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11 Best Professional Networking Alternatives to LinkedIn (2023)

After globalization, the world goes through fast development. When we are living in this fast-running world, we have to run parallel with it. Because if not, we fail. So always try to connect with the world. How can you keep a connection with the world? No need to worry. Among a large collection, you can find a professional platform used in professional and personal life. It is LinkedIn. Other than that, You have lots of alternatives to LinkedIn. Here you have a few of them. 

Who Are LinkedIn Competitors?

1) Angellist

Angellist is the most popular alternative to the LinkedIn platform. It is a website for job seekers, employees, startups, and investors too. Angellist is more famous for the investing process. Angellist is an easy platform to search for startups all over the world.

Here employers have the privilege to access other people’s profiles. Some people say that the features of messaging in the Angellist should be developed more. It is a disadvantage of Angellist. You can use this site entirely free to search for jobs as a job seeker, post jobs as an employer, and keep professional profiles fully free.

If you are searching for an investor for a startup or searching for a startup to invest in, or searching for some professionals, your startup Angellist list is the best place. Join Angellist and keep your career well.


2) Xing – Is Xing Better than LinkedIn?

Xing is another best networking platform, similar to LinkedIn. After signing in to Xing, you have lots of features here. You can find the professionals, connect with them, join the groups, search for jobs, post jobs, research companies, etc. In addition to these features, it offers the latest news in the industry to you without any delay.

The ability to get notifications and alerts about webinars, seminars, conferences, and tradeshows is another benefit of Xing. All these facilities are provided by Xing fully free. But if you need some extra features, you can go to the premium version also. Xing is mostly used by 

Europeans than U.S citizens. But it is not and website which is limited to these countries. Xing has a large number of users from over 200 countries. If you are searching for a networking platform similar to LinkedIn, you are in the right place. Xing is the best choice for it. 

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3) Jobcase

Jobcase is a little bit different alternative to LinkedIn. Amongst 100 networking platforms, Jobcase takes an important place due to its deeper of showcasing your profile. It needs much more details about you. Not like on LinkedIn.

Jobcase takes a great place in the social media platform world like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The importance of this app is the easiness of the users. Jobcase is mainly targeted at the business and marketing industry.

Here you have to enter the salary expectations and so much other extra information also. Because of this, employers and job seekers can get an idea about each other well. We can introduce the Jobcase application as a time saver too. By proving the popularity of Jobcase, there are over 80 million users.

It gives you a large database of jobs and allows you to join groups, keep connections with the industrial heads, keep your profile professionally, and apply for jobs by just clicking. It is a quick app because it gives you all the details fast. You can get all these benefits free by Jobcase. 

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4) Myopportunity

Opportunity is one of the best networking platform alternatives to LinkedIn. It is a professional matchmaking site. Opportunity uses an algorithm to connect you with the professionals in the industry, employers. You can have a pop-up or notification when you fit a job opportunity or available job opportunities through Opportunity’s mobile app.

Here you can find millions of job opportunities all over the world. An opportunity has over 85 million professional referrals and connections worldwide from 190+ countries. It offers you a safe business environment.

Mainly Opportunity is more popular among business-mans. There is the ability to chat with people who are suitable for your business or any other. You can find more communicational functions from the premium version of Opportunity.

The plans for the Premium version start from $4 per month. Opportunity is the best way to do your business and grow your business, sales, marketing, and management. Job seekers also can find a job through this platform quickly. Opportunity is a great opportunity for you. 

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5) Goodwall

Goodwall is another best alternative to LinkedIn amongst the huge collection. It is a professional development network that is most popular among the young crowd. Primarily it is created for students, professionals at young ages, and entrepreneurs struggling to come up. Goodwall is available on both Android and iOS.

Goodwall has over one million students from over 150 countries. It offers you a large community that helps you to develop your career. And the best thing is you can build a unique resume to showcase your educational qualifications, skills, experience, interests, etc.

Here you can discover the modern job opportunities available in the job market according to your expectations without any delay. You have over five million job opportunities, over one million scholarships and awards, and hundreds of courses here. Goodwall is the best choice instead of LinkedIn. 

Goodwall Connect is a world-famous business platform. Over one million installations of the Goodwall App prove it. If you are looking at the Goodwall reviews, you can see how the users’ feedback is good. Join Goodwall and add something new to your career. 

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6) Meetup

Meetup is one of the best alternatives to LinkedIn, which over 50 million crowds. Meetup allows you to build up your career network, keep a connection with professionals, build up your brand, and keep your career path well.

You can join every Meetup event, or you can host events on your own. And it offers to search the events by using keywords, event titles, and according to the area. If you need to observe any meet later, you can save them for future use.

You have lots of features here. It allows you to follow the latest marketing trends. Synchronizing across devices is another benefit of Meetup. You can save the content on any device you have. And it offers you email alerts to get sudden news.

The ability to keep discussions and messages directly with the people you need to meet are also the Meetup application’s advantage. Meetup gives these features to the users and even as an inexpensive application to meet other professionals in the industry. If you choose Meetup, there is nothing to worry about for you. 

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7) Sumry

Sumry is a networking platform that helps you to make your first impression better. Sumry was launched in 2014. It allows you to create online resumes and portfolios professionally. And here, you can add your certifications, work experience, skills, and more.

It helps to introduce yourself properly to industry professionals. Lots of people choose this site due to its uniqueness. Sumry gives priority to the design of a resume according to philosophy. Here you can create multiple versions of your resume. Re-ordering your points is another benefit of Sumry.

There are several cost plans for you. At the bottom level, you can use the free plan. Then there are two other plans called the Profile plan and Dream plan. The profile plan charges $3 per month. Dream plan charges $7 per month. You can choose any of these plans according to your expectations. 


8) The Dots

The Dots is one of the largest social media platform alternatives to LinkedIn that has a unique approach. It helps the users to connect with people all over the world, collaborate with them, and to work together. The Dots offers you lots of features. Here you can see a few of them. 

  • You can showcase the projects that you have done and get credit for your work. 
  • You can browse thousands of projects and observe them through this platform and get some ideas and knowledge. 
  • Collaborating with people you need and the ability to build your path well. 
  • You can get hired people for your works. 
  • Ability to apply for jobs easily through this app. 
  • With all the above features, the Dots gives you a great service. If you are searching for an alternative networking platform for LinkedIn, this is the best place for you. 
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9) ResearchGate

ResearchGate is a social media platform that is mainly targeting scientists and researchers. It is a European site. You can submit and showcase the papers, ask questions, give the solutions to the questions, and find collaborators are the main activities you can do in ResearchGate.

Now there are over 17 million users. You can find the highest qualified scientists and the best teams here. If you need to grow your brand’s popularity among scientists, ResearchGate is the best choice. Through this site, you can market your product to scientists and researchers.

You can learn more and more things about scientific fields, job opportunities in these fields, and how to achieve your scientific targets through this platform. And also, it offers you the ability to keep connections between scientists and researchers. If you are a lover of the scientific industry, this ResearchGate is the best choice for you without competition. 


10) Medium

Medium is a world-famous online publishing platform that you can use instead of LinkedIn. It is an ad-free digital publisher. In a medium, you have a personalized feed. It means you have the news only regarding your requirements and filter out the rest. You all don’t like noisy websites. Always you are trying to have a calm environment. Medium is the best place for that.

There are no ads to be a bother for you. Every day you can update with new ideas through this site. Medium is the place in which you can follow your favorites. It shares with you the professional’s advice, their missions, experience, and lots of things. So you can get more knowledge from them and build your path well by taking them as guidance.

Medium gives you a quick summary of the highlighted things. And it allows an easy environment for the users too. Due to all these features, Medium becomes a popular publishing platform amongst the top-level sites. Hurry to join with Medium and get a better experience. 

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11) Indeed

This is how we can introduce the platform, “Indeed.” It is one of the largest professional networking sites like linkedin, with more than 250 million users in more than 200 countries. Through Indeed, you can go up step by step in your career because here you can learn what are the skills you need to succeed.

Also, you can keep the connection and strong relationships between industry professionals, show your educational, industrial qualifications, experience, and skills you have and you can find the job or internship which is more suitable for you, etc. By giving these opportunities, Indeed became more popular among the people.

You can search for what you need by typing the keywords, job title, and also location. Ability to sort the jobs available in the job market by date, distance, salary, job type as full-time or part-time, etc. Indeed it is used by over 60 countries, and it allows us to use 28 languages. Easy applying for jobs by just clicking a button is another benefit of Indeed.

Is Indeed Better than LinkedIn?

Indeed, you can get better knowledge about the industry, ideas about the job market, understand the flow of jobs, etc. Indeed is available on both iOS and Android. It starts the pricing from $150 per month. And you have a free trial version also. By choosing Indeed, you see a better improvement in your career. 

Indeed is an American world popular networking platform that you can use instead of LinkedIn. Every month 250 million people join Indeed by proving its popularity. Indeed allows its users to post their resumes, post jobs, and search for jobs available and for employers too.

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What Are The Other Best Professional Networking Sites for Jobs?

  • Seek
  • Opportunity
  • The Dots
  • Facebook
  • Bark
  • Lunchmeet

What Are The Paid and Free Alternatives to Linkedin Learning?

  • Hubpages
  • Quora
  • Medium
  • Cloud Academy
  • Udemy Business
  • Udacity
  • SoloLearn


There are lots of social media platforms. You can keep a connection with anyone who lives anywhere in the world through social media platforms by using the internet. People searched for the best alternatives to LinkedIn or networking platforms to keep their careers high due to all these things. You have a huge number of alternatives to LinkedIn.

On the other hand, some drawbacks of LinkedIn come up. The major weakness is now there is a big crowd. So it doesn’t feel free with the site and also has an issue about privacy. A large number sees your professional details of users. And it becomes a big brother that is messaging dozens of people who need to sell something to you. So it crashes your freedom on LinkedIn. 

You can learn more about the above best alternatives to LinkedIn. Above, you have an explanation about each of the sites. You have a collection of networking platform alternatives to LinkedIn. In early times People mostly used LinkedIn. But gradually, they move to other platforms due to LinkedIn’s drawbacks, and lots of professional sites come up which are specialized in many purposes.

Here you can get more knowledge about the alternative sites, their advantages, their drawbacks, and what about the pricing plans and more. By observing all these facts, you choose the best alternative networking platform that suits you more. As you have to be updated continuously.


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