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7 Best Match 3 Games Like Candy Crush Saga in 2021

Games similar to Candy Crush Saga are called free-to-play match-three puzzle games and Candy Crush is the most popular in the world. Almost all of us played a game of this series. Candy Crush Saga was initially released in 2012 by King. Since then this game is still very popular and there are more than 30 million active users in the world. But, if you are looking for alternatives, reason maybe any either you just need something new or stuck on the same level, which feels like forever.

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7 Best Free Online Games Like Candy Crush Saga

1) Farm Heroes Super Saga – Free Offline Match 3 Games

It doesn’t matter that you may have played the original candy crush or not because even if you are making your first foot into the world of other match-three games, you’re going to love Farm Heroes Super Saga. The interface is very simple and will be much familiar to those who’ve played any of the King games before. The rules are simple; you match three items, i.e., farm-fresh veggies and fruits, in this case, to earn points. 

If you match more than three results in specialty items, which are worth more points, the higher you go, the more difficult the levels become.

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2) Farm Heroes Saga

In this colorful match 3 game by King, you will traditionally have to rearrange multi-colored blocks, collecting them in three or more. The gameplay of this game is well designed, based on combos and chain reactions; it has many bonuses and various power-ups that accelerate the passage.

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3) Candy Crush Jelly Saga

This game is the most similar to Candy Crush in terms of everything. Your task is to rescue the familiar Yeti, defeat the mighty Jelly Queen. And also, you need to catch the infuriating Pufflers by matching three or, obviously, more if possible.

You get new candies, new combinations, and a lot of new features that any match-three game lovers will enjoy. This game is a definite winner. It will make you feel as though you never really stopped playing Candy Crush but just upgraded to its new version.

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4) Zookeeper DX Touch Edition – Free Games similar to Candy Crush Online

The art style of this game is quite peculiar, but overall, it looks interesting. This time, instead of sweet peas and gelatin sweets, you will swap elephants and monkeys, as well as other animals from the zoo. It has a few versions, such as Zookeeper Battle, and all of them deserve mention. And, by the way, in all of them, the social component is quite strong. This development keiretsu studio is available on Google Play and completely free.

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5) Pet Rescue Saga

If you adore animals and at the same time you love match-three games, then you’re going to flip over Pet Rescue Saga. You can play this game for a long time. Because this one uses a lives system instead of the old energy system.

The gameboard is very familiar to old ones, but you get adorable pets that drop from the top of those blocks every time you match three or more. When the animal reaches the ground, it’s free. So try to make more pets free.

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6) Tetris

If you were born in the 90s or early 2000s, then I am sure you must be familiar with this term. This game is an emotion for many. Tetris is still available to friends and believes me. It’s just as addicting as it ever was. Although it’s not a match-three game still, the genre is the same. So we were unable to keep it out of our list.

If you are one who has never played this before, then you need to know that the interface is straightforward. Differently shaped products fall from the top of the screen of your smartphone at varying speeds depending on the level of difficulty you’re playing at that time. You need to make a wall without any holes; then it gets disappeared.

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7) Bubble Witch 3 

If you are an old player, this will not take more than 5 mins for you to master it. You just need to use your magic wand to break the magic bubbles. It reminds you of measuring the angles used when sinking a tricky shot playing eight ball pool or billiards. What makes this game more interesting is that there are the requisite bright colors and fun rewards, with incredible combo shots, cute ghosts, and fairies that have to be freed by you.

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Who finished Candy Crush Saga?

There are only a few people finished Candy Crush Saga and Simon Leung is famous for the first person to complete the game. Although few people confirmed he finished all the levels, there aren’t any proofs.  


Hope you like the list of Candy Crush Saga alternatives. The list is short as I included only perfect matches. But if you found anything I missed, feel free to leave them in the comment section. 

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