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18 Best Apps and Sites Like Wish for Online Shopping in 2020

Wish is another popular e-commerce platform that is similar to AliExpress, eBay, and Amazon. It is a large site located in San Francisco, US, and the majority of products from China, and most of the products are not branded, and quality differs from other products. The wish product prices are low, and the shipping cost is a bit higher than other sites.

This eCommerce website is best and easy for both sellers and buyers. Still, most websites are differing from traditional selling options. If you wish to get the best sites like Wish? Here I have added ten sites comparison for your view. You can explore and get the best apps and sites like wish and buy products online easily. 


  • Easy to register
  • wide collections of products
  • different price ranges
  • easy to checkout
  • inexpensive than other eCommerce sites


  • Low-quality products
  • shipping cost is too high
  • shipping is longer than usual time

Top 10 Sites Like Wish

1) Amazon – Fast Shipping & Most Trusted

sites like wish for fast shipping

Amazon is a well-known e-commerce site, which is one of the popular sites like wish among Europeans. The products are on Amazon are of high quality and a bit expensive for an ordinary buyer. The shipping cost is higher when we consider other apps like eBay and AliExpress. Amazon is only for selected countries; not every country can be ordered and get delivered to doorstep delivery. 

Is AliExpress cheaper than wish?

Aliexpress is a bit expensive than Wish for most of the products. Usually, branded products are available in Aliexpress.

Website Android IOS

2) AliExpress – Popular Alternative to Wish

AliExpress is one of the famous sites like wish. It is a mini-store of Alibaba, which is a wholesale dealer, and AliExpress delivers products with convenience amounts. The products on AliExpress are quite cheap when we compare with Amazon, and their shipping rates are also low. The period for shipping is 45 days, which is a lot of time-consuming shipping method. 

PC Android IOS


3) Zulily


Zulily is established as a kid store with the demand they have added kids, women, and kitchen wares to the store at an affordable rate. You can find and buy products directly from the web and app. They have special discounts every month on the latest products. If you join their newsletter, you will notice every month with amazing offers. 

Zullily is owned by Amazon clothing executive Jeff Yurcisin.

Zulily is maintained warehouse to maintain all the orders. Still, with the popularity, most of the products are selling through third-party sellers. 

PC Android IOS

4) BangGood 

sites like Wish

Bangood is also one of the other sites like wish and origin from China. They do also offer many offers and quick shipping methods to the buyers. They are offering worldwide free shipping for most of the products to get the products delivered to the doorstep and offer lots of coupons. The only thing is they are offering only certain products and less selection for the buyers, not like other e-commerce platforms. 

PC Android IOS


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5) Overstock – Wish Alternative for Home Decor

Similar sites to Wish for home decor

Overstock is a website for home decor. If you love to makeover your home and get the best-designed furniture, candles, frames, and other ornaments to display? Then this site is ideal for you: high-quality products and the best price for everything you can ship to your doorstep.



6) Fab – Sites Like Wish for Clothes

Wish alternative for cloths

Fab is another online store that is only for fashion designed products like apparel, men and woman collections. Best rates and high-quality products are available for delivery. You can get the easy checkout features and best deals every week.



7) Geek Buying – Is Geek Better Than Wish?

Apps like Wish - Geek better than Wish?

If you are looking for electronic gadgets or products, then Geek is way better than Wish. And also, Geek buying is another e-commerce site that is owned by a Wish. It is popular for electronics consumers and gadgets for buyers. This app is the place for all tech lovers and tech lovers. 

Geek buying has a simple, user-friendly site with good deals and the best product display, which genuinely inspires people to buy the best product easily. It is the best website for tech lovers to find the best deals and easily buy the best results. 

They are offering many countries free delivery because they are maintaining many warehouses all around the world to ship the products easily and fast.

PC Android


8) Five Below or Hollar – Popular Sites Like Wish in the US

Similar sites in USHollar is now owned by Five Below. Hollar site has many products in housewares, kitchen gadgets, tech accessories, and apparel categories. This platform is user friendly. Anyone can make purchases without any technological experience.

Hollar has a wide range of product categories that will fulfill the needs of your kids, yourself, and pets. Toys, health, seasonal, and tech are some of the product categories available in Hollar. It has a variety of options for less than $5. More than 5 million users rely on this online shopping mall.


  • This site accepts returns for wrong and damaged products within 30 days of delivery.
  • Products are relatively cheap here.
  • If the cost of the product is above $25 free shipping is provided.


  • A fee of $4.95 is incurred for return goods.
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9) Dollar Tree – Sites Like Wish but Cheaper

Alternatives to Wish but cheaper

Dollar tree is a very inexpensive site, which is a good deal for everyone who wants to buy products for only $1. It is under 5$ and many toys and many household decorative products. You can find many items on their web and order for delivery. 



10) Wanelo

Wanelo is a very popular large online shopping platform like Wish. Also, It has the closest appearance to Wish. Clothing is the primary product that sells in Wanelo. Other than clothing items, it is also famous for home goods and leather items. The name Wanelo is a name created by combining the letters of the words, “Want, Need and Love”. This site contains more than 30 million products from a large number of stores. Wanelo has about 350,000 stores.

When ordering a product first, the photograph of the product can be seen. Then click on the item, you will get the description and will able to view more details about the item. Finally, you can buy the item.
Wanelo app is more functional than the websites. So try to use the app for a better experience.


  • Wanelo enables the view of items by store.
  • This shopping platform saves items from your favorite sellers. So it will be easy to find the right products.


  • Sometimes, Wanelo will be seen as disorganized.
  • When returning a product, a fee of $4.95 is incurred.
PC Android IOS


11) Gear best – Popular Wish Alternative for Gadgets

Similar sites to Wish

Gear best is another Chinese e-Commerce platform which is offering many modern products for a reasonable price. Many products you find here are cheap and the best quality. You can buy phones, electronic gadgets, and the best multimedia devices. They do offer an easy payment method like PayPal, and all the credit cards can be used to make a purchase. 

PC Android IOS

12) Light in the box 

It is also another Chinese e-commerce website, which is a wide collection of everything. You can buy every product at a low price. The delivery will take up to one month if you can afford a little bit high and get the delivery within a week. The checkout can be done by PayPal too. 

PC Android IOS


13) RoseGal – Ideal for Fashion Lovers

If you are searching for an online cloth store, RoseGal is a great website. Not only that. It has shoes and other accessories for both men and women. This site is an ideal place for fashion lovers. RoseGal and Wish both have the same products. So you can buy the best product after comparing prices and quality. RoseGal has a separate section for plus size women. It is a specialty in this store. If you are a fashion lover, this is the ideal place for you.


  • Most of the products in RoseGal have the free shipping option which is not available in Wish.
  • Easier to browse the wardrobe of RoseGal


  • RoseGal takes some more time to shipment.
PC Android IOS


14) Jollychic

This website is also a very famous online shopping flat form which is one of the best sites like Wish. It has more than 1 million products. You will be able to win free vouchers and gifts from this online shopping mall. You will be able to save money because of the giveaways, daily flash deals, and clearances conducted by Joychic. This shopping mall adds thousands of products to their stores daily. It has sports goods, beauty products, apparel, and home decorating items for sale.

You can get many branded pieces of stuff from Jollychic. Also, you can do the payments in various methods like PayPal, credit card, debit card, pay on delivery, and so on. Jollychic conducts flash sales that offer huge discounts.


  • This website has 70% offers very frequently.
  • Jollychicc has virtual shopping assistance to help you during shopping.


  • Sometimes, shipping delays occur
PC Android IOS


15) Mama – Similar App to Wish for Parenting Products

This site is specialized in trendy parenting products, baby clothing, and infant gear. Mama will be very helpful for new moms as well as newborn children. Now it is easy to find maternity wears without any problem by using This online shopping mall. It is a very useful platform for moms. This site is also an app from Wish.


  • Mama offers 50% to 90% offers for its products.
  • It accepts returns within 30 days.


  • 30 day return policy is not applicable for pre-ordered goods; a custom made goods and food items.
  • There are some safety problems in bulk ordering.
PC Android IOS


16) Sammydress

You can buy quality products from SammyDress for a reasonable price just like in Wish. This platform contains a variety of products like beauty, clothes, sports, wellness, and so on. This online shopping mall has provided the facility of purchasing products in US dollars, Pounds, Euros, and other currencies.

When buying a product, what you have to do is just type the keyword of the product in the search bar. Then all the available items will pop up on the screen. Then do the selection considering your choice. There are three unique categories in this platform called Free shipping, New arrivals, and Plus size.


  • SammyDress supports five languages, including English.
  • SammyDress offers free shipping across the world.


  • The return policy of this website is within 30 days, but it depends on location.
  • There are some issues related to shipping speed.
  • There are some problems in the user interface of SammyDress.


17) Yoshop

Yoshop has a website as well as an app. It provides many daily deals which are beneficial for you. You can do payments using a PayPal account or a major credit card. Yoshop has shoes, top bottoms, and dresses in the women category. The products are very cheap in this online shopping mall. Yoshop has a very rich collection.

Yoshop has special coupon packages for new customers. And also it has a coupon counter where you can have coupons and discount vouchers. This online shopping mall has several holiday specials and regular discounts. Be a member of Yoshop and enjoy these benefits.


  • Yoshop has a worldwide shipping method where charges are applied considering the size, weight, and destination.
  • The delivery time is comparatively low.
  • Yoshop provides the best customer service.


  • The Yoshop website is not functional.
PC Android


18) Joom

Joom has many similarities to the Wish app and it is from Russia. You can buy household items, cosmetics, sports items, footwear, and many other accessories from Joom. It has more than a million products. So you can get the best out best after searching.


  • A full refund is given for broken or defective products.
  • Free shipping is available in Joom.


  • This site contains many unbranded products.
  • Delivery times are about 1-2 months
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Final words on Wish Alternatives

I hope this comparison of sites like wish will help you to explore and select the most rated and best eCommerce sites like Wish for your next shopping. If you have any questions regarding sites, do post them in the comments. Check our previous comparison and reviews for other tech apps and find the best alternatives for everything. Stay tuned with us to get the best reviews from us!

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