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15 Best Sites Like Aliexpress with Faster Shipping 2021

Do you need to buy clothes without waiting in a long queue in shopping malls? Or are you going to order furniture online? We know that the first online shopping platform that comes to your mind is Aliexpress. It is a world-famous shopping platform that allows fast shipping. So you don’t need to wait for a long time to have your dream clothes or furniture at your home. 

You can buy a wide range of stuff, including toys, electronic and electrical appliances, fashion products, furniture, toys, clothes, jewelry and many other things you want. But you won’t find items like software, ebooks, and weapons there. Many Aliexpress sellers are based in China. So the cost is comparatively low due to the low manufacturing cost. Aliexpress is a reliable online shopping site. It does not release the money to the seller until you approve the receiving status of the product. So you can avoid scammers easily.  

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You can buy anything from Aliexpress staying anywhere in major regions of the world. The Aliexpress mobile app helps you to order stuffs quickly. Both the website and app offer alternative language versions like German, Italian, Turkish, French, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Arabic, and more. You can also find dropshipping products from Aliexpress.  Aliexpress has an annual revenue of $2.2 billion. The monthly revenue is about $179.2 million. 

Is there fast shipping on AliExpress?

Aliexpress ships products for 176 countries around the world. It usually takes 3 to 4 weeks to arrive an item. The time may vary according to your location. 

Does AliExpress sell fake stuff?

You have to avoid counterfeit goods in Aliexpress. Counterfeit goods are fake stuff that is having names and logos of a particular brand. Though the item is appeared to be legitimate and safe, it is illegally sold on this platform. Those products can be bags, perfumes, garments, electrical appliances, and more. 

The majority of sellers in Aliexpress are legitimate business owners. But there are a handful of sellers who list copyrighted or counterfeit goods. So try to avoid them and do transactions with genuine sellers. 

What’s cheaper than AliExpress?

Aliexpress sells products at a low cost. Sites like Alibaba offers much lower prices than Aliexpress. Sometimes the costs in alternative sites differ from season to season. So you have to keep an eye on these online selling sites like Aliexpress to get cheap prices. 

Top Aliexpress Alternatives

1) Amazon

Amazon is one of the best alternative sites Like Aliexpress. It is a world-famous online marketplace. Amazon acts as a storefront for private sellers. It has a separate section for products manufacture and sells by Amazon itself. 

Amazon accepts several payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, EuroCard, American Express, and many others. It uses AmazonGlobal to ship products internationally. About 150.6 million mobile users have installed the Amazon app. The net revenue of Amazon in 2019 was 280 billion U.S. dollars. 

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2) eBay  

eBay is a website like Aliexpress. It offers a quicker and more effective service. There are options to bid for items in auctions and submit price offers to sellers. So you can get products at a lower price. Some products on eBay come with two options as buying or bid. eBay’s best offers contain amazing bargains. Buy It Now feature allows you to make instant purchases. You can find weekly, seasonal, and brand-specific discounts very frequently. eBay is cheaper than AliExpress.

Buyer reviews and ratings show the trustworthiness of the seller and product. You can avoid scammers easily. eBay allows transactions with PayPal, Visa cards, and other payment methods. One of the main drawbacks of eBay is it is difficult to cancel or return an order.  

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3) Gearbest

Gearbest is a China online shopping site like Aliexpress. This site has over 100 000 products to sell. Suppose you are searching for household items, fashion products, electrical or electronic products, personal hygiene products, cosmetics, or any other thing. In that case, Gearbest is the best shopping site. This platform engages with more than 5000 Chinese brands and suppliers to deliver products. Huawei, Xiaomi, and Lenovo are some such companies. The warehouses of Gearbest are located in several countries. So you will get fast shipping of the item from the nearest warehouse. 

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4) Flipkart

Flipkart is a site like Aliexpress in India. It was found in 2007, and headquarter is in Banglore. It was mainly focused on bookselling at the beginning. But now you can buy electronic appliances, household products, groceries, lifestyle products, and fashion products from Flipkart. It has more than 30 million products. Flipkart has more than 200 million registered users. 

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5) Wish

Wish is a very famous online platform for selling and buying products. It is a competitor of aliexpress. Many people all around the world used to shop with Wish. You can find anything at Wish ranging from fashion items to many exciting things like boats. Wish takes 11 days to 22 days to ship items. But items sent straight to you from China takes only 5 to 7 days to arrive. More than 500 million people around the world use Wish for shopping.

Is AliExpress better than Wish?

Both AliExpress and Wish are famous, large, and safe platforms with tons of regular customers and genuine sellers. There is a wide range of stuff to select in Aliexpress. Some products are not available in Wish for various reasons. Aliexpress offers you to pay with many different methods. Sometimes users are allowed to pay using regional ones. But Wish is compatible with world-standard payment methods like credit cards, PayPal, debit cards, and WebMoney. It is not fair to see AliExpress is better than Wish. There are specific differences between these two platforms. So it is better to research about both platforms before buying products. 

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6) Dhgate

Dhgate is one of the best sites like aliexpress. It is also from China. Dhgate is a Chinese version of eBay. You can find anything you like on this site. The price is affordable, but it takes a longer time to deliver the product. Sometimes you will receive the order within 15 days, but most often it takes 45 days. This site is very beneficial for online merchants. The pricing is very much affordable when getting a bulk of products. 

Dhgate provides its service to over 3 million buyers from over 230 countries. It has about 20 million product listings. Dhgate uses ePacket shipping to deliver products. 

Is Dhgate better than aliexpress?

There are certain differences between Dhgate and aliexpress. Aliexpress offers low pricing compared to Dhgate. But it is for some categories. Aliexpress has more payment options. Dhgate has only a few payment options. Both of them have paid as well as free shipping options. These two platforms have different product ranges.

Aliexpress is famous for shoes, jewellery, hair, fashion, and home décor. At the same time, Dhgate is well known for wedding dresses, knives, replica jerseys, and earbuds. Dhgate gives more coupons to customers to encourage them to buy products. The seller gets the chance to decide the refund and return policy in both Aliexpress and Dhgate. In many instances, aliexpress has become the best option. But when you don’t have options in aliexpress, you can go for Dhgate. 

Can you get scammed on DHgate?

Yes. There is a chance to get scammed on Dhgate. Many buyers have a complaint about scammers. So be careful to avoid scammers while shopping. 

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6) Etsy

Etsy is another famous American e-commerce website for shopping. There many specialties on this website. Each product costs one U.S. dollar here. The users are given a system of accumulating bonuses. You can buy various electronic and household items from Etsy. It has more than 250 000 products. You can use bank transfer, Western Union, or PayPal to do transactions. Etsy is a site like AliExpress with free shipping. It supplies free shipping to anywhere in the world. It uses Chinese mail Express delivery services, DHL, UPS, and EMS. 

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Alibaba is one of the best Chinese shopping sites like Aliexpress. Alibaba is named as the largest business-to-business marketplace in Asia. This is a famous platform among online sellers because it provides a lucrative way to find products for a low cost. 

Why is Alibaba so cheap?

Products in Alibaba is cheaper when compared with other platforms. The labour cost and electricity cost expend for manufacturing is low. Bulk selling is available at Alibaba. Bulk selling is more beneficial than single product selling. So Alibaba is a cheap online shopping platform. 

Is Alibaba different from AliExpress?

Both Alibaba and AliExpress are famous eCommerce platforms in Asia. Both of them are owned by the same company. But they are designed for a different audience. Alibaba has a B2B model which is simply for wholesale transactions. Aliexpress has a B2C model which is for ordinary consumers. Alibaba has a minimum order quantity. There is no such minimum order quantity in AliExpress. You can get your own branded labels through Alibaba. But it is not possible in AliExpress. AliExpress gives a fixed price for selling products, but you can negotiate the price in Alibaba. 

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8) Banggood

Banggood is one of the best sites like Aliexpress in China. It was started in 2004. You can get high-quality products at low costs. All most every product that you want is available at Banggood. This platform offers a free $20 coupon when you sign up. If you want to buy drones or robots, then Banggod is an online platform.

You can pay via a Visa or Mastercard. It also allows payments using Paypal and Webmoney. The Paypal and Webmoney payments will avoid you from revealing your credit card details to the site. Your order stuff will come to you through e-packets and Air parcel delivery within 7to 30 days. Banggood provides excellent customer service. In case of an inquiry, you can connect with them easily. 

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9) Geekbuying

Geekbuying is another famous alternative for Aliexpress. It was started in 2012. Geekbuying is famous mainly for electronic gadgets. If you want to buy sports equipment, jewelry, or any associated electronic accessories, then Geekbuying is the place to search. It has warehouses in the U.S, Hong Kong, mainland China, and Europe. Shipping is free for the customers in these regions. It does worldwide shipping with the help of Unregistered Air Mail, Registered Air Mail, DHL, EMS, and many others. 

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10) Vovo

Vovo is an online shopping site similar to Aliexpress. It was based in Hong Kong. Vovo has all most everything you want. There are shoes, bags, women’s and men’s clothing, baby stuff, mobile phones and accessories, pet products, and many more things. All these items come for an affordable price. Vivo enables several secure payment methods, including can credit cards and PayPal. Worldwide shipping is available. Typically they promise to deliver the products within 3 or 5 days. 

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11) miniinthebox

MiniInTheBox is another popular option for alternative sites like Aliexpress. It was found in 2006. You can find cellphone accessories, P.C. and tablet accessories, electronics and gadgets, home and pet products, jewellery, and other items. Anything you want is available at MiniInTheBox. The lowest prices are available for some products.

You can pay using Visa cards, Mastercards, American Express, and PayPal. This platform does worldwide shipping. But it takes a long time for international delivery. One of the main drawbacks is in MiniInTheBox is the customer service is very poor. The only way to contact customer service is by using the account. 

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12) Rakuten

Rakuten is an online shopping site in Japan. This platform offers more than 10 000+ various high-quality products. You can buy car accessories, toys, electronic items, mobile phones, sports items, and more. offers worldwide shipping. There are many discounts available on this site. Even you can do wholesale shopping here. Wholesale retailers get discounts depending on their order. Some shoppers offer discounts.

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13) lightinthebox

Lightinthebox is older than Aliexpress. The company is in Hong Kong. This site displays products in a very attractive manner. You can easily find a well-written description of the product along with a good image. You will see the customer reviews about the product too. Many hot and trending products, including shoes, jewelry, mobiles, and electronic items, sell in LightInTheBox. Best fashion and home products advertise here for a reasonable price. New users get discounts for products that are over a certain price.

The LightInTheBox is not a marketplace just like Aliexpress. There is only one vendor on this platform. The company itself is the vendor. Scammers are not a problem in LightInTheBox. Your transactions are safe here. LightInTheBox is a site like Aliexpress that accepts PayPal. You also pay with credit cards and Western Union. The warehouse of this platform is in China. 

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14) Dealextreme

DealeXtreme or simply DX is one of the best sites like Aliexpress. It offers comparatively a lower price for selling products. This platform has a good relationship with small business sellers. Any seller can create his account and sell products. Dealextreme incurs a percentage from the profit while allowing the sellers to engage with customers. There are about 400 suppliers and 300 000 items on this platform. You can buy anything, including home furnishings, jewelry, and sports equipment.   

DX offers a free shipping option for many products. The shipment is made within a single day. Suppose you are residing in a place away from the manufacturer’s location. In that case, it will take more than 15 days to arrive your ordered stuff. 

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What is the best site to buy from China?

Many online shopping sites are available in China. Alibaba,, Everbuying, and Dhgate are some of them. Many of them worldwide deliver their products. The price of the products and shipping costs differ from one site to site. The other thing is, some of these sites are famous for one particular product. So it is not possible to name one platform as the best site to buy from China.


Online shopping has invaded the world. Anything you want can be ordered without waiting in long queues at shopping malls. Many online shopping sites are available now. Aliexpress stands as a giant among them. Some alternative sites like Aliexpress are also emerged due to the high demand for online shopping. Aliexpress and other alternative sites make our lives easier.

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