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14 Best Games Like Minecraft – {Better Graphics & Adventures} in 2021

In this post, we are going to show you14 best similar games to Minecraft. There is no doubt that Minecraft is still a very popular game with 126 million players. But, you may feel bored and want to try something different and better than Minecraft. That’s why we tested 73 games with game experts and Quora, Reddit polls to find the closest alternatives. 

Let’s dive right in,

1) Terraria

A combination of an open-world experience with the linear progression of an RPG creates an experience that both affords the player a significant sense of freedom. Terraria involves the players starting with minimal equipment while exploring spelunking crafting buildings and buying better gear form NPCs. This game does this in such a way that for each upgrade you get. 

Even before you start, you can customize your character and world completely. After setting it all up, you get dropped into the centre of the overworld, where you can go off to do whatever you want. 

The difficulty of already explored areas reduces. However, harder areas become more easily accessible while still presenting a significant challenge. Once you arrive at the best gear, you can have a whole new face. Overall the pace of the game starts a little slow with a few accessories.


  • Insane amount of content.
  • Great combat.
  • 14 challenging bosses.
  • Fun servers.
  • The soundtrack is excellent.
  • Updates are more significant than most game expansions.
  • Good art style.
  • Fishing.
  • Events
  • Compatible with PC, Android, and IOS.


  • Players can quickly become overwhelmed by the ever-growing number of toys in the sandbox.
PC Android IOS


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2) Roblox – (Minecraft Alternatives but with Better Graphics)

Roblox is one of the huge multiplayer game creation platforms. Hence Game creation people come in, and they can create games. 

Game Play

Roblox is known for a wide age range of things. Hence it’s like a console. There are many different types of games that you can buy.

Game Creation

People create games. Therefore you can visit Roblox studio and then create any world that you want, such as terrain, moving objects, color changes, and anything that you can imagine. You can even earn money by other people playing those games.

PC Android IOS
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3) Don’t Starve

Don’t Starve is an open-world survival game full of adventures. It is set in a randomly generated world where your focus is to survive for as long as possible. Players need to explore the world while looking for necessary resources and food so that you don’t starve. And also, you must survive the harsh cold conditions when the nights start to get longer, and the food is hard to discover.

Players need to build a trans-dimensional path so that they can enter another world, but it will be full of even more harsh conditions. They will repeat the same process you went through in the first world for survival. But they can only take one item from this world and carry it to the other world.

You should remember the things you created, so you know how to create them again. You need to repeat the process a few more times until you defeat the final boss.

It’s a survival adventure game where you’re dropped into the middle of the gigantic randomized map with nothing. You need to explore and uncover more of the map as you pick up materials like grass, sticks, and flints while enabling you to create tools like axes and pickaxes. 

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So, you can cut down trees and mine for gold, which enables you to build other stuff, and it goes on from there. On the surface, don’t starve sounds like an annoying collection quest. But this game has an addictive quality that’s hard to find elsewhere. The trick with this game is that you have three components to manage your health, sanity, and hunger.


  • Random generated worlds with different resources.
  • You can create custom worlds.
  • Many items to harvest, craft, use, and eat.
  • Immense world to explore
  • The original and fitting art style
  • Excellent sound design and music.
  • Immense replayability and depth.
  • Great mods are available on Steam Workshop.
  • Frequent content updates.


  • No in-game help or tutorials.
  • Combat is frustrating and essential.
PC Android IOS

4) Stardew Valley

It is a farming simulation game where it takes control of your late grandfather’s old farm. You need to plant and harvest crops. You can spend time while doing fishing, chatting, giving gifts to the villagers, and working through the minds.

The game has four seasons. Each offers up different fish crops and wild items to harvest. Hence you need to keep all of this in mind if you want to help rebuild the community centre. However, making friends with villagers opens up new chunks of narrative, and can also receive gifts via mail. You might even date, marry, or start a family with one of the ten available bachelors and bachelorettes. 


  • Peaceful gameplay.
  • Your kids and grandkids can play.
  • Cool characters.
  • Great progression.
  • Adorable pixel art.
  • Things to do that aren’t just farming.


  • Fishing mechanics can be a pain.
PC Android IOS


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5) Portal Nights

This game helps you to Leave the world you know behind, and instead step into a new and unknown world full of crazy adventures. This game was released in 2016 and is a 3-D action-adventure game.

At the lower level of the game, the area of floating islands will be small. But as you continue playing and level up and go through the portals, they become larger and larger. At higher levels of the game, you meet the bosses that you can fight to restore peace in your kingdom and become the ultimate knight.

You can create things for which you need to find the right recipes. Also, you get options to craft weapons, armour, wands, and bows, etc. You can even upgrade them using suitable materials.

6) WorldCraft – 3D Build and Craft 

This game is slightly changed from others of this niche as you get the option to explore other player’s worlds or build your world. Also, you get a chance to meet new people from all over the world and interact with them.

After playing WorldCraft: 3D Blocks Craft, you may be claiming it as a Minecraft clone in a mobile version. So that’s true to a great extent.

Players have unlimited resources that they can use to craft as many objects as they wish. Also, we can choose the creative mode, which allows players a lot of freedom to have adventures and wander around the infinite map. One can even switch to the survival mode, which is a lot more challenging than a creative way. Because you have to battle with enemies and do all you can to survive in the wild map.

PC Games Like Minecraft for Android and IOS

7) Trove

MMO crafter loot and building game. You can start the match choosing one of 14 classes, all of which can be unlocked by real cash or real drops in-game. So choose carefully. You can spend the rest of the game just doing stuff. 

The game will teach you how to claim lands. The best part of the game is when you’re in a new world and cleanly apply everything from your last plot comes with it. So you will lose nothing. Game characters can go into two modes, such as combat and building mode.

Building mode

You can break, collect, stack blocks like Minecraft. 

Combat mode

It’s about combat thing. You can play with your enemies with unique game features.


  • Hugh amount of loot available.
  • Easy to play, hard to master.
  • Nice amount of classes available.
  • Good Graphics, cartoon-ish.
  • Many players can play with each other.
  • Build your own portable house. (Cornerstone)


  • Due to the surprising amount of players, the servers seem not ready for the load.

8) Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark survival is a survival game, and you can play as a Single-player, LAN network, or using online. This game has many things to offer you: crafting, taming, breeding, levelling, etc. There are two ways that you can play, such as PvE or PvP.

The beauty of the game, which is something unique from other games, is that you can travel between maps and tame other dinosaurs moreover hunting bosses likewise. (You must have the DLC) Breeding is the most exciting thing in this game. You can have a superior breed line that could be the best in the whole game.


  • You can tame Dinos.
  • Almost everything is tamable.
  • Each animal has unique skills.
  • Dino breeding a.k.a.(steamy dino action)
  • Many building options.
  • Tribe wars.
  • Caves/dungeons are filled with loot and hard enemies.
  • Terrifying ocean exploration.
  • Boat base mechanic where you can take your base on the go.
  • PVE is relaxing.


  • Requires a high-end PC to play smoothly without dropping FPS.
  • AI is not at its best.
PC Android IOS

9) Cube World

A Voxel-based RPG game. The cube world contains tons of randomly generated dungeons. These monsters can be explored and used to further your personal goals and develop your character. Cube World has similar dungeons like Minecraft too.

Like most RPGs, you can choose your main character class when they come either a warrior while focusing on defence, offence, or a wizard. As you progress to the game, you acquire new items, skills even eventually tame animals and turn them into pass or mounts. You can craft various items to help you progress.


  • Much prettier world generation.
  • Smooth performance.
  • The first 5 hours feel good to play.


  • This game has so many balancing issues, bugs.

10) Lego Worlds

Lego World is a sandbox game developed by Traveller’s Tales. And, it is one of the best games like minecraft and even better. You can create anything you like while using lego or pre-fabricated designs in a massive procedurally generated world. The game has to main game modes, such as adventure or sandbox. 

Adventure mode acts like a very long tutorial. Because it slowly shows you all the different tools at your disposal or and eases you into the game. The adventure takes place over several different planets in the galaxy. You have to unlock goldbricks to progress to distant worlds.

Sandbox mode just drops you into an open world with all the tools. 


  • You can do whatever you like, and there are endless possibilities.
  • The original game for children.


  • No Workshop. (maybe in future)

11) Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon quest builders are one of the more exciting games on this list. It takes the charm of a mainline game but throws it into a brand new mold that sees the player making tools, exploring, and building up towns. While there is combat, it is nowhere near the focus of the journey. 

The drive to solve quests in this world brings new mechanics, intrigue than a Minecraft game, and above all, a grimmer reality. The dialogue is what pushes you through to get the most fun out of it. So this game has a lot on the plot.


  • Building game.
  • Farming.
  • RPG Elements.
  • Quests.
  • Exploration.
  • Inspiring.


  • Some weird bugs.
PC Android IOS

12) Starbound 

Starbound is an adventure survival game that entered steam early access in December of 2013. Chuckle Fish developed it. You have to begin your journey stranded on an alien planet. You need to collect enough fuel to power your ship. So you can move on to the rest of the universe.

There more pressing matters. You need food, weapons, and tools, and a place to lay your head at night. You will fight charming monsters, underground mine caves while building yourself a little home. There is a lot more than I mentioned here.


  • Unique art style.
  • The infinite procedurally generated universe.
  • Creative alien races that are completely customizable.
  • Your space station can be created for players and NPCs to visit.
  • Vehicles such as hoverbikes and boats are available.
  • Tiny easter eggs and hints from the devs can be found throughout the game.


  • Life is exceptionally abundant.
  • 2D and pixelated.
  • The graphics aren’t next-gen.

13) Fortnite: Save the World – Games Like Minecraft but with Guns

Fortnite is a more realistic game like Minecraft with guns. Fortnite Save the world is the zombie-themed survival title that predates the battle royal mode which tool over the world in late 2017. You can team up with your friends to launch a rocket during a zombie outbreak, building your permanent storm shield over weeks and months. And also You can play like a battle royale zombie mode.


  • Free V-bucks.
  • Exclusive Skins.
  • Building Skill.
  • Weapon Skill.
  • Various characters.
  • Limited-Time Events.


  • Expensive when compared with other quality games on the list.

14) Teratology – Closest Free Alternative to Minecraft

Teratology is an open-source pre-alpha game that was initially started by Benjamin Begla. This game is motivating and resembling the Minecraft. It means players explore the world while useing building blocks to create nearly anything they can imagine. Creative Mode is encouraging, inventiveness, and investigation. Hence you can learn creative thinking, geometry, and even a little geology. 


  • It’s open-source.
  • Looks like a Minecraft’s clone


  • Need a good PC to play.

Final Words

Games like Minecraft are called action-adventure survival games. Minecraft is a very creative, educational game and good for kids as it improves life skills such as problem-solving, creativity & self-direction. Hope you found the perfect alternatives to Minecraft and I love to hear your experience with these games. For our testing, we personally played all these games, considered customer reviews and polls in social media. And, if I missed any similar games, feel free to leave them in the comment section. 

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