About Us

Hello guys, I welcome you to Our site, Apps Like. The main objective of our website is to provide you with information on apps, games, software which are similar to some of the popular applications available out there.

I am Pushkar Kumar, creator of this site. I got the idea to create this site when I was playing a racing game and I got too much involved that I started playing it too much and as you know when we start doing things too much for too long we get “Bored”, so I started looking for some similar games to this one but after installing a hell lot of games still was unable to find the perfect fit.

That was the time when I thought that there will be many people like me who would be having similar troubles, so I decided to start a website which will provide people with information on Similar apps, games and software too.

As we are new so we are looking forward to your feedback. We will be very delighted if you can leave a comment about how was your experience using our site and whether you got the required information which you were looking for.

If you want to contact us, you can use our Contact Us page in the menu bar.