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11 Best Sites Like Medium for Readers & Writers (2023)

Medium is a real friend of readers and writers. It is home to so many writers. Moreover, this platform has different content, ideas, and stories. So, readers can select the articles to refer to by concerning their interest from Medium. Medium has a massive audience and rich content. Now it has between 85 and 100 million active users per month. Let’s find out more about it and the Best sites like medium to earn money!

What Are the Best Medium Alternatives for Developers & Writers?

1) Tumblr

Tumblr, which is a social media and blogging tool, is an alternative to Medium. The users publish short blog posts or ‘Tumblelog.’ Users can customize their pages. They can use various colors, layouts, fonts, and everything. Design flexibility is high on Tumblr. So the users can emphasize their brand to attract the audience.

What is Tumblr Used For?

Tumblr is the best way to advertise brands. Writers can automatically link Tumblr posts to Facebook and Twitter accounts. Tumblr is free to post GIFs, videos, photos, live videos, audios, text, or anything you like. You can make GIFs on Tumblr. So the users can follow any exciting topic. It uses 18 languages.

The tagging system that prevails in this platform enables people to connect with people around the world. Tumblr has a reblogged feature. It is similar to medium to the rewet available on Twitter. Tumblr was founded in 2007 by Jeff D’Onofrio. has shown that they have 510 million blogs at the moment and 13 832 143 posts. Tumblr has an app to install onto Android or Ios. 

Website Android IOS

2) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best alternative sites like Medium for both writers and readers. It introduced the publishing feature a few years ago. So the writers got the chance to publish articles on this platform. Now millions of users post their writing works on LinkedIn.

Whenever a writer publishes an article on LinkedIn, it becomes a part of their professional profile. Then employers can easily recognize capable profiles. LinkedIn can be introduced as an alternative for medium but free. The contents posted on this platform are mature and rich with content. The readers can go through the articles of the followed people. 

According to LinkedIn statistics for 2020, there are 500 million users on LinkedIn. Among them, only 3 million users share content weekly. Three million writers get 9 billion impressions in a week. So LinkedIn remains one of the best platforms to share your content. 

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3) Hubpages

Hubpages is one of the best similar medium alternatives to earn money. It works very close to Medium. Hubpages has long articles, short articles, and posts. The Hubpage community is the creators of all the articles. You can find interesting articles to read on this platform. You can find the articles written in the personal interest of the writers.  

How do You Make Money on HubPages?

Hubpages is free to use. It displays ads and has monetized Hubpages sites through Amazon affiliate links. When someone clicks on an AdSense ad while reading content and buying something via Amazon, the article publisher also gets a share.

You have the chance to change your interests at any time. Highlighting the favorite passages in the article, clapping on the article, and offering a response are the actions that can be performed by the readers. Writers can share their experiences with the world. It is free to publish in Hubpages. Every article published on this platform is shared with the writer’s followers and readers following the relevant topic. 

PayPal is the payment method used in Hubpages. Publishing articles on this platform make money too. According to, it has 600 742 published articles, 31 796 published users, and 4 148 862 forum posts as of October 28th, 2020. And also, over 31 000 000 people search Hubpages every month. 


4) Quora

Quora is one of the content sites like medium but free. Community from all over the world create content on Quora. Users can post any questions along with the answers. The others also can post their response. If you are seeking answers to a problem. You can simply post it on Quora. Many famous people and educated personalities tend to provide solutions.

Quora provides the facility to publish the links articles of the users. Users have the chance to follow publications to get feedback on Quora. Quora has two programs. Quora Partner Program and Quora Space Earning Program are those two. This Quora Partner Program is available only in a few countries.

Quora Space Earning program lets the users earn money by displaying ads. The users can add a lot of content to the Quora space. Quora says ads concerning user interest. Quora is an app-like medium but free. It is available for Andriod, web, and Ios. Quora has 300 million active users per month. The readers can explore 400 000 topics in Quora. All these data were gathered from the 2020 statistics. 

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5) WordPress

WordPress is a well-known alternative for Medium. It was launched in 2003. WordPress has covered 38% of the web. WordPress allows creating any kind of website concerning the user’s choice. Users can create their sites in WordPress. There are blocks for photos, testimonials, photos, maps, insert tests, and many more.

If you are the creator of the website, then move these blocks to create your designWordPress software and’s difference is that allows getting the environment without installing and maintaining it.

WordPress software is so much similar to Medium. But you have to select the correct plugins and themes. Over 60 million websites use WordPress. More than 409 million people view 15.5 million pages for a month. WordPress has a very engaging user base. They post 1.7 million per month and share more than 60.5 million comments

Is Medium Better than WordPress?

Many writers and readers ask the question, “Is Medium better than WordPress?” Both of them are the most popular options available to start a blog or publish content. WordPress introduced a new editor in 2018. It looks like the editor of Medium. Medium provides only elements for videos, embeds, separators, and images—WordPress, all of these, along with buttons, tables, columns, and many others.

There are only a few differences between the writing experiences between these two platforms. Medium is easy to use. WordPress has many options like plugins, themes, site settings, and countless post options. So it is somewhat advanced to use it.

What is WordPress Used For?

If you are finding the easiest way to start writing, then Medium is the option for you. It is also ideal for proper publications and personal blogs. WordPress is the perfect option for business-related sites. The partner program in Medium lets the writers earn, but WordPress does not offer such a facility. 

Medium is suitable for creating a portfolio for writers. In WordPress, it is not easy to separate writing according to the choice. WordPress “the software” is free to download. It is even easy to install. Medium is much better for professional writers. WordPress is ideal for demanding your writings with the availability of additional features. So it is not fair to say what is better from these two.

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6) Blogger

Writers can create their blogs to publish articles. It helps to create a beautiful blog to fit your style. So, millions of people use this platform to share their passion. You must sign up on Blogger using a Google account. The user can get a free domain for the site. So, it is possible to buy a custom domain too.

Blogger offers a set of built-in features like contact forms and subscription links. Moreover, there are templates offered by this platform. Some basic color themes are available for them. Blogger provides free background images. Blogger is a site like Medium to earn money. Google AdSense is available to act on the blog. So, users can make money by displaying ads on the blog.

It is an easy way to earn by writing articles. Blogger stores posts, photos, and other necessary details for freeBut, one main drawback of Blogger is the technical SEO is done poorly. Blogger is free to use. It has a good security system.

So the user does not need to bother about creating backups and securing the blog. Pyra Labs started Blogger in 1999. But now Google has ownership of it. In 2015, there were 28.3 million active bloggers. It was predicted that there would be 31.7 million in 2020. Still, the statistics for 2020 are not launched. 

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7) Squarespace

Anyone can build a website or a blog in Squarespace. So you don’t need to be a technical expert to build a website. Squarespace supplies hosting, templates, video backgrounds, customer CSS, and all other website requirements. An hour is enough to create a blog, including branding. So it is very easy to monetize the created blog.

Is Squarespace Good for Beginners?

The Squarespace partner program lets the writers earn dollars. The writer needs to link the Squarespace account with their debit card or bank account. A third-party payment service called Stripe is needed for this. The stories put in behind the paywall take revenue to the writer. Both new articles and already published articles can be put behind the paywall.

Members’ reading time decides the monthly payment of the writer. Squarespace offers good SEO practices, automatic Google indexing, and anti-spam features. This platform allows importing articles from other platforms like WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr. Products from online stores are also imported to Squarespace.

Squarespace was launched in 2003. In 2019, 1.8 million websites got the support of Squarespace. This platform has a mobile app available for iOS and Android. Writers can perform their work even by using the Squarespace mobile app. 

Website Android IOS


Ghost is one of the best medium alternatives for readers to publish and read articles. This platform is one of the best alternative sites like Medium for writers. It is the world’s most modern open-source publishing platform. The editor in Ghost is similar to the one in Medium. So, it provides a fast and powerful loading server.

Moreover, it has a minimalist editor feature for the content management system. So, you can create and maintain your blog in Ghost. And also, you get a custom domain along with fast hosting. Moreover, you can earn by publishing articles in Ghost. The articles can be locked for paying members. Then it will make money for you. 

Ghost vs Medium: The writers can make an email list of readers. Then the writer can inform the readers about the new articles using emails. The Ghost server is speedy. So it does not need AMP to be mobile-friendly. The platform has a modern design and technology, making it is easy to use. The Ghost offers the chance to build your site like Medium on it.

It provides many opportunities to monetize the blog. The most exciting fact about Ghost is many famous researchers use it. OpenAI team of Elon Musk uses this platform to publish their research. Ghost has very famous customers like DuckDuckGo, NASA, and Mozilla


9) LiveJournal

LiveJournal is a very famous social publishing platform. The design of the LiveJournal site is minimalist. It offers a lot of white space, which helps to emphasize the ideas shared by the writer. The LiveJournal site has limited formatting options. It focuses mainly on long-form articles. The LiveJournal does not allow the writer to publish the articles on any other platform. 

Social interaction is very high in LiveJournal. Though it is one of the medium alternatives for developers, there are certain unique features for LiveJournal. Moreover, people share their experiences on this platform. So, they share life stories, ideas, and advice with each other.

What is LiveJournal Used For?

People who love to read others’ life stories and share their ones are part of this platform. So, it is a community-based platformLiveJournal is famous in many countries, including the US, UK, Russia, and Singapore. And also, readers can find more than 50 million journals on fashion, politics, entertainment, design, and literature.

Writers can easily set the settings to control the readers of the posts. LiveJournal users can communicate with authors and commenters. LiveJournal was started in 1999. Now, it has 30 million worldwide users. So, this site gets 36 041 228 monthly visits. Now, the LiveJournal app is free to download on Android and iOS devices. 

Website Android IOS

10) Vocal Media

The Vocal is a site like Medium to make money. Jerrick Media found the vocal publishing platform in 2016. The writers can publish articles either in the long term or short. Those articles can be stories, fiction, product reviews, poems, or any other. So readers can find their fascinating field to read. 

Writers can make money in Vocal. So if you are a writer in Vocal, you have three ways to make money. Vocal pays for writers based on reads. Moreover, it means more reads on your content to make more money. Quality content can get a base of engaging readers. So, it will increase the no. of reads in your content.

The writers can promote their content via social media. Tipping is the second method to earn from vocals. The readers can offer a tip for the content. Vocal allows the writer to conclude content by asking for a tip from the reader. But it must be polite. Product promotion is also possible in Vocal. It also leads to making money.

A good piece of content about a product review can motivate the readers to buy it. A video link about the product can be embedded in the content. So the reader will watch it and tends to buy it. You will get paid. The Vocal is free to join. Even the writers at age 13 can publish on this platform. About 75 000 authors write for Vocal. Around 300 articles are published on this platform for a day. 


11) Substack

Substack is at the top of the best sites for readers and writers list. It offers a great chance for writers to reach a new audience. Meanwhile, it paves the way for readers to go through well-thought-out content. The Substack allows users to interact with authors while reading their publications. Readers can customize their interests in Substack.

If you are a reader, just customize by authors, following topics, and publication of your interest. Substack is a very unique place for bloggers to write independently. You only have to do is sign in and start writing. So it is one of the best writing sites like medium but only you can use it in the online website because there are no applications yet. Moreover, you can select whether you do it freely or in paid.

It is free to read and write on Substack. But everything is not free for users. A Substack profile is free to make. Users can read articles published for free. It also allows reading locked articles for free. It comes as a sort of kind gesture. But after reading three locked stories, you won’t be able to reread those. 


What is The Best Blog Platform?

All the alternative sites like Medium have similar features to it. So, some of them have unique features too. Actually, I have used all these platforms to find out the best suits me. Among them, my preference is WordPress. Because it has many advanced features also. The editor in WordPress is quite similar to Medium.

Also, I like the writing experience in Medium. So writing experience in WordPress is not strange for me. WordPress offers a subdomain to use. But it is not possible to access a lot of WordPress functionalities with it. Most of the advanced functionalities are available in the upgraded version.

So, if you can buy the business plan of WordPress, you can enjoy many advanced features. The business plan for the WordPress platform costs yearly revenue. The paid version enables me to install my themes and plugins. Making a custom website is too easy a task with WordPress. So, I was able to add a unique look to my blog. 

Blogger also has certain similar features to WordPress and Medium. Blogger is easy to use. But WordPress has more advanced settings than Blogger. And also, WordPress is not just a writing platform. If you want to add complexity to your writings, WordPress is the best choice. Because it enables us to add advanced functionalities like adding cross-references and referral links. 

Unlike Medium, everything published on WordPress belongs to the writer. So the writer has the authority to edit, post, or delete the content at any time. It is very easy to earn from WordPress. And also, I’m using SEO plugging to improve SEO on my WordPress site. Google AdSense help me to get a considerable monthly revenue. 

What Are The Websites like Medium in India?

  • Patreon
  • Steemit
  • Ghost
  • NewsBreak


Medium is at the forefront of best sites for writers and readers. The Medium was founded by Ev Williams, who is also the co-founder of Twitter. The platform was launched in 2012. A free account allows the following authors and publications, bookmark the stories to read later, publish their creations, and interact with authors.

Anyone can sign into Medium using email or from a social media account like Facebook. It costs $5 per month or $50 per year to get a Medium membership. It allows unlimited and ad-free access to all the publications on Medium. Audio versions of popular stories and daily selections from leading magazines and publishers are provided to the Medium members.

But medium membership is not essential to read or write on the platform. Now there are so many alternatives available for Medium. They have many similarities to Medium, along with unique functions also. All the alternatives allow writers to publish articles and readers to read those.

The best platform for writing and reading can differ from one person to another. So it is better to go through several platforms to choose the one that suits you. The pros and cons of each will help to find the best out of the best. Think about your necessity before selecting the platform. Some platforms help to earn from writing. Let’s check out the top apps like medium but free. 

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