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11 Best Squarespace Alternatives Free (2023)

Squarespace is one of the first platforms that come to mind when someone asks about a website builder. It offers lots of excellent features to build a website. Squarespace is not the only website builder available at present. There are many alternatives for Squarespace. Now you don’t need to be tech-savvy to build a website. Let’s discuss the best Squarespace alternatives free. 

Who Are Squarespace Competitors?

1) Wix

Wix is at the top of our open source Squarespace alternatives list. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to build a fantastic, professional-looking website with Wix. Also, you get a variety of templates in Wix. Here, you can choose one of them and build a method to create your online store. It comes with building options like Drag and Drops builder, Wix Web Editor, and Wix ADI.

The Drag and Drop feature is easy to use and helps to run quickly. You have the chance to build a unique website. Also, you will experience high-level functionality and customization with Wix. It allows uploading an unlimited number of products, product variants, and product photos. You can either have a dedicated page for a product or put all products in a category via a gallery.

Moreover, you can use a ribbon icon to mark selling products. Wix Payments is an in-house payment processing that is available only in some countries. You can use a variety of third-party payment gateways like PayPal, Square, Skrill, and Authorize.Net.

Is Wix Better than Squarespace?

Both Wix and Squarespace are good website builder platforms. You need to choose one concerning all your requirements and available features. 

Which is Cheaper: Wix or Squarespace?

Squarespace has cheap plans. So it is cheper than Wix. Wix offers coupons and discount codes for customers. The well-organized Help Center in this e-commerce platform enables easy searching. You get a free domain for one year with the Premium plans in Wix. You get a 50 GB storage space in Wix standard plans. The Enterprise Plan offers a custom storage space. 

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2) Shopify

Shopify is one of the best Squarespace alternatives. It has features for both beginners and experts to build a website. Also, it has Shopify Plus for larger businesses or businesses looking to scale. There are several Shopify pricing plans. The Basic plan costs $29 per month.

The Shopify plan is best for growing businesses having one retail store. It costs $79 per month. The Advanced Shopify plan comes for $299 monthly. It is suitable for growing businesses within more than two retail stores. You get a free 14-day trial on Shopify. It does not ask for your credit card details during the trial period

What is Better: Shopify or Squarespace?

Both Shopify and Squarespace are ideal for building a website. So it is not fair to say one is better than the other. Shopify is one of the best website builders available at present. It offers easy to use website builder and good templates. Shopify offers you the ability to integrate with Google Analytics. So you can easily manage your site’s SEO statistics.

It helps expose your brand identity to wide range o customers while generating more traffic to the website. Just like Squarespace, Shopify also gives priority to SEO. It offers a promotional tool to provide system recommendations on the best possible search engine optimization. 

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3) WordPress

WordPress is among the top Squarespace alternatives. You can build a website very easily with this powerful tool. Also, you get unlimited options for customization for WordPress. It has a plugin for all most all website requirements like booking engines, multilingual sites, etc. You are given complete control over the site.

WordPress is flexible are free to use. You need to pay only for the extras you require. Some templates are available for free. You can also buy templates for around $50, and it is a one-time fee. The plugins cost between $0 and-200 per year. You will need to get the help of a WordPress developer to create more complex sites. 

Is WordPress Still the Best?

WordPress is one of the best website builders available at present. It provides so many attractive features. 

Is Squarespace or WordPress Better?

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to use Squarespace. It is a beginner-friendly platform. Coding knowledge is not much needed to set up a new site with Squarespace. WordPress requires a bit of technical knowledge.

Squarespace has simple and attractive website templates. But it does not have many customization options. WordPress contains an unlimited number of free and paid website templates. You get a customization option too.

When comparing WordPress with Squarespace, adding a shopping cart is very easy in Squarespace. WordPress has a more powerful status in SEOIt is not fair to say Squarespace is better than WordPress. Both of these platforms offer unique features to the users. So the best platform to use depends on your requirements. 

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4) TalentLMS

TalentLMS is one of the best alternatives for Squarespace. This platform is for both professional and beginner website builders and designersTalentLMS has several pricing plans. The free plan allows up to 5 users, up to 10 courses, and unlimited email support.

The Starter plan costs $59 monthly. The Basic plan comes for $129 monthly, while the Plus Plan costs $249 per month. The Premium plan is available for $429 per month. You can get an Enterprise plan that matches your requirements. 

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5) Webflow

Webflow is a Squarespace alternative for designers and web developers. It has a drag and drops web design that facilitates ease of website building. The Webflow interface is not many users friendly. You need to have some technical knowledge to get the maximum use of it. Webflow has few pricing plans to select. The Basic plan comes for $12 per month.

You have to use your domain when using this plan. It is limited to 25 000 monthly visitors. The CMS plan that comes for $16 per month allows up to 100 000 monthly visitors. It also includes 2000 CMS items. The Business plan includes 1 million visits per month and comprises pro features. It costs $36 monthly. 


6) Duda

Duda is a website builder like Squarespace. It offers the drag-and-drop feature to make websites. So it is very easy to make your website. Many website builders do not support multiple languages. So you won’t be able to display two or more languages on your site.

If you are using Duda to make a website, then it supports multiple languages. This is one of the great advantages this platform offers. Duda offers mobile responsive website templates. You can personalize content to the visitor by checking their browsing behavior. 

Duda has three pricing plans. The Basic plan offers a multilingual site and personalization, and it includes up to 10 products. This plan costs $14 monthly. The team plan that comes for $22 per month includes team and client roles and permissions. The Site For Life plan comes for $299. It offers website and editor features forever. 


7) PageCloud

PageCloud is a website like Squarespace. It is best for the ones who love to create and manage their website. PageCloud offers several features: content management, online store builder, SEO management, Pre-built templates, real-time editing, auto-update, drag and drop functionality, WYSIWYG editor, etc. it has several pricing plans to select concerning your requirements. 


8) Site123

Site123 enables you to make a website just by using three steps. You need to choose a design, add content, and then go live. The designs are available for many niches, including online stores, portfolios, and businessesThis platform has many features to ease website building. Site123 supports multiple languages.

Is Site123 Completely Free?

It allows translating your website into different languages. Site123 offers SEO features. It offers meta tags, sitemaps, webmaster tools, and redirection. You get a free image and icons library. So you can make an attractive website by adding pictures. Site123 supplies an email marketing facility also. So you don’t need to use a third-party service.

You get a large number of themes to build a site and several plans in Site123. The free plan offers 500 MB of disk storage space. For an online shop, the free plan allows you to handle a maximum of ten orders per month. But you won’t get support for multiple languages in the free plan.

The Premium plan contains everything in the free plan and a free, custom domain name for the first year of service, 10 GB storage, 5 GB bandwidth, free of ads, e-commerce functionality, and the ability to connect a custom domain. 


9) Carrd

This is one of the best Squarespace Alternatives. Carrd allows you to build a one-page site. If you need to make a personal profile or a landing page, this platform will help you. You get Carrd for free. The Go Pro plan costs $19 per year. It comes with the features to build and publish more than three sites from one Carrd account and publish sites to any custom domains you own.

Besides, there is the ability to publish the site without the ‘Made with Carrd’ branding in the footer and add a Google Analytics tracking ID to each site to track and report traffic. It offers a seven days free trial. Carrd accepts all major credit and debit cards, including PayPal. This site like Squarespace is suitable for web developers and designers to know codes.

The Pro Lite plan in Carrd costs $9 per month. It allows three site users. This plan is ideal for beginners. The Pro Standard plan costs $19 per month and contains everything that needs to manage a growing publication. The Pro Plus plan costs $49. It is suitable for professionals that need more power and guaranteed uptime. The trial period is 7 days in Carrd


10) Jimdo

Jimdo is one of the best website builders like Squarespace. Over 15 million websites over the globe are made using Jimdo. You can make your website easily with this platform. Jimdo has a free plan too. So you try it and get the idea of whether to proceed with Jimdo or not. 

As a Squarespace free alternative, IM Creator offers three plans. The Free Plan is for students, artists, and non-profits. It offers unlimited hosting, e-commerce, access to all themes, and connection to your domain. The Premium account costs $8 per month. It comes with unlimited hosting, free from ads, access to all themes, connection to your domain, and more.

A few clicks will help you to add and edit elements in Jimdo. It offers a mobile app that eases the creation of a website with mobile devices or tablets. Moreover, it is compatible with both iOS and Android devicesYou can do manual payments and PayPal with Jimdo. 

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11) Weebly

Weebly is a site similar to Squarespace. It gives the easiest platforms to use to set up your website and online store. The website plan is entirely free, while the e-commerce plans of Weebly come for an affordable price. If you need to switch to e-commerce without selecting an expensive platform, Weebly is the best option. 

What is Weebly Used For?

You will find many advantages in Weebly. It offers several modern and professionally designed themes. You can easily use the drag and drop editor option to modify themes. Weebly composes web hosting, SSL security, and overall essential tools to manage your site or the online store. So you can set up your store easily and quickly.

Is Weebly Website Really Free?

The basic user plan on Weebly comes completely free. If you are a beginner, you can try this plan to study the basic parts of web designing. All the other plans have affordable price ranges. They provide product options, shopping cart facilities, and shipping tools to ease your work. This e-commerce site facilitates credit card processing from the square and several other providers.

It does not charge any additional transaction feesWeebly can accommodate small-scale online stores. One of the drawbacks of Weebly is that when you are growing up, it will not afford you even with the large plans. It has missed the advanced tools needed for a mass-scale e-commerce business.

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What is the Easiest Website Builder?

Most Squarespace Alternatives builders are easy to use. Among them, Weebly is the easiest website builder. The unlimited licenses and Whitelabel include a reseller control panel, unlimited licenses for your clients, e-commerce, and more. The basic plan costs $7 per month. Weebly has built 30 million sites across the globe. Many famous brands are customers of this platform. 

What is the Best And Cheapest Website Builder?

Wix has the cheapest pricing plan for website builders. The cheapest and easiest website builder differs from your requirements and available features. 


Squarespace contains more than 100 sophisticated themes. It also has a blogging feature. You can instantly get answers to your questions via the live chat option available in Squarespace. The mobile app helps to ease your work. You can download it to your Android or ios devices. 

Squarespace has several pricing plans. The Personal plan costs $12 monthly. It is suitable for users who don’t need an online store. The Business plan that costs $18 contains marketing features. The Online Store plan costs $26 per month. The Advanced online store costs $40 per month. 

Sites like Squarespace provides the necessary facilities to build your website. There are lots of alternatives to Squarespace too. They have unique features that help in building websites. You can select the best sites similar to Squarespace by concerning both your requirements and available features in the platforms. 

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