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12 Best Buy Now Pay Later Apps for Shopping with No Cost in 2021

Considering the era we live in right now, it can be challenging to make considerable payments for the purchases we made. But, there are some brilliant “buy now pay later apps” that grant you the luxury of online installment based payment options. We have handpicked a few of the best buy now pay later sites for you; let’s check what they are. 

What are the best buys now pay for later apps?

1) Afterpay

Afterpay is an Australian-based pay in installments online shopping service provider. Apps like Afterpay are great as long as you pay them on time, as they provide interest-free payment methods. You can request payment plans ranging from three months to one year’ even, you will get plans up to 48 months once you become a loyal customer with them. 

Why can’t I use Afterpay on eBay?

To purchase via Afterpay, you have to meet specific criteria, and they are,

  • Your delivery address must be from Australia
  • The total value should be between AU $1-1500
  • Your selection must be from allowed categories
  • You must order items from only one seller at a time
  • No several delivery methods allowed
  • You have to use the latest version of the eBay app.
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2) Quadpay

Thanks to the Quadpay app, you can shop for many online stores and pay them with four installments in six weeks. Do you know the stores that accept Quadpay? Quadpay stores list includes big names such as Amazon, Allen Edmonds, Erno Laszlo, Old Navy, and many more. Even you can get apple AirPods payment plans from them; search Nike Quadpay, Ugg Quadpay, or Amazon Quadpay; they got you covered.

Quadpay reviews suggest that one of the best “buy now pay later websites” is going around nowadays. Another important aspect is that Quadpay is a source of “buy now pay later no credit check,” and it also has no impact on your credit score. There are not many buy now pay later apps like Quadpay. Still, many people ask from Google is Quadplay legit or not. And, you know the answer, and how does Quadpay work, right? Moreover, there are no minimums or fees associated with Quadpay; it’s worth having a look.

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3) Sezzle

Sezzle app is rapidly becoming popular among the people with its best buy payment plans. Maybe that is because of the buy now pay later guaranteed approval process from the company. Same as Quadpay, it got no impact on your credit score, and even they do only a soft check on your credit history. Once you get the account verified from Sezzle, there will be a brief discussion before the approval. Once it’s completed, you can start buying straight away. Sezzle payments consist of four installments, and you will have to pay the initial one right at the checkout stage. 

Is Sezzle the same as Afterpay?

Yes, both the platforms work more or less the same way. But, you will have to connect your credit or debit card to Sezzle. In contrast, in Afterpay, you will only have to pay 25% as an upfront payment to enjoy installments.

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4) Perpay

Perpay is another app with best buy payment options. But, it works a little different way compared to other apps like Quadpay or Sezzle. You have to make a direct payroll deposit initially to purchase goods. From there on, they will deduct the installments directly from your paychecks, making chances rare for you to miss installments. At the point of registration, they will ask a few questions to decide on your spending limit ranging from $500 to 2500$. After that, you can visit their marketplace containing most of the high caliber brands. 

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5) Affirm

Affirm is another order now pay later app that has Walmart payment plans in it. They have joined many online and offline store retailers over the past, and there is no specific credit score to get the services from them. However, there will be a soft credit check done by Affirm before they give their green light. As per the company’s words, its average customer gets around $750 from them and pays the total in nine months.

As mentioned before, Affirm is one of the best buy now pay later apps for Walmart shopping you can consider of. The Amazon Affirm partnership also grants you tremendous opportunities. All in all, it is one of the best alternatives to apps like Klarna for a more significant amount of purchases in particular. 

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 6) BillEase

They promise to make your online shopping affordable and convenient by dividing the purchases into simple installment plans. Also, they are well-equipped with some high-standard buy now pay later online stores. They grant you up to 12-month installment plans for the purchases. You can unlock exciting features after every on-time installment you complete. There will be no added or hidden fees, and the approval process is quick and convenient for the users. Some of their partnered merchants include names like Lazada, Kimstore, TechGear MNL,, MUMUSO, LEUPP, and the list goes on.

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7) Klarna

When talking about the get now pay later apps, you will always hear the name of Klarna. It’s a Swedish company, and they offer installment plans for reputed brand names like Adidas, Macy’s, and many more. klarna app is easy to use, and they provide great deals occasionally via the app as well.

You don’t get charged for the late fees with Klarna; however, if you fail to make an installment when it’s due, they will prohibit you from using the website or app. If that happens, it will be a waste of great chance as they have numerous flexible payment terms and plans. Have you ever wondered does Sephora has Afterpay? Yes, Klarna facilitates Sephora Afterpay installments. 

Is Klarna better than Afterpay?

In this way, Klarna has more buy now pay later stores under various categories. In contrast, Afterpay is more focused on lifestyle stores. Also, you can use Klarna for Walmart buy now pay later options and Amazon afterpays as well. Simply Klarna is a better afterpay app than most of its competitors. We recommend it to you with utter confidence. 

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8) Dave

If you are thinking of ways to avoid bank overdraft charges, then it’s worth looking at Dave. Dave is an app that is dedicated to helping its customers with cash advances. They won’t charge you any interest in their services, but you will have to buy a monthly subscription for a small amount to use the app. The current maximum cash advance amount is $100. Most of the time, you will have to pay it on the next Friday or allow you till next payday, which depends on the amount you borrow from them. 

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9) PayRange

With PayRange, you can pay your bills at countless shops with a simple finger swipe. All you have to do is swipe your phone left or right to select the machine and swipe up to make the payment. It’s so effortless to make payments via PayRange, and you can say no to annoying bills, coins just with a single swipe. They accept almost all credit cards for the payments from your end. Your data are always secured and safe with PayRange. However, the machine you select must be compatible with PayRange to make payments, and you can figure it out with the PayRange logo without much of a fuss. 

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10) CareCredit Mobile

This mobile app allows you to manage your digital card, pay hundreds of bills, and find the nearest enrolled service providers that accept CareCredit card. This app also offers you features like easy setup and logins, secure access to your digital card, location finding, and much more helpful information. Further, you can monitor the CareCredit card details, make monthly payments, check balance, and even you can access your favorite locations in an instant. It carries magnificent 4.7 five-star customer ratings and an excellent option for you to manage your expenses. 

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11) Akulaku

This app is coming from Indonesia and another great addition to your shop’s list. Now pay later apps. You can choose payment plans expanding from three months to one year by downloading the app, registering, and applying for a credit limit. The only downside of this app is that they are currently focusing on Southeast Asia countries as the company itself is coming from Indonesia.

However, if you happen to live in one of those countries, Akulaku is an option you have in your armory. It’s easy to use, and the approval process usually doesn’t take much time as well. Since most of the above apps, not available for the Asian countries, Akulaku is one of the best buy afterpay apps they can try with ease. 

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12) Zip

Zip is another “shop now payment plan” app where you can buy high-quality products online. Yes, it’s sort of new to the scenes, but the forecast is clear that they are climbing the ladder at an incredible pace. And, it’s already one of the buy now pay later apps amazon purchases. They have associated with whopping 26,000 retailers thus far, and literally, there is nothing you can’t buy with this app. The most valuable feature of this service is that you can choose repayments that suit your lifestyle. Even you can pay your electricity bill, water bill, internet bills, and school fees with it. Moreover, it’s one of the best buy now pay later apps with no money down payments.

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Frequently asked questions about buying now pay later apps.

Which Buy Now Pay Later is the Best?

Quadpay is leading the lot, closely followed by apps like Klarna, Afterpay, and Sezzle.

What are the Best Buy Now Pay Later Apps in the USA?

Quadpay, Affirm, and Afterpay are well-established companies in the USA

What are the Best to Buy Now to Pay Later Apps in the UK?

  • Zilch
  • Klarna
  • Clearpay
  • Laybuy 

What Companies do offer Buy Now Pay Later?

Klarna, Splitit, Quadpay, Affirm, Afterpay, Sezzle, and many more companies offer services worldwide.


Gone are the days of worrying without money for your purchases; get maximum out of the apps we mentioned. Be vigilant about how you use them; money has always been a thing for people with a brain. So, play the game with your brain and enjoy life to the fullest! 

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