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09 Best Free Games Like Runescape for Ps4 (2023)

When I was in my teens, I was heavily addicted to playing games. As a result of this addiction, I have found so many fun and unique games that help us relax. In this gaming world, I can tell Runescape is the king. It is the most popular game and has a large audience all over the world. After some period, lots of PC and mobile games like Runescape with skills came up. Here is the list.

What Are the Best Games Similar to Runescape?

1) Cyberpunk

Cyberpunk is another best role-playing game among alternatives to Runescape, which has a large audience. The pleasant fact is, Cyberpunk is featured by advanced technological and scientific achievements like Cybernetics and artificial intelligence.

Here you can change the character that you need in your selected avatar. And you have the chance to choose the gender and the appearance of the character. Gender is most important in interactions with NPCs. Cyberpunk offers you, three major classes.

After you select a class, you cannot change it. Throughout the game, you have the abilities according to what class you chose. It provides firearms that are different from each other by the firepower and the quality of the weapon. But after some time began to come out serious bugs from this game. Unfortunately, Cyberpunk a little bit falls due to these bugs. 

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2) Albion Online

Don’t you like to challenge yourself on a battlefield? Why not. I’m sure that is your answer. So you are in the right place. Albion Online is the most suitable place to get this feeling. You can work as a team and send the enemies out of the battlefield. Finally, the most talented and skillful fighters only may win this.

Runescape vs Albion: As one of the best MMORPGs like Runescape, Albion Online is developed by Sandbox Interactive. It provides a high resolution better than the original one. For both headset and controllers, there is accurate tracking. You can have good touch controllers, which give a very comfortable feeling for the players.

If you need a break from war life but still need to support your guild, you can hold the war for a while and start farming. Then you can generate food and sell them for a profit. Albion Online offers you the opportunity of paying for housing also. You can collect furniture and decorate your house to be your own home.

Character customization is another exciting feature of Albion Online. In 2015, Albion Online removed the free-to-play model due to many reasons. But fortunately, in 2019, it was changed and allowed the gamers to play Albion Online entirely free.

Albion Online gives a great chance to gamers who are in developing countries with an internet connection. If you love to play this game on your mobile phone, you can do this also. It is available on Android phones and the beta version of iOS. But you should have a mobile phone which has at least 7 inches of screen. 


3) World of Warcraft

The world’s most popular MMORPG, World of Warcraft, proves its popularity with a count of 10 million players in 2009. In the Warcraft fantasy universe, World of Warcraft is the fourth release. The war campaign of World of Warcraft can bring your life back to the world of PVP.

You can see new fantastic continents with quest continent. They offer more choices to you in types of races and classes. And another thing that people love about this game is, World of Warcraft honors the holy trinity system of games.

This game is not a free one. If you need to play World of Warcraft, you have to set up a subscription for around $15. But this amount is dependent on your choice. You can pay monthly wise or for an extended period. This is the main drawback of World of Warcraft. Lots of players left this game due to this reason.

Is World of Warcraft Better than Runescape?

According to my review, I think you may get a better feeling with Runescape. World of Warcraft is also not a bad one. It is also lovely. But overall, Runescape wins more points.


4) Dofus

Dofus is another best alternative to Runescape as Runescape Dofus is also an MMORPG game. It is a flash-based game and a tactical game-oriented one. The difference is Runescape is free. But if you want to play Dofus, you have to pay. The subscription cost for a month is 5 euros up. But you can earn this amount back.

Dofus offers you a crafting and farming system. From that, you can earn Kamas, and then you can buy Ogrines with it. It will be helpful to you to subscribe for a time. But fortunately, you have a free concept also in Dofus. There is a concept of free-to-play with limited features and contents.

Dofus is a world-famous game, and it is proven by over 40 million connected with Dofus. Especially, most of the players are from France. You can create your hero just in a second in this game. Throughout the whole game, the economy is run by the players. Dofus is available on both Android and iOS. 

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5) Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online is another best Runescape alternative, which is a role-playing online fantasy game. And it is a multiplayer game also. The mobile version of this game was released as Black Desert mobile, and in Xbox and PS4 versions, it is known as Black Desert.

Is Black Desert-like Runescape?

In some parts of the world, the game is free and also it is very similar to Runescape. But you have to pay for some editions, including the English language edition. You can have a wonderful experience with housing, farming, fishing, and trading in this game.

The game needs manual aiming and free movements, and the combat of Black Desert Online is action-based. Black Desert Online offers you lots of key features. The most important one is Robust Character Creation Tools. You can make the character that you need to play.

In the game, you have massive free-for-Guild battles. It means you can join with a Guild and play Daily Node Wars or weekly Conquest Wars. From this, you can win the castle or Node and claim it to collect taxes for your guild.

To play this game, you should have a powerful gaming PC. Unfortunately, if you are a normal PC user, it doesn’t give you the chance to play due to its heavy background. At launch, there is no motion controller. And Black Desert Online is a little bit expensive when we are considering the gaming PC.

Some gamers love this game because of the ocean adventure they provide. And another part loves this game because of taming and breeding. You can catch elephants and wild horses and tame them. And then you can breed the horses, exchange and sell them. Black Desert Online provides 21 unique classes also.

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6) Wakfu

Wakfu is an MMORPG like Runescape, which looks like a cartoon in design and tactical turn-based combat. Then when you entered the game, you can see a vast farming and crafting system. I’m also played Wakfu. Overall, it is a nice, fun game. And it has a great concept.

I can introduce Wakfu as a strategy-based game also.  You can see it in both single-player and multiplayer modes. You can see cute graphics in Wakfu. You can use the sidekicks and pets. They are fully free.

In Wakfu, the fight interface is also a very simple one. So players are never confused, and they can play easily without any doubt due to the user-friendly fighting background. But I found that Wakfu has a small community. And there are some dead servers and players who found so many bugs from Wakfu. 

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7) ArcheAge

Don’t miss this chance to play this fantastic game. ArcheAge is one of the multiplayer and single player games like Runescape but better, which is developed by a Korean developer. The structure of the ArcheAge game is more like in the “theme park” game. If you join with ArcheAge, I’m sure that you may have a great experience with housing, farming, crafting, combats, and pet systems also.

Lots of players love this game because ArcheAge offers much freedom to the players. And the most important thing is everything depends on the attitude of the GM. It means, in this game, you can be harassed and also can be scammed.

ArcheAge has an awesome class system, including 120 classes. Solid productions of visuals, interfaces, and music prove that this game has a great production. It doesn’t charge any fee from the players. Anyway, ArcheAge will give you a wonderful experience.  


8) EverQuest 2

EverQuest 2 is an MMORPG game, and I can introduce EverQuest 2 as the best similar and amazing game like Runescape. This 3D fantasy game is developed and released by Sony Online Entertainment. In the earlier stages, they charge a subscription fee from the players. But after a few steps, they offer a free-to-play version to the players.

Backward compatibility is another advantage that we can see in EverQuest 2. The pricing method is also very attractive. If you like to have a better 3D audio and VR experience, EverQuest 2 is one of the best games. The interface of EverQuest 2 is also very nice and very user-friendly for the players. As these pros, you have so many cons even in EverQuest 2.

You can create a character yourself as you wish, and the character has the permission to do anything such as explore the world, kill the monsters, socialize with other players, etc. The player selects the type and the race of the character. Hurry up and join with EverQuest 2 to have a great, amazing fantasy experience with other game players. 


9) Neverwinter

When we are talking about skilling games like Runescape for iPhone and Android, Neverwinter comes to the top. Neverwinter is a multiplayer role-playing online game that has a large audience. It is a standalone game, and it does not take a part in the Neverwinter Nights series.

Do you like to get an experience in a fantasy world that is based on the iconic Dungeons & Dragons RPG? Here you have eight playable classes and 13 unique races that have different racial bonuses for each other. Neverwinter is a classically familiar game because it’s a story-driven game.

The combat system of Neverwinter is action-oriented and very fun too. Your attacks and skills should be aimed at ones like in Tera. The multi-currency system with Gold and Astral Diamonds is available in the Neverwinter game.

And you can see excellent voice acting also. This is a game released for Microsoft Windows in 2013, Xbox One in 2015, and PS4 in 2016. Unfortunately, Android users miss this chance. Now you have Neverwinter Nights on iOS. This is what Neverwinter looks like.

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What Are the Other Runescape-like Games for Xbox?

Why not. There are lots of games like Runescape for Xbox.

  • Warframe
  • Dead Rising 3
  • Titan fall
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider
  • Smite
  • Dying Light  


When searching for an amazing gaming experience, you search for lots of facts such as the story behind the game, features of the game, the game concept, visualization, and mainly the cost. If you have to pay more for a game, you will drop this game in a few days.

In my favorite games, any other game didn’t win the place of Runescape. Anyhow in the gaming world, Runescape is at the top level. But people are watching some alternatives to Runescape and similar games to Runescape. I observed each game. Every game has a story behind it. I also played some games better than Runescape because I love these stories much.

And when I was researching games, I found is game developers are developing the games very differently from each other. So that’s why we feel like,” I should try this one also.” Because in every new game they offer unique features. Here I gave you the best games like Runescape free and paid and their feature, pros, and cons. You can go through and select what suits you as a player.

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