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17 Best Games Like Age of Empires – (Build Your Base and Defend) in 2021

This article is about the top games similar to Age of Empires. Age of Empire is a real-time strategy game based on the medieval era-spanning 1000 years of human history. However, the simple goal of the game is to build your base, create companies while destroying the enemy bases before losing your own. As you are looking for similar strategy games, we have tested 100+ games to filter the following list. 

age of empires similar games

Most of the games on the list are available on steam and I added mobile similar mobile games for Android/ iOS at the end of this post.

Let’s dive right in,

Top 17 Games Similar to Age of Empires

1) Starcraft 2 – Wings of Liberty

Starcraft is an original game for PC game lovers. IT contains simple algorithms, and anyone who is starting to play the game well can understand the concept. If you are a lover of the age of empires, then you will play this cool game from your PC. Starcraft 2 wings of liberty have many functions for single PC gamers and pro gamers. Even though the multiplayer can start to have a multiplayer campaign and win the empire easily. All you have to do is understand the concept and make use of it. 

Hence this Starcraft 2 has a modern and luxury looking front end, anyone can use this over cloud storage to play the games. While your friends are playing, you can join them using Facebook game functionalities. Only you need an active internet connection, and you will feel real happiness quickly.

It’s a strategy game with lots of cool features. Hence Starcraft series is one of the pretty similar games to the Age of Empires series.  But this is actually more like a modern version. It has both single-player and multiplayer modes. Hence I love both options. In single-player mode, you will get 27 missions to play

  • You can do a story campaign that can be completed alone or in co-op mode. 
  • The game will also provide optional side mission and multiplayer PvP battles. 
  • Available in both Windows and Mac OS.
  • Some blur effects
  • glitch cut scenes.
  • A bit difficult to understand, but okay.

2) Age of Mythology

Ages of mythology is a new level of empire game built to play for 30 minutes and save Odin the Zeus. This game has its empire, and you can play with the opponent from the town. Although Ages of mythology game was released in 2002 for the public, the latest version got many features and user interface upgrades. Although this game feels old-fashioned, it has lots of fun. Most of the game ideology is based on the 90s kids’ favor but it is also another best one among the latest games similar to the Age of Empires. The player must collect resources like food, and necessary resources while building up the basic needs.


3) Stronghold: Warlords – Age of Empires Alternatives for Mac

The game gives you to select the role of a lord with a small castle and a poor village at his command. You have to build a powerful country. Hence you are the boss. 

  • Warlords offer a single-player campaign and single historic missions.
  • Sandbox mode allows players to build castles without being constricted with any objectives. 
  • It has multiplayer mode also so you can play against some strong players around the globe and catch their bases.
  • explosions fire and catapults, they look reasonably outdated.
  • Honestly a bit cheap feeling 

4) Rise of Nations: Extended Edition

I love this game when I was a kid and spent hours and hours building the base, developing nation, and defeating enemies. Rise of Nations: Extended is a real-time strategy game with many tactics and missions to be completed by the gamers. This game starts with a single city in the ancient age, like in the iron age. The user must gather the resources and build the necessary infrastructure while researching the technologies used by ancient people.

Most important is gamer should make wonders such as the pyramid and Eiffel tower, and the military team and must spread them while forming different organizations across the globe. Once the things are ready, all the army and cops can cancel missions like suicide bombers, battleships, and tanks to avoid many. It has many military divisions from 18 divisions, around 100 military services running undersea, off roads, air, and many forests. Hence this game will make your game fever like a pro. Don’t miss the latest edition to find out the best experience.


5) Empire Earth 2

Empire 2 has many thrilling options in the game, but there is no real-time strategy game. The developer has made the stainless steel bombing into a real-world game. This sequence remains a standard historical RTS, but it is also crammed so full of new features. New user interface and complexity that bursting at the seams. Though it’s not a reliable game for sure, the game lovers can spend quality time to pay for the best. The latest additions have made the users find many new maps, resources, and thrilling stunts to be carried out. If you still have not tried the game, have a look at the official site.


6) The Command and Conquer Series

The command and conquer series has the best real-time strategy game and hit as one of the stalwarts of the genre. This game has many battlefields to make the game thrilling for the single-player. As in every game, the player must collect the living materials like food and shelter while winning the empire by themselves. It’s very thrilling, and many users are enjoying the live updates.

The second edition is not just a painted version of the game; it’s a whole level of new features and excitement. If you have not played this, then you must play this. If you are an empire liver, then you will become a more significant fan of this. The remastered game includes the original series of content and the real red alerts which the older version had. The new game is a 4k HD game. Hence many missions make the game more exciting.


7) Cossacks 3

This Cossacks 36 is full of thrilling and exciting games like AOE, a combination of war, economy, and army developing game. The user must establish their army and battle with the opponent. The users can return to the old golden age by playing this game. Hence It will give you the best empire game feeling for sure.


8) The Anno Series

Anno 1800 has a place with a select gathering of games that I like to allude to as games. For instance, you may plunk down in a night with the arrangement of setting up your first steel factory. At that point, you squint, and it’s 2 am, and you’ve established a settlement in the new world in one way or another. On the other hand, maybe you set the objective of arriving at the following populace achievement to open another structure. At that point, you do that, and the fabric you open is a zoo for which you can construct singular fences in areas to load up with a few dozen kinds of creatures.

This Anno series is the best and thrilling game established by the developer. Likewise, it has plenty of structures to build and assets to create, letting you develop some great never-ending suburbia. Anno 1800 places you in the hobnailed boots of a cutting-edge business financier in the mechanical insurgency’s consuming heart. There are three unique ways to play, Campaign, Sandbox, and Multiplayer. Fundamentally, they’re all necessarily the equivalent—the crusade is itself a giant sandbox that happens to highlight a chain of missions to follow.


9) Homeworld

That’s so surprising that a pro PC game has fifteen years of record for PC game lovers. With so many features and real-time strategic matches but that’s the real game homeworld. Gearbox has remastered relic opus, and it’s a sequel with high res textures. The latest edition has many new features, maps, user interface, modern equipment, and the most challenging and advocating strategy series ever made for PC game lovers. It’s a remarkable thing, particularly if you have a liking for spaceships doing spaceship things, such as shedding groups of assault specialty and shooting giant lasers over the void. In any case, Homeworld’s runs further.

Both are accounts of endurance among the stars. Your species’ last expectation is a giant boomerang called the Pride of Hiigara. It is an enormous mothership with the way to make an economy of littler boats, from small mining vessels to aircraft and assault make. The Pride’s capacity to make armed forces makes her your essential hostile device, yet that exquisite arched carapace ensures the cryogenically solidified leftovers of your species. Her misfortune implies all-out thrashing.


10) Ancient Cities

The game started in the Neolithic era and it’s about the Stone Age. These days people create their first settlement and leaving the nomadic lifestyles. You can guide people to build realistic cities. This is also the other best one of the games similar to the age of empires 3 you should play.

  • The game features season, day, and night cycles.
  • Every tree and animal is growing reproducing and dying. 
  • The exciting part is you will encounter political technology and natural disasters.   
  • Developers are spending more time to give updates.

11) Praetorians: HD Remaster

It was released in 2003, but the HD remastered version is incoming. If you like classic games, this may be a great discovery for you. 

Praetorians take you to the Roman Empire and there are three nations in the game. Romans can use war machines and various combat types on the field.

  • The new version has a shadow system. 
  • HD textures and better lightning 
  • The original Praetorians and Commandos look better than the remastered version 
  • The ground has more details in the original.

12) Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign

The first part of the knights of honor was one of the most underrated age of empires like games online which most people ever played—city development as well as industrial and mining infrastructure. 

  • Players also occupy positions at the royal court, economics, conduct-spying activities perform diplomacy-related activities, trade with neighbors, and develop religion.
  • fewer buildings/slots, knight slots, and abilities. 
  • Graphics not good much.

13) Lornswood: Winter Chronicle

It is a hybrid of an action game and a real-time strategy. The game is set in a fantasy world and, according to its creators, they offer a fresh approach to the RTS genre.

  • Local co-op mode available 
  • If you play more, you can upgrade and do more things like different troops and so on. 
  • Also, the feeling is excellent. The graphics and music also have a quality sign.
  • The main character doesn’t have any sort of abilities. 
  • He just commands others to attack.

14) GodHood

GodHood takes on the role of a newborn god while contacting a group of his future worshipers. After witnessing the first supernatural phenomenon, the tribe decides to adopt and spread the newly created religion. Hence this isn’t an easy task, it will be so fun.

The region in which the game takes place is far from monotheism, and a considerable number of gods with extremely different Decalogue fight for domination in it. 

  • Lots of different classes and buildings. 
  • This game is almost bug-free. 
  • Nice soundtracks with a good campaign. 
  • Some people are disappointed that there is no customization of their religion.
  • Slow progression, lack of depth, and control. 
  • Many are saying that the game is too short. 

15) Conan unconquered

It is a survival RTS game. Endless waves of various creatures like skeletons, giant bats, and spiders. What makes Conan different isn’t only the setting of the Conan world. 

  • several different gameplay mechanics. 
  • Each game of Conan will give you a hero unit. 
  • Each character has a particular—a smaller game instead of controlling large armies. 
  • Great diversity in its enemies, which adds a lot of complexity and exciting mechanics. 
  • Units are as big as the buildings. 
  • The gameplay feels a bit slow.
  • Good concept, but the graphics look like AoE2.

16) Iron Harvest

It’s about the history of Europe in the year 1920. You can build defensive lines while working out how best to break those of opponents

  • It’s beyond reality. Such as Planes in the air, prototype tanks 
  • Humans invented giant walking machines. So this is an alternative past with robots.
  • Machines being slow.
  • Enormous, where positioning is a key, and you have to plan movements and actions in an advance

17) Total War Saga: Troy

This game has two sides. The first one is a strategic map with a turn-based mode. The second one is real-time battles on land and at sea, in which you take direct control of your troops. 


  • You have to rely on the infantry.
  • The differences between the types are now more noticeable than ever.

Stunning visuals Besides, your troop’s combat efficiency is also affected by the ground.


  • Missing Trojan Horses. 
  • No Naval battles, siege, cavalry, or heavy units, but there will be a separate DLC for each of those for a reasonable price. 

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Free Games Like Age of Empires for Android & iOS

There are many games similar to the age of empires for android and ios. I thought to give a brief note about these games. But, if you need a complete post feel free to leave a comment, and I will publish a new post. 

Clash of Clans

Most of you may play this game and it’s no doubt that it is the most popular base building game in the world. 

Boom Beach

This is a bit different game to AOE with modern features. But it has a similar approach and very interesting to play while capturing enemy lands. This is available for Android and iOS users.

Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade

This is another very popular game with 1.5 million users on both Android and iOS platforms.

Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire

Real-time war experience with strategic gameplay against players across the world is the most interesting feature of this game. You must try this to feel that experience.

King of Avalon: Dominion

This is another very interesting game with multiplayer support. You can fight together with your friends for King Arthur. 

Final words

I hope all these above-listed games will help you find the best matching games like the Age of Empires quickly. If you are a game lover, then we are the best to provide you with 100% accurate reviews on every game. So do check our latest game series corporations of call of duty from the menu. You can still play the age of the empire from scratch to enjoy your childhood once again. Else you can get the same feeling from the above top ten alternatives for the empire’s generation.

Some asked about games like Empire Earth, and you can try the above list for that too. That’s why I didn’t include that game into the list though it’s also a pretty good alternative. 

I hope this simple guide may help you to find the best alternative for the age of empires. Suppose you wish to know more about the game alternatives. Stay tuned with us. Please bookmark our site to get more updates in the future.

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