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11 Best Free Remote Access Software Alternatives to TeamViewer (2021)

Day by day, human beings invent lots of new technologies in the world. After globalization, people go through fast development. And now you all are in the top rung of the ladder of development. People use computers in their day to day works. It becomes very helpful for them in their busy schedules. Now the work from home concept is more popular due to the pandemic situation all over the world. So people are searching for remote access to connect with other people in their day to day works. And also for business purposes. Now lots of companies are working through remote access software. Because of this, people are searching for more and beneficial and low-cost applications to use. People need the facility of remote access. Then Team Viewer software came up as a solution to this matter. Here we talk about Free Remote Access Software Alternatives to TeamViewer.

Do you know what is Team Viewer?

Team Viewer is a software used for remote access, file sharing, and teleconferencing based on the internet. It allows users to see the screen of another computer perform as they are in front of this device. Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome operating systems are compatible with Team Viewer. Android, Apple, and Windows mobile devices and tablets are also compatible with Team viewer.

Team Viewer gives us lots of advantages and disadvantages too. But people are not satisfying only with Team Viewer. So day by day, lots of alternatives to Team Viewer come up. Here you have a collection of alternatives to Team Viewer. Here you have a brief explanation of each software with the features, pricing plans, advantages, and disadvantages. 

What is the best free remote access software?

1) Chrome Remote Desktop 

Chrome remote desktop is one of the best remote access software alternatives to TeamViewer, unofficially called “Chromoting.” Google develops it. Mainly it allows users to control another computer through a proprietary protocol. Chrome remote desktop is available in Linux, Microsoft Windows, OS X, Chrome OS, Android, and iOS. It is easy to set up, but it does not have more features except the basic ones. Chrome Remote Desktop is entirely free software. But you can get more functionalities with paid solutions.

Chrome Remote Desktop doesn’t allow chatting, file transferring, and remote printing. The biggest drawback of Chrome Remote Desktop requires Chrome on all hosting devices. It is a very popular software and is mostly used for personal purposes than business processes because of its limitations.

The security of the Chrome Remote Desktop is good. The PIN is required by the software every time you need to access it remotely. The PIN is changeable, and you can set it and change it in each device if you need it. It cannot reboot or reconnect automatically. Chrome Remote Desktop is user-friendly and simple, straightforward software and most suitable in personal works, not in business works due to missing some features. Try it and get a better experience. 

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2) Anydesk – Which is better TeamViewer or AnyDesk?

Anydesk is the fastest software which is used to remote control all over the world. It is allowed to use in platforms like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, and Android. Anydesk is very fast, secure software, and entirely free for personal use. This software enables lots of remote operations such as administration, Video/Image editing, and teamwork. It is easy to start on your computer. You can do it simply in three steps. 

  • First, install the software on devices. 
  • Enter the Anydesk ID. 
  • Confirm the access. 

Follow the above steps to start Anydesk. You have lots of features in this software. Here you can see a few of them. 

  • You can get all the files and documents instantly and when available for you. 
  • You can easily join and collaborate with the team. 
  • Anydesk is adapted according to the available bandwidth. 
  • Anydesk uses the banking standard in security. It ensures that 
  • Unauthorized parties cannot access it. 
  • There are no restrictions when you are using the free version. 
  • An innovative Codecs are developed to increase the speed between remote devices. 
  • Anydesk is the fastest alternative to team viewer with 60FPS screen sharing. 

Like the above advantages, it has some disadvantages also. Anydesk can be buggy. And there is no screen drawing feature. The paid version of Anydesk is starting from $79 per year. You can get a better experience with these benefits if you join Anydesk. Hurry up and set up Anydesk on your device. 

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3) Splashtop 

Splashtop is another popular team viewer replacement app that is used in remote access devices. It supports Windows, Mac, or Linux from your Android phone, tablet, or other devices. Over 30 million users are joined with Splashtop due to its high performance. Here you can work as a team. As a team member, you can access all the applications and files on PowerPoint, Excel, Word, IE, CAD/CAM, etc. Admins have different privileges. Admin can invite, enable, disable users, control access to devices, view the history and device list, reset the accounts, and more. This software is recommended for personal use.

Suppose you need to use Splashtop for your business. In that case, you have to install Splashtop Business, designed with high security, more features, reliability, and manageability. Here the most beneficial part is there is no need to install the software by the client. It allows users to connect the PC and mobile devices just with a nine-digit code. Splashtop is one of the free software alternatives to TeamViewer for personal use only. It starts at $60 per year. Splashtop is usable at any time, and anywhere you need. Do not miss the chance to have an experience with Splashtop. 

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4) LogMeIn 

Logmein is one of the best competitor alternatives to TeamViewer, giving the users strong access between their devices. This software is famous as a more helpful software to the users. Logmein has lots of features. Here you have a few of them. 

  • Provides easy access. 
  • Allows users to share, store, and collaborating. 
  • Ability to share your screen with anyone. 
  • Secure access 
  • Helpful to keep the works with your fingertips. 
  • Provides high-quality video and audio streaming 
  • You have a very easy setup here. 
  • Drag and drop are allowed in Logmein. 
  • Have whiteboard support 
  • You can record the sessions. 

According to the above feature, there is no issue with Logmein as an alternative to team viewer. It is giving a better competition to team viewer. Use the link below to download the software and join with Logmein.

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5) Webex 

Webex is the software that is a real competition to Team Viewer. It is also a web conferencing tool. This software is an excellent solution for a large team or a distributed team. Webex Premium package provides you web conferences with 100 guests with personalized user-profiles and file sharing. If you use the free version, you can set up conferences only with two other devices. Over 25 million meetings are held with file sharing, chatting, Video, and Audio conferencing through Webex per month. It proves the popularity of Webex.

You can schedule meetings and playback the recordings from this software. And Webex offers you customizable video layouts and virtual backgrounds also. With these features, Webex gives you an excellent service in remote accessing devices and especially in holding meetings with unlimited guests. Hurry up and install Webex to your device and try to get a better experience. 

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6) UltraVNC – Teamviewer Alternative Open Source

UltraVNC is one of the world-wide remote access software alternatives to TeamViewer that you can connect with another device securely. You can do file transferring easily here. UltraVNC allows you to use this software as a desktop application or a mobile App. Different parties use UltraVNC. IT departments, Remote Access Support companies, Remote demonstration, Remote Computer Access, E-learning, and classroom are a few.

You can connect with devices at any time and anywhere you need quickly. In each session, the password is generated, and the access code is a fixed one. And you have to know the IP address of the remote machine. This software is supported in Microsoft Windows and Linux. These are the benefits of UltraVNC. But unfortunately, it has a major drawback. It does not offer a free version for the users. And there is no trial version also. It is a big disadvantage for UltraVNC users. Anyway if you can spend money no matter if it is free or not. You can try it soon and work with high-quality functionalities. 

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7) ZohoAssist 

When we are talking about solutions to remote access, we cannot miss the software ZohoAssist. ZohoAssist is another alternative to Team Viewer, which helps users share their devices and manage easily. It gives you a great service in remote access. You can connect with other devices and do further things reliably, securely, and quickly through this software. Security is proved by SSL 256-bit AES encryption. ZohoAssist does not require a prior installation. And all the major web- proxies and firewalls are supported by ZohoAssist.

You can pause or resume the screen sharing at any time. Real-time chat, Session recording, Surveys and feedbacks, and Diagnostic tools are the other features of ZohoAssist. As for the advantages, it has some disadvantages also. It requires a steep learning curve, and it is a little bit expensive. ZohoAssist is a free software only for basic features. If you need more features, you can buy the premium version. The premium version starts from $10 per month and $100 per year. It is the best alternative to team viewer amongst the huge collection. Install the software and try for easy remote access. 

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8) RemotePC 

RemotePC is the best alternative to team viewer. It allows the RemotePC users to access and manage the devices in a distance as you are in front of the device when you have an internet connection and installed the software. It is a very secure and easy software to the users. The security of RemotePC ensures by AES-156 encryption. RemotePC is suited for a large number of connections.

The drawbacks of RemotePC are it needs some time to set up, and the web app does not have all the features in the mobile app. It is suitable not only for personal purposes. But also for business works. This is a paid app. It starts from $29.50 per year for individuals. For teams, it starts from $249.50 per year. But don’t worry. You have a 30day trial version with RemotePC. So you can install the free trial and check whether the software is suitable or not for you. Then you can go for the paid version. These are the benefits of RemotePC. Join with RemotePC and get experience in remote access. 

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9) Mikogo 

Mikogo is one of the best alternatives to team viewer, allowing users to do web conferencing without any plugin or using Flash within their web browser. This software is supported in Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android. Mikogo offers desktop sharing, remote controlling, multi-user whiteboard and selective sharing, etc. You can use this application for your works and also as a business account. There are three licenses in Mikogo. They are Basic license, pro license, and enterprise license. In basic license allows a single host and up to three participants per room. 

Single host and 25 participants per room are provided by pro license. An enterprise license gives users unlimited hosts and 25 participants per room. This is how its plans. According to your expectations, you can choose any of them for your work. The ability to use multi-languages is another advantage in Mikogo. It allows 35 languages. And you can use Mikogo through a web browser without downloading the software. You can try with Mikogo and have a better experience in remote access. 

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10) Microsoft Remote Desktop 

Microsoft Remote Desktop is the best alternative to the team viewer, provided with a graphical user interface. By using Microsoft Remote Desktop, you can access another device even if it is at a distance. The software accesses the resources published by the IT admin. It connects through a remote desktop gateway. High-quality Video and Audio streaming is another benefit of Microsoft Remote Desktop. You can get a secure connection through this software, and also easy to handle.

Windows Pro cost is started at $200. And you have a free trial version. You can use it for only one month. In Microsoft Remote Desktop, easy to screen capture and view. You can install this tool on up to 10 devices with Windows 8, Windows 10 or higher, and Xbox One. There is no matter how far your devices are located or when you are using the software. You can use the application at any time and anywhere. Install the app through the link below. 

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11) Dameware Remote Everywhere – Best Teamviewer Alternative for Mac

Dameware Remote Everywhere is another replacement to team viewer, which is especially for Mac. It is a paid app, and it starts from $540. It provides you lots of features. Here you can see a few of them. 

  • Easy and fast remote access. 
  • Secure remote access with advanced encryption. 
  • Have multi-factor authentication. 
  • Ability to use multiple languages. 
  • It is a cloud-based remote access solution. 
  • Can use anywhere at any time with an internet connection. 
  • Supports high resolution. 
  • The resolution is changeable according to the network connection. 
  • User experience in Windows is smooth. 
  • It is cloud-based software.

Dameware Remote Everywhere offers a 14-day trial version. This software is more suitable for small to medium businesses. You can consider the above factors and decide whether the software is suitable for you or not. Dameware Remote Everywhere is very important and valuable software. And you can use it both for personal or business use.

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Here we offer you a collection of alternatives to team viewer, which helps in remote accessing. You all have different works. So you need different features. You can find the features you need in any software. Now work from home concept is very popular due to the pandemic situation all over the world. So remote accessing methods and software are more popular these days. Choose the best alternatives to team viewer and carry on your works through remote access. 

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