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15 Best Etsy Alternatives for Sellers for Online Selling (2023)

Here, I am going to tell you important information about alternatives to Etsy for artists. As we know, Etsy is one of the market leaders that specialize in handmade and vintage products. If you are an artisan, you can easily sell your arts and crafts here. There are several reasons for sellers to consider online shops like Etsy. If you want to stand out from the competition, these below Etsy alternatives free will help you.

What Can I Use Instead of Etsy?

1) Amazon Handmade

Amazon Handmade is at the top of the websites similar to Etsy. It is one of the best Etsy alternatives for buyers and sellers. Many shoppers start shopping and selling handmade goods online from Amazon. So the craftsman has a high chance to sell their creations here. There is a huge customer base in Amazon Handmade. So your creation gets exposed to a large crowd.

You need to prove that you are the artist behind the creations to be eligible in listing and selling products here. Amazon Handmade allows only the sellers to manufacture their products or staff in a company having 20 or fewer employees to sell their products. Amazon does not charge a listing fee. The payment process in Amazon Handmade is complicated. You only get the payment after the shipment of products.

Is it Worth It to Sell Handmade On Amazon?

Yes, definetely, but Amazon Handmade is still improving. It has only 14 shortly defined categories. You won’t be able to sell products that do not come under those categories. Listing products in Amazon Handmade is free. It charges a 15% commission from product sales and a minimum $1 referral fee. So it is cheaper to sell your artisan work on Etsy than on Amazon Handmade. 

Millions of customers become a part of Amazon due to the availability of anything and everything. So now, many people who love arts and crafts flock to this online artisan marketplace. There are about 2 million active sellers and 300 million worldwide customers

Does Amazon Own Etsy?

Etsy was found in 2005. It was a collective effort of entrepreneur Rob Kalin with partners Chris Maguire and Haim Schoppik. Their effort was to make an online craft marketplace for handmade and other artistic products. This online store like Etsy web site does not professionally have partnerships with Amazon or eBay. Etsy websites have the independence to work as one platform. 

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2) Big Cartel

Big Cartel is one of the best sites like Etsy vintage. Here, you can start the best web based businesses. You can sell any creative work like art, woodwork, jewelry, and others. If you are a small artistic merchant, find the online approach as the next step in your handmade goods website business ideas.

So, for that Big Cartel is a great place to start. It comprises an artistic collection of them. Hence, you can give a unique look at the online shop. You get access to several e-commerce tools in Big Cartel. Big cartel vs Etsy: Those comprise promotional features, payment gateways, and integration with social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

You can list only 300 products even with a Premium plan in Big Cartel. Big Cartel has a free plan. It allows the listing of only five products. There are three plans as Platinum, Diamond, and Titanium, that offer a listing of different products for a monthly fee. 

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3) Shopify

This is one of the best e-commerce platforms for places like Etsy. It offers whole control over your online shops similar to Etsy. Shopify is a website similar to Etsy where to sell handmade items online. You can sell handmade crafts online, gifts and goodies here on Etsy. Also, you can do worldwide selling homemade products online through Shopify. It is available in more than 20 languages.

You can sell homemade items online with unlimited products, even with the cheapest plan here. Any seller can integrate Etsy shop WITH Shopify using a third-party app. You get a 14 day free trial in Shopify. It does not ask for your credit card details. You can get this free trial and decide whether to continue with Shopify or not. 

Is Shopify Better Than Etsy?

Many sellers ask this question. There are some advantages to Shopify over Etsy. Shopify offers shipping discounts. Depending on your plan, you get eligible for shipping discounts through selected carriers.

You get abandoned cart recovery in Shopify. This is not available on Etsy. Some customers add products to the cart and forget to purchase them. Shopify sends messages automatically to remind them. Shopify lets you sell handcrafted items online on eBay, Facebook, Instagram, and more. So you won’t get limited to Shopify can use many websites for selling crafts.

Is Shopify Cheaper Than Etsy?

Shopify levy charges for card processing and payments. But if you use Shopify payments, there is not any transaction fee. When comparing Shopify transaction fees, it is just half of the Etsy cost. 

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4) Wix

Do you want to have your online shop? Then Wix is the best option for other websites like Etsy com if you have any new internet business ideas. It is one of the best alternatives of Etsy where to sell homemade items. You are done to take a huge effort to make homemade stores similar to Etsy sites here.

Here, you need to click a few buttons and use the drag and drop option to make a customized online shop in Wix. This feature is not available at Etsy. If you have an already prepared product catalog, you can easily export it into Wix via CSV files. Wix is a perfect place to sell your crafts. You can get several photos of your handmade product and a video from different angles and upload them to Wix.

Can You Sell Handmade Items On Wix?

Yes, you can. There is no limit to upload photos here. It also enables you to get custom orders. You can choose a free or a premium account to get custom orders. Wix allows you to sell products and manage orders via social media like Facebook and Instagram. You can make a logo with the Wix Logo Maker. It will add more colors to your online shop. More than 10 Arts and Craft store templates are available here. You can customize any other template to give our store a unique and professional look.

The SEO feature in Wix helps to grab the attention of potential customers. There are few drawbacks to this e-commerce platform. You need to put extra effort into making your Wix online store at mobile views. After choosing a template, you don’t get the chance to switch it later. So be careful in selecting a template. 

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5) Ecwid

Ecwid is another best alternative to Etsy. You can sell homemade goods and your creative products here. It has four plans to select. There is a free plan too. The Venture plan is $15, the Business plan costs $35, and the Unlimited plan comes for $99 per month. They have different features, like product and category limits.

You can host only ten products with the free plan. Other plans also get product limits, but the Unlimited plan does not have such restrictions. Ecwid works with around 70 payment gateways. You are not charged for using third-party payment gateways. Luckily, you can manage products on Facebook, Amazon, eBay, and others. 

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6) RedBubble

RedBubble is another famous handmade site like Etsy. It is an excellent place to sell artisan items. This best place to sell crafts online focuses on the sale of unique products like crafts, arts, and collectibles. RedBubble allows adding of products from lists in Etsy, eBay, and Shopify. Here, you won’t charge a fee to list items in Bonanza. You can import items directly from Etsy to RedBubble. It has many registered sellers and millions of listed designs. 

Here, you can do 60 works daily free of charge on this website for handmade goods. It is the highest plan available here. You get a 30-day free trial to check the features of this site. Besides, you get a custom domain with plans above basic. If you have a limited number of products, RedBubble will fulfill your online shop requirement. 

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7) Society6

This is one of the websites to sell crafts. Artists and designers can easily create their online shop in Society6. You can sell canvases, posters, prints, wall arts along with a large variety of accessories like tote bags, apparel, and any other. It is very easy to open a store at Society6. You need to have a PayPal account on this platform. Society6 is getting famous as an online selling platform. 

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8) eBay

eBay is a great choice if you are finding Etsy alternatives for sellers. This site is an online market for handmade crafts for artisans, vintage dealers, craftsmen, and small business owners. You can sell arts, paper goods, handmade personal care items, housewares, clothing and accessories, artisan food, crafts, and crafting supplies.

Also, you can connect the eBay store to Etsy too. So you can start selling on both online selling platforms like Etsy. You can add a calendar of events, news, press, a blog, and image galleries to eBay. There are certain things to consider when deciding whether Etsy is better than eBay. You can sell anything on the eBay website for handmade items.

Is Etsy Better Than eBay?

The selling item can be new, old, handmade, vintage, or anything on eBay. Etsy is for sellers who sell handmade items online free with unique items, and antiques. It is a platform for creative people to earn money. The customer base of eBay is comparatively higher than Etsy. So there is a great chance to sell your product on eBay. 

When considering fees in these two digital business opportunities, both homemade sites are cheap. Etsy buyers look for creative products. They always look for items for their use or to add to their collection. eBay buyers seek general products at a reasonable price. So these two have different customer bases. eBay offers multiple seller tools to make selling functions comprehensive. Etsy does not provide tools to optimize the selling process.

Is Etsy Cheaper Than eBay?

Vintage websites like Etsy and eBay platform do not need any depth knowledge on e-commerce to start selling. eBay is good for professional online sellers. Etsy needs the sellers to pay $0.20 as the listing fee and a commission of 3.5% from a selling item. You have to make a store subscription fee to start selling on eBay. The fees depend on the plan you get for your store and the duration you select to make the payment.

When you do not buy a store plan, then the insertion fee is charged per item listing. Anyway, the fees in Etsy are comparatively lower than eBayIt is not fair to say that Etsy is better than eBay. But, it depends on the item you sell. If you are an artistic person who hopes to get jump online, then Etsy is for you. Sellers who sell items other than handmade products must choose eBay. 

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9) Storenvy

You can sell crafts, arts, and housewares in Storenvy like virtual businesses. It is a shop like Etsy’s website to sell handmade crafts. There are many advantages to Storenvy. It helps to promote unique and creative handcrafted item selling. You can get potential customers by offering discounts. Storenvy is very easy to use. You can open a shop for free here. Storenvy does not levy any charge for listing products with no Storenvy fees.

An unlimited number of products also can be listed. You can make a customized online shop with CSS templates. Also, you can create simple discount coupon codes. But you can’t offer free shipping codes to customers. If you buy add-on services, you will create free shipping coupons and other specialized coupons like get one free and buy one.

Is Storenvy Better Than Etsy?

Storenvy is a new online market platform. So the traffic is low when considered with Etsy. In Storenvy or Etsy, You need to purchase different add-ons to get some facilities. The subscription fee for these add-ons has to be bear monthly. 

Storenvy vs Etsy: The online handmade marketplace of Storenvy is not as large as Etsy. So the customer base is not as large as Etsy’s. Item variations are allowed in Etsy. So you can make different size offerings with different prices for one item. Etsy charges a listing fee, but Storenvy does not levy any fee for listing. Unlimited listing is also available on websites like Storenvy. 


10) Zibbet

Zibbet is an e-commerce site like Etsy. Photographers, clothing designers, graphic designers, artists, and many other creative minds get the maximum use of it. Zibbet is famous for Vintage products and AntiquesMore than 50 000 entrepreneurs are engaged with this e-commerce platform with new e-businesses ideas. You can connect your Zibbet account with Etsy.

The best thing is that you won’t charge any listing or transaction fee here. But selling on other sales channels will charge you. The free trial of Zibbet lasts for 14 days. So it is easy for you to decide whether to continue with it or not. End of the free trial, you can pay via credit or debit cards to continue. It has several built-in tools to help in shipping, data tracking, analytics, inventory, and order managementZibbet has discount plans designed for you. 


11) Artfire

Artfire has many similarities to Etsy. Artfire automatically uploads all product listings to Google Base. So you won’t bother about the appearance of your stuff in searches. There are different plans in Artfire. The commission-only account allows you to add 24 products listing at a time. It costs 9%per sale handmade items online that includes shipping and processing fees.

The $10 monthly fee plan offers a listing of 500 products and a commission plan of 6%. The 20% monthly plan comes with 1000 product listings and a 3% commission. So you can select the right plan considering your production output and sales volume.  

What is Better Artfire Or Etsy?

Etsy vs Artfire: Etsy charges $0.20 for every listing. After selling an item, a certain charge is incurred from you. Artfire has two levels of seller accounts. The basic plan is free without any listing charge, monthly fee, and final value fees. The Pro account costs $9.95 per month. No extra Artfire fees are charged here.

When you post a product on Etsy, it goes down and down due to adding new stuff to the particular category. But you can leave your listing in Artfire. The platform itself uploads your item to Google Shopping. So your item will pop up in searches. You need to register on this best site to sell handmade items and open an account to start buying on Etsy. But you don’t need to have an account on Artfire to start buying there. So choosing the best platform from Artfire and Etsy is in your hand. 


12) Folksy

Folksy is one of the best Etsy alternatives UK. This handmade online marketplace alternative is for designers, craftspeople, and makers. You can sell handmade gifts and crafts in Folksy. This handmade crafts website like Etsy is famous in the UK. Folksy has two accounts for sellers. The Basic account is good for sellers having a low amount of stock or selling items seasonally, not regularly if you have a large stock of craft items to sell.

The Plus account suits you. You can have a personalized shop page in Folksy. So you can promote your handmade items and craft with your URL. You can post good-quality pictures along with product descriptions to grab customer attraction. More than 250 000 buyers visit Folksy every month

Which is Better Etsy or Folksy?

Anyone can start selling products on Etsy. Folksy allows only UK sellers to sell on it. Etsy enables the selling of handmade products and artistic products. You can sell unwanted items like old DVDs and paper books and tech and gadgets along with handmade products in Folksy. Etsy allows credit card links and PayPal links. Folky allows you to use only PayPal. Folksy is a naval e-commerce platform. So still, it is developing. Etsy wins the competition here. 


13) Ruby lane

Ruby Lane is famous as one of the largest marketplaces for vintage items, jewelry, art, and antiques. It is a competitor of Etsy. You can expose your items to the United States, Canada, UK, Germany, and Australian customers. But, you have to pay $100 as the one-time setup for storage. It includes ten free listings. Besides, you also have to bear a listing fee of $0.19 per item after this initial listing. You have to settle maintenance fees based on the number of items you list.

The maintenance fee of up to 80 items is $69 per month. From 80- 150 products, it charges $30 per product. From 150 to 1000 products, you need to pay $0.20 per one. After that, you pay $0.01 per product. When you get approval to sell in Ruby lane, you must have ten items in your store. You must be aware of the different listing requirements in each ‘Lane.’ The word Lane refers to the product category in Ruby Lane. 


14) Volusion

Volusion is one of the craft sites like Etsy and a great option for a handmade shop. You get many professional-looking themes to build your online store. No need to purchase extensive add-ons here. There are lots of features in the Volusion dashboard area to implement.

You get social media integration ability with Volusion. Moreover, you get optional paid services from designers, social media experts, and SEO experts to maximize your handmade online store performances. Volusion supports several global currency and payment methods. So it is easy to sell your products to worldwide customers. 

The 14 days free trial in Volusion helps you to get an idea about the platform. You don’t need to provide credit card details in this free trial. One of the main drawbacks of Volusion is the presence of a sales threshold. You get several sales to complete within a calendar year. After passing that limit, you won’t get a chance to continue selling without upgrading to a higher account tier. 


15) Aftcra

Aftcra is a site like Etsy. It facilitates the selling of American handmade products. This site allows American artisans to engage with worldwide buyers and sell their products. At the first beginning of this e-commerce platform, it will enable only to sell goods made in the USA. Still, it allows for selling American-made products. Aftcra offers a badge that you can display on your shop page. 

You can upload any number of products. Once a product is listed, it will last for six months. You can renew it after expiry and can link social media pages like Facebook and Instagram to the Aftcra seller page. Aftcra does not levy any charge to make an account. But you need to give credit card details for transaction fees. There is no listing fee also. Aftcra takes 7% from a selling product. Check the Aftcra reviews and decide whether it’s suitable for you.

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Does Etsy Guarantee Purchases?

Etsy is one of the best places to sell crafts online and purchase products. It is a reliable platform with good sellers. As all, we know, It is a great place to launch and build a handmade items website that helps you to connect with customers all around the world. This e-commerce platform has an Etsy Purchase Guarantee badge. So the buyers know that they can resolve any issues regarding orders. So you don’t need to fear on selling or purchasing on Etsy. 

What Are The Other Sites Like Etsy For Clothing?

  • FineArtAmerica
  • GoImagine
  • Zibbet
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • RebelsMarket

What Are The Other Jewelry Sites Like Etsy?

  • GoImagine
  • Bonanza
  • Ruby Lane
  • Zibbet
  • Storenvy
  • Tictail
  • RebelsMarket
  • Facebook Marketplace

What Are The Other Handmade Selling Sites Like Etsy Where You Can Sell Handmade Online in Australia?

  • eBay
  • Depop
  • Facebook Marketplace


The new Etsy is the best place to sell handmade items online with your artistic creations. It has about 2 million active sellers and over 45 million buyers. All the customers coming to this online platform are looking for handmade artistic products. Etsy charges $0.20 per item listing fee. You also need to settle 5% of the listing price along with shipping cost and gift-wrapping charges when an item is purchased. It provides reliable service and a fabulous marketplace.

You have a variety of choices and the best internet businesses to start when it comes to selling your artisan products. Though Etsy is specialized in selling handmade items online and products, other alternative platforms also offer an excellent chance for you to sell those. The alternative Etsy like sites offers many marketing options to expand handmade item selling. Etsy has many competitors. Big Cartel, Shopify, ArtFire, Aftcra, Bonanza, and Folksy are among the top competitors of Etsy.

Etsy and its alternative sites better than Etsy let you sell products without a brick-and-mortar store or an individual e-commerce platform. You have to do more research to find the best market platform to sell your products. Just select a few options and research to collect information about the Etsy alternatives for artists. Find a site that will fulfill your requirements and attract the targeted audience. Try to start your online journey with the best platform.

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