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11 Top Alternatives to Dropbox in 2020

File sharing and storing methods are the biggest challenge in the digital world. Every work is done using electrical devices. So, many corporate companies depend on digital files and cloud storage. Hence, Dropbox is one of the leading cloud storage methods, which is used by many people all around the world. Many technical guys are working on dropbox to secure their files. But you can also use alternatives to dropbox. Let’s have a look.

Dropbox is a free platform that is running by an American company and available for everyone. You can get the Dropbox account simply singing to the official site and get your cloud or virtual storage free of charge. It is a modern workplace to reduce stressed work and workloads. Easy to share and store files safely. No one can reach your details without your acknowledgment.

You can use the dropbox either as your storage or as your client software development phase. There is an Android application that you can directly download within your phone and check the files quickly. Uploads and downloads are made easy with dropbox. There is a variety of storage allocated for each category. You can get everything you sign up for the official site. IF you are a current user and finding the best storage and alternative to dropbox? Then you are at the best place to learn the alternative tools, and it’s structured.

Here we have compared and reviewed twelve best and trending storage tools just like dropbox. All these tools are similar and are easy to use if you are an existing user of dropbox. Explore and get your secondary tool as alternatives to Dropbox.

Best 11 Top Alternatives to Dropbox

1) Google drive

As we have heard, Google is one of the world’s fastest and steadiest search engines. And every Android device is assembled using Google algorithms. Google Drive is one of the best virtual cloud storage, which is free for everyone. If you are a Gmail user, you can get access quickly. The open space consists of 14GB in total. Which is a considerable amount of virtual GB, and anyone can store everything. As I’m using this drive on my phone, I have saved everything from the past five years, which is fantastic and has no way to lose my data.

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Not only as a personal drive, but you can also use to share files and folders with your co-workers, and companies can use to share the portfolio and agreements with the clients. I would recommend this as one of the best alternatives to Dropbox. If you are still not awarded by this? Sign in to a Gmail account by visiting Google and get your virtual cloud storage today.

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2) Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft is a well-established company for customer office software and to windows. Which has fresh features and many benefits, and their cloud storage is the Microsoft OneDrive, which is easy to use the same as the office packages. Microsoft OneDrive will enable you to share, store, sync, and keep your work and school files secured. All you have to do is to sign up for office 365 and get the one drive storage for yourself. Once you get the account, you can start to store and share files with your community.

You can use Windows or Mac to upload files and share the files with one click. You can change the setting whether the person can edit, share, view, or save the file within their device, everything under your fingertip. I want to recommend this also as one of the best alternatives for Dropbox.

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3) Box

Box cloud storage is easy to access your media files, documents, and folders from anywhere from any device. It can be used as the secondary storage unit for store company and personal details. Anyone can access this open-source application and get their free storage with one click. This media is a highly secured platform, and anyone can join for free.

You can take backups easily for any files that you have stored within the Box cloud storage. But the platform has an entire plan for individuals and companies. You can pay $5 for the storage and get the storage. You can use it within a multi-device. There is no IP blocking that will be done. You can even sync your todo list with your colleagues and everyone. I think this is also good cloud storage as one of the best alternatives to Dropbox.

Website Android

4) Pcloud

Pcloud is one of the most protected cloud storage, which is used by nearly 1M users all around the world. If you are a new person, you can get the signup and get up to 10GB for free. Which is merely you can store vast amounts of personal and work files.

If you have not been awarded this platform, then this is the time to know about it. You may be concerned about the security that has unique security systems. All the files are bypassing through a secured SSL file. Which is A+ gradable and Oxford university students are personally using this Pcloud storage for studying materials; when we consider this as an alternative for Dropbox, then both have the same features only different is Pcloud allows the users to encrypt data from their side. Once the customer encrypts the files, no one can view it, and the officials also can’t access the files.

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5) Sync

Cloud document syncing is an application that keeps records in various areas state-of-the-art through the cloud. For cloud document syncing, a client sets up a cloud-based envelope, to which the ideal records are replicated. This organizer makes the documents open through a web interface for various clients on whatever gadget they are utilising. It is one of the main secure cloud stockpiling administrations. It offers superb security and protection with its start to finish (zero-knowledge) scrambled system, alongside a lot of capacity and data transfer capacity.

Simultaneously, it has a few drawbacks that may make it unsatisfactory for specific applications. To keep information secure, the cutting edge of the barrier for any cloud framework is encryption. Indeed, the best way to protect your information for sure is to secure it up a safe underneath the ground. That being stated, your cloud-put away information is commonly more secure than your privately put away information.

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6) Tresorit

Tresorit os also one of the best cloud storage, which is running by a Switzerland company. If you are looking for an Europe based cloud storage platform, then this will be the best option. Bussiness places, Individuals, and freelancers can use this app. This Tresorit is very secured and easy to manage. It got it’s own security methods and won the best storage award for the Europe region.

All the files sharing through Tresorit is encrypted, and no one can decrypt the file easily. If you want the best alternatives to Dropbox, this will be one of the best and easiest cloud storage. You can see the features using the free trial. If you like the platform, then you can sign up for the monthly subscription. The fee is $8.99, which is more affordable and easy to have the storage.

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7) SpiderOak

SpiderOak is a US-based coordinated effort device, online support, and document facilitating administration that permits clients to get to and share information utilizing a cloud-based worker, offered by an organization of a similar name. Its first contribution, its online reinforcement administration later marked “SpiderOak ONE,” propelled in December 2007. SpiderOak utilizes its encryption strategy, so not at all, like open source innovation, the code can’t be reviewed by autonomous gatherings.

Like this, clients should believe that SpiderOak’s exclusive arrangement is genuinely protected as it is beyond the area of imagination to expect to declare that there are no secondary passages introduced into the code. Now you can try SpiderOak free for 21 days and decide whether to buy it or not. It will cost you 350 USD per year, and unlimited storage will be provided for every user. Some similar features are presented here, also just like in dropbox. Still, the only reason to consider this as an alternative is high-performance storage.


8) Mega

Mega is one of the best file-sharing platforms that is easily shared among many people. It also has so many characteristics, such as cloud storage. You can get 50GB cloud storage free of charge. If you require more space, then you can pay and get your storage. Easily share files among workers and download the files within a second. You can use the desktop version, or else you can use the mobile applications. You can download to your Windows, Android, and iOS device. 100% easy to use and secured the file-sharing system. Most large companies are using this to share end products with clients. One of the best alternatives for dropbox gets started today by navigating to the official site.

Website Android IOS

9) (Best secure alternative) is one of the best and most suitable alternatives for dropbox, which is very easy to use and secure. Highly recommended, and you can access the files through multiple devices and platforms. Hence, all you have to have an account with them, and then you can keep your files and documents backup safe. So, multiple people can access the folders at a time, which is also another best advantage for workplaces. No need to worry about security.

All your files are safe, and no one can access the document without knowing you. Of you share the link with the teammates, they can only view the specific files one can access to any other files in the platform. You can use their web portal or the apps to access the platform. If you are looking for the best and secure cloud storage, then this is the best choice that we recommend.


10) Owncloud

Owncloud is one of the free cloud storage sites available to everyone. Still, free storage is lower than the other storage platforms. When we consider this with the other platforms, this has so many features and needs to upgrade to enjoy all the features. If you can afford an annual fee of $9000, then this will be the best option. But you can get the best alternative for dropbox from the above list and an alternative you use your cloud platform. IF you have urgent work to store within the cloud storage, this will be the best option, but you have to make an additional fee to use the platform when it comes to your cloud storage. Anyone can access the site freely and store data efficiently.

Website Android IOS

11) Zoho Docs

Zoho Docs is an Online Document Management framework where you can safely store every one of your records in a concentrated area and get to them from any place and any gadget. You can transfer, store, make, alter, offer, and view any kind of record like archives, spreadsheets, introductions, pictures, music, recordings, etc. Simultaneously, Zoho Writer permits you to bolt reports with security passwords. The Zoho Docs efficiency set is notable by its information assurance guidelines, so you won’t need to stress the well-being and likely abuse of your corporate data.

A set-up of profitability applications to make, team up, convey. Meet Zoho Workplace, and the application suite worked for bound together correspondence, group coordinated effort, and efficiency. Make archives and introductions, share and oversee documents, have online gatherings, convey through visit or email, and work without limits.

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Dropbox is one of the best cloud storage used by many top companies. IF you are still looking for one better than this, you can select your tool from above. I hope this guide on an alternative to dropbox will help you understand the alternative tools and its methods. If you want to know anything regarding the tool, you can quickly use the comment section to get the answers. Stay tuned with us to get the best alternatives for everything—signup for our newsletter to get all the articles to your inbox directly.

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