy to move stick animation in any direction in Stickman. You can buy a limited number of pivots for $0.89. if you feel the ads hinder your user experience, then pay $0.99 to remove ads. You can download this app to your Ios and Android devices. 

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What App Can Animate Photos?

Do you need to add a movement to a stationary photo? Picture animating is a fun task. Now it is easy with the apps available for both Android and iPhone. You can easily convert your photo into animated photos. Motion Leap, Werble, Pixaloop, Movepic, Photo Blender, and ImgPlay are apps. All of them have something unique to offer you. 

Which is the Best Free Animation Software?

You can download plenty of the best animation applications. But what is the best one? There are a few on the list. Some of them are Pencil 2D, Synfig Studi, Creation, Stykz, Bryce, and Plastic Animation Paper. But we can’t choose the best one for you as your requirements differ from person to person. So try to select the free animation software for mac and windows that fits your needs.

You can select the best app that suits your requirement from a wide range of animation video maker apps. Some of them are Blender, K-3D, OpenToonz, Animaker, and Powtoon. There is some animation software for free, suitable for a beginner, best for creative people, and good for college students. So you have to choose the best one by considering your choices.  

What is the Best Animation App For The iPad?

You can get Animation Desk Classic, Animation Creator HD, and Animation and Drawing by Do Inkon to your iPad. All these apps are best to create animations. 


It is very funny to give motions to our still photos. Animations can change the whole photo and embed a story into it. You may have a creative cartoon concept in your mind and wait without drawing by thinking you are not skillful for drawings.

Now you have a solution. It takes only a few minutes to draw cartoon characters, gives them motions, and build up a story. You can find several video cartoon maker apps. Some animating apps are free, while some animation maker apps have paid plans. You can animate photos, create cartoons, and make animation drawings with the help of these apps.

Sometimes you can start your career with animation making. Many people know about the animation software available for computers. Drawing animation apps for iPhone and Android let you make videos using your smartphone.  They can create animations like voice-overs, stop-motion, onion skin, 3D animations, and tweening. 

It is very funny to make animated cartoons and all the other stuff. So enjoy making animations using these apps. You have to consider a few things when selecting the best animation app. Consider the type of animation you create, your budget, and the device you have are the most important factors. So try to select the best app that gives a solution to your animation, making thirst. 

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