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11 Best Sites like Fiverr to Make Money As a Freelancer (2023)

Freelancing is a world-famous job role now all over the world. You can do it, both part-time and full-time. Many people do this because of different purposes. Anyhow, If you are freelancing, you have to choose the best money-making site and the most professional site to value your talents. Fiverr is one of the best freelancing sites amongst a large number of sites with lots of advantages to both buyer and seller. So below is the collection of job sites like Fiverr to make money. Have a look and select the best sites for you!

Who Are Fiverr Competitors?

1) Freelancer – Which is Better Fiverr or Freelancer?

This site is one of the most famous freelancing sites like Fiverr but better all over the world. There are over 47 million users now from over 247 countries. Every second, a newcomer begins their career as a freelancer. Employers can hire the best freelancer for their work from this site. On the other hand, you have a wide range of job opportunities as a freelancer like a web designing, web developing, typing, graphic designing, video editing, vector arts, photography, data entry, etc.

It has countless job opportunities with a freelancer platform. Freelancers do not permit to take bids of high amounts for beginners due to their lack of experience. But you can fire up by taking feedback from your clients. Freelancer charges 3% from the client, 10% from the worker, and 13% for the full project.

Through this platform, employers and employees can communicate and keep a good professional relationship between them. And there is no cost for chatting. It helps them to deal very friendly with trust. So, you can use on the web or by using the mobile application both on Android and iOS.

Is Freelancer a Trusted Website?

Yes, you can choose any plan for your work. Because you have a free trial plan as a beginner. Then you have Intro, Basic, Plus, Professional, and Premiere. Day by day, you can go up through these plans. You can securely do your transactions through this platform. And there is a unique feature of making payments as milestones. It will be more helpful to you to protect yourself from cheating people. Freelancer is a very flexible platform for users among the other platforms. 

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2) Truelancer 

Truelancer is a freelancing website like Fiverr at the top level. Indians are the most active people on the Trulancer platform. Around 40,000 freelancers who join Truelancer and have successfully active accounts. A user-friendly interface helps to work with Truelancer freelancers. Efficiency brings the Truelancer platform to the top level of popularity.

In both services like Fiverr and Truelancer, you can see many categories to choose from according to your talents like Writing, Typing, Graphic designing, Vector Arts, Web Designing, Web Development, etc. It provides you with an independent environment. So, you feel free with this platform. It makes self-entrepreneurs due to this freedom. And the most beneficial thing about Truelancer is there are no limitations on your earnings. You can earn unlimitedly with your talents from Truelancer same as other new sites like Fiverr for freelancers. 

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3) Upwork – Is Upwork Better Than Fiverr?

Upwork is one of the world-famous freelancing companies like Fiverr that offers a professional environment to employers and employees. In Upwork, you can work independently in your own opinion. You can post your jobs according to your needs as a client. After seeing these job opportunities, freelancers can introduce their proposals to the client. Then if the client is satisfied with the freelancer’s proposals, they can accept them. Freelancers can propose their budgets and earn money through this platform.

What Are the Easiest Jobs on Upwork?

A large number of categories you can find on the Upwork site. Writing and translations, Graphic designs, Web Designing, Web development, Vector arts, Legal, etc. are a few of the opportunities. You have to analyze the talents you have and what category you can earn money a lot. Filtering, according to the location, is another benefit of Upwork. So you can find easy jobs for you to earn.

Is it Easy to Make Money on Upwork?

Payment methods in Upwork are more secure. It will be more beneficial for you as a freelancer and client. But unfortunately, Upwork charges more from the freelancers as a commission. Upwork charges a 20% commission per transaction. But it is not a large amount if you earn more from this platform. Anyhow it is another platform to make money by freelancing like Fiverr. 

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4) Savvy

Savvy is another major alternative to Fiverr in the freelancing world that makes a wide range of job markets worldwide. Now there are over one million businesses and freelancers connected with Savvy. It is an ideal place for freelancers. If you dream of starting even a small business, you need some costs to start the business. But if you join Savvy, you can start your own business with a few amount of money.

Creating accounts, posting jobs, communicating, and all these things are free. Savvy is beneficial for beginners. It is more popular amongst freelancers because it has the feature of handling payments with flexibility. You can charge per hour, per day, per project, or any other preference you need. It is a global platform that can make money by giving and adding value to your talents.

An easy dashboard and user-friendly interface on the web are other benefits of the Savvy platform. It is supported only on the web. Alipay, Skrill, Cashu, TrustPay, PaySafeCard, and GiroPay are the integrations that are offered by vendors in Savvy. You have 15 proposals completely free at the beginning. If you choose this platform to go up in freelancing, you can top your work. 


5) 99 Design

Designing is one of the largest fiverr alternatives during this period all over the world. Due to this trend, lots of designers have come up gradually. 99 Design created a great platform for designers to sell their creative ideas and amazing designs. 99 Design is a global platform for designers all over the world. From 2008 to now, this platform has brought millions of design projects. It gives an excellent opportunity to thousands of designers.

Is 99designs Worth it For Designers?

The most beautiful thing is that 99Design gives priority to the people. Not for the business same as many Fiverr-like sites. And also, considers that people are the heart of 99Design. And creativity and the new ideas of people only can bring 99Design to the top level. Moreover, high-quality design services, creative ideas, and unique designs are the assets of this platform.

24/7 hours, you get client support from 99Design. So, It will be a great help to beginners. Secure payment methods, and offering unlimited design storage are the significant facilities of 99Design. It charges 5% of a transaction. It will be increased up to 40% in the level of gold. Therefore, 99Design is the best platform ever for a designer. 


6) Toptal – Is Toptal Good For Freelancers?

Toptal is one of the world-famous money-making freelance sites like Fiverr marketplace mainly for freelance designers, developers, financial experts, product managers, and project managers. Annually 100,000 freelancers join Toptal. So it is not a small platform. Moreover, Toptal always gives priority to the top talented freelancers.

Freelancers are tested and screened by Toptal, and if there is a freelancer who does not deliver a high-quality service for the client, Toptal removes that freelancer from the community. And companies do not need to waste their time on the recruitment process. They can easily find the best freelancer for their work within two or three weeks.

How is working at Toptal?

If you are searching for a software developer Toptal is the best choice. In Toptal, you have to pay a minimum of $500 as a deposit to the Toptal. After the hiring process, the deposit amount will be added to your first invoice. Toptal offers you to earn from a $95 hourly rate. In its communication, features are at the top level.

Is Toptal legit?

Yes, it is. As a freelance platform, Toptal has no bad feedback from users. Always Toptal users are happy with their service, and unique users are satisfied with the Toptal Support team. When you are working with Toptal, you have no risk with test projects. You have two weeks of the testing period to test your new freelancer. If you are not satisfied, Toptal takes the loss, and there is no need to pay for the test work. But it is not a free trial. If you are satisfied with the project, you can take the project and pay for that. 

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7) Designhill

Designhill is a platform that is for professional designers to show their talents and make money like Fiverr. The difference is that Fiverr focused on lots of categories. But Designhill mainly focuses on designing works. So, you can join Designhill both on the web and mobile applications. Freelancers provide high-quality designs in this marketplace. Small businesses, Medium Businesses, and Enterprises are allowed to this fantastic platform.

The most beneficial things in Designhill are crowdsourcing one freelance project method and a wide range of industries. In this creative world, you can see lots of job roles and categories in the design industry. Here you have a few of them. Billboard Design, Business Advertising, Brand & Identity, Powerpoint Design, Leaflet Design, Catalog Design, Brochure Design, Sticker Design, Email Design, Menu Design, Poster Design, Clothing and Apparel, Website and App, Product Design, Postcard Design, Newspaper Ad Design, Social Media and Newsletter Design. 

Not only these few. You have a large number of varieties in Designhill. It is the best place to get value for your talents, make more money as a designer, and start your career as a beginner in designing the industry same as the above Fiverr-type sites.


8) Designcrowd – Is DesignCrowd Safe?

The Designcrowd is another platform that creates for designers. It has around 871, 965 freelance designers, and until now, 375,863 projects were completed. Logo designing, Graphic Designing, web, and print designing are a few job roles in the Design crowd. Brandcrowds and online logo maker is also owned and managed by Design crowd.

This is also a large platform. But it is not biggest than 99Design. Because it spreads around 165 countries all over the world. Charges are different in many packages. High quality designs is the main target of this marketplace same as the other apps like Fiverr.

How much does the Design crowd Cost?

Multiple payment categories are the other benefit of the Design crowd. You can receive above 50 proposals for each project. Moreover, excellent customer support brings Designcrowd to popularity. If you are searching for designers, Designcrowd is another ideal place for you. 


9) FreeUp 

To connect sellers and buyers, Free up is a great opportunity. A large number of users join Freeup now. You can find hundreds of job opportunities on this platform every week. Typing jobs, Proofreading jobs, Paid Survey jobs, Graphis Designing jobs, Powerpoint Presentation jobs, Spreadsheet Entry jobs, and Voice Recognition jobs are a few of the opportunities you have in the free up platform. You can set your hourly rate for your work.

How Does Free up Work?

There is some freelancing platform, which cannot customize the period as per your preferences. But here, you will get this opportunity. You can set schedule your ideas according to your day-to-day schedule. And you can earn without any limitation on this site. But you have to pay a commission of 15% to the site. Availability 24/7 hours is another advantage for all users.

Customer support plays a significant role in freelancing sites. But on some platforms, there is no active customer support team to help with any difficulty that arises for the users. Free up win this challenge, and here it has a very friendly support team for the user in any incident. It is the most beneficial thing for beginners in freelancing. Free-up is also the best selection amongst thousands of money-making platforms. 

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10) Seoclerks 

Are you searching for a job in the digital marketing industry? Or are you searching for a digital marketing freelancer? No need to worry. Because Seoclerks is the best and ever place to find SEO experts. There are thousands of SEO experts in the Seoclerks community. From Seoclerks it provides 150,000 services by 100,000 freelancers.

Moreover, all SEO experts provide only high-quality services and high-quality products. So, it is the main reason to gather lots of people around Seoclerks platforms. The monthly visits prove the popularity of this freelancing site. Because it has 492,411 monthly visits. Moreover, Seoclerks uses 22 technology products and services. It includes HTML, Google Analytics, jQuery, etc.

And also, you have the facility of using this platform through the web or as a mobile application. The commission of the Seoclerks platform is 10% of every transaction. But, compared with other sites, Seoclerks’s commission is very cheap for freelancers. Therefore, it is a significant advantage for users. If you need a service in the digital marketing industry Seoclerks is the best choice for your work. 

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11) Crowdspring

Crowdspring is well-known as one of the excellent alternative sites like Fiverr for artists and designers. It can be introduced as a platform that connects businesses and remote workers all over the world. It is free to join, and there is no charge for the featured profile. For long-term engagements, Outsourcely is an excellent platform. You can find both part-time and full-time job roles here.

The most beneficial thing about this freelancing platform is there is no commission for every transaction. The payment will be directly transferred from the client to the freelancer. It will be a great help and support for your career because lots of freelancing sites have high commission rates. As these advantages there some disadvantages also.

You have to face a little bit of a long verification process when you are joining the community. It will be a bother to you sometimes. Low job volume is the other issue with Crowdspring. Anyway, Crowdspring has both advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the best platform for you is in your hand. 


What are the Other Freelancing Sites like Fiverr in India?

  • Toptal
  • Taskr
  • Anything500

What are the Other Alternatives to Fiverr in Australia?

  • Airtasker
  • Gumtree
  • Kiwikiwifly

What are the Other Freelance Websites like Fiverr UK?

  • TaskRabbit
  • FreeWork

What are the Other Alternative Sites like Fiverr in Nigeria?

  • Justfrom5k
  • Oyerr
  • Freeciti
  • Findworka
  • SourceGig


If you want to earn more money, you can work on many other sites like Fiverr for free while working on it. Some people like to give value to their talents or they have so many economic issues. And some are doing this as a hobby. Nowadays, you have thousands of sites like Fiverr gigs to do freelancing and make money. But all these platforms are not suitable for you, your talents, and your status. So, if you are a beginner, you have to choose what suits you.

And also, if you are a professional and top-level freelancer, you have to choose other websites similar to Fiverr. The talents of people are different from one another. So, according to your talents, level, and expectations, you have selected the best platform to go to. There are lots of paths. So, you have to choose your way. 

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