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Best Games Like Age of Empires – Top 10 in 2020

Age of Empire is a real-time strategy game based on the medieval era-spanning 1000 years of human history. However, the simple goal of the game is to build your base, create troops, and destroy the enemy base or bases before losing your own. It requires a good balance between planning the strategy and resource management to pull it off effectively. It features both single and multiplayer modes with a very healthy and active community of players. If you’ve never heard of the age of empire, then the question needs to be asked where you have been for the last 20 years. It is about the top 10 games like age of empires.

The settlers

A strategy game that makes you king or queen of your very own kingdom. As the all-powerful, it’s your job to attract new settlers to revive the kingdom, increase prestige, and take out other kingdoms nearby—a lot of game modes to play. 


  • You can do a story campaign that can be completed alone or in co-op mode. 
  • The game will also provide optional side mission and multiplayer PvP battles. 


  • Some blur effects
  • glitch cut scenes.
  • A bit difficult to understand, but okay.

Total War Saga: Troy

total war

This game has two sides. The first one is a strategic map with turn-based mode. The second one is real-time battles on land and at sea, in which you take direct control of your troops. 


  • You have to rely on the infantry.
  • The differences between the types are now more noticeable than ever.

Stunning visuals Besides, your troop’s combat efficiency is also affected by the ground.


  • Missing Trojan Horses. 
  • No Naval battles, siege, cavalry, or heavy units, but there will be a separate DLC for each of those for a reasonable price. 

Stronghold: Warlords

The game gives you to select the role of a lord with a small castle and a poor village at his command. You have to build a powerful country, and you are the boss. 


  • Warlords offer a single-player campaign and single historic missions.
  • Sandbox mode allows players to build castles without being constricted with any objectives. 
  • It has multiplayer mode also so you can play against some strong players around the globe and catch their bases.


  • explosions fire and catapults, they look reasonably outdated.
  • Honestly a bit cheap feeling 

Ancient Cities – Games Like Age of Empires

The game started in the Neolithic era, and its about the Stone Age. These days people create their first settlement and leaving the nomadic lifestyles. You can guide people to build realistic cities.


  • The game features season, day and night cycles.
  • Every tree and animal is growing reproducing and dying. 
  • The exciting part is you will encounter political technology and natural disasters.   


  • Developers are spending more time to give updates.

Praetorians: HD Remaster

It released in 2003, but the HD remastered version is incoming. If you like classic games, this may be a great discovery for you. 

Praetorians take you to the Roman Empire. There are three nations in the game. Romans can use war machines and various combat types on the field.


  • The new version has a shadow system. 
  • HD textures and better lightning 


  • The original Praetorians and Commandos look better than the remastered version 
  • The ground has more details in the original.

Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign

The first part of the knights of honor was one of the most underrated games most people ever played—city development as well as industrial and mining infrastructure. 


  • Players also occupy positions at the royal court, economics, conduct-spying activities perform diplomacy-related activities, trade with neighbors, and develop religion.


  • fewer buildings/slots, knight slots, and abilities. 
  • Graphics not good much.

Lornswood: Winter Chronicle

It is a hybrid of an action game and a real-time strategy. The game is set in a fantasy world and, according to its creators, they offer a fresh approach to the RTS genre.


  • Local co-op mode available 
  • If you play more, you can upgrade and do more things like different troops and so on. 
  • Also, the feeling is excellent. The graphics and music also have a quality sign.


  • The main character doesn’t have any sort of abilities. 
  • He just commands others to attack.


GodHood takes on the role of a newborn god, contacting a group of his future worshipers. After witnessing the first supernatural phenomenon, the tribe decides to adopt and spread the newly created religion; this isn’t an easy task. 

The region in which the game takes place is far from monotheism, and a considerable number of gods with extremely different Decalogue fight for domination in it. 


  • Lots of different classes and buildings. 
  • This game is almost bug-free. 
  • Nice soundtracks with a good campaign. 


  • Some people are disappointed that there is no customization of their religion.
  • Slow progression, lack of depth, and control. 
  • Many are saying that the game is too short. 

Conan unconquered

It is a survival RTS game. Endless waves of various creatures like skeletons, giant bats, and spiders. What makes Conan different isn’t only the setting of the Conan world. 


  • several different gameplay mechanics. 
  • Each game of Conan will give you a hero unit. 
  • Each character has a particular—a smaller game instead of controlling large armies. 
  • Great diversity in its enemies, which adds a lot of complexity and exciting mechanics. 


  • Units are as big as the buildings. 
  • The gameplay feels a bit slow.
  • Good concept, but the graphics look like AoE2.

Iron Harvest – Games Like Age of Empires

It’s about the history of Europe in the year 1920. You can build defensive lines and working out how best to break those of opponents


  • It’s beyond reality. Such as Planes in the air, prototype tanks 
  • Humans invented giant walking machines. So this is an alternative past with robots.


  • Machines being slow.
  • Enormous, where positioning is a key, and you have to plan movements and actions in an advance


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