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11 Best Jira Alternatives Free & Paid (2023)

Jira is a choice of many people when it comes to a project management tool. It is a powerful tool that has many features to track the progress of projects. Jira offers accessible communication with teams through basic channels. There are some drawbacks of Jira software. The learning curve of this agile project management tool is steep. It has an outdated interface too. So it is better to check for Jira alternatives. 

Who Are Jira’s Competitors?

1) Trello

Trello is one of the best Jira alternatives that have a free plan. It is owned by the same company that Jira owns. It is helpful for teams to track project plans, tasks, and progress. You can make ‘To Do,’ ‘Doing,’ and ‘Done’ tasks to remember the tasks. Trello has a clean Kanban dashboard which is easy to use. 

All your projects in Trello are organized on a board that is divided into Cards and Lists. The cards are free to drag and drop among lists without concerning their stages. These cards can be made through email.  

You can select a plan in Trello by concerning the requirements of your businesses. If you are an individual and team seeking a productivity increase, Trello free plan is ideal for you. The free plan offers unlimited cards and members, up to 10 boards, 2-factor authentication, and Android and Ios mobile apps, and more. The Business Plan costs $10 per user per month.

It includes all the features in the free plan along with dashboard view, calendar view, timeline view, a map view, observers, saved searches, collections, and more. The Enterprise plan in Trello is suitable for companies that need to connect work across teams and enhance controls, support, and security. It comes with all the features in the Business Class and many additional advanced features. 

Is Trello Better Than Jira?

Jira is a comprehensive and fully adjustable project management tool. It is ideal for large-scale projects and businesses. The cost of using this tool is comparatively higher. Trello is one of the easy-to-use project management tools Jira Alternatives. It is suitable for individual use and small businesses.

You get more than 100 integrations in Jira, while Trello offers only 30 integrations. Jira has key features of the project and issue tracking. Trello comes with Kanban boards. Trello offers a free plan, but in Jira, the basic plan costs $10 per month. 

Is Trello Free?

Trello offers core features without getting a single dollar from you. It is ideal for personal use and small side projects. The Business Class access costs $12.50 per workspace member or multi-board guest per month. It adds more features and value to the workspace. 


2) Asana

Asana is one of the famous project management tools available at present. Asana allows you to stay organized and controlled as you can plan and track the project efficiently. It offers over 100 integrations to bring everything your team needs to collaborate and communicate on work from start to end.

As one of the best Jira alternatives, It is a cloud-based agile application lifestyle management solution. It is ideal for businesses to track the progress of projects. As, it can track the reports on different software portfolios, projects, and programs. Hence, this agile project management tool is ideal for any size of the team. 

There are several plans to select in Asana. It has a free version and a free trialThe Basic plan in Asana is free forever. The Premium plan comes for $10.99, and the Business plan costs $24.99. The organizations that need additional security, control, and support can purchase the Enterprise plan for customized pricing. 

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3) Basecamp

A Jira alternatives list without Basecamp is incomplete. So we put it as the first Jira alternative. It is the best platform for freelancers, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and small teams in mass-scale businesses

Basecamp comprises several features to assist in your business. You get customizable templates, calendar management, collaboration tools, mobile access, client portal, file sharing, and many other features in Basecamp. 

Basecamp business comes at a flat rate of $99 per month. It has many features like unlimited users, unlimited projects, unlimited clients, project templates, 500 GB storage, space for team projects, total control over the clients, and priority support. The Basecamp Personal plan gives three projects, 20 users, and 1 GB storage space. The simple pricing schemes in Basecamp are affordable for anyone. 


4) Confluence

Confluence is a project management tool like Jira. It allows sharing of information between teams and the entire organization. All the things in Confluence are organized in pages and spaces. Pages are the documents that people create, edit, and discuss work.

The areas that contain pages for individuals, teams, and strategic projects are named as spaces. Confluence offers real-time editing, commenting, and notifications for the usersConfluence has several packages. There is a free plan for small teams to document project information and decisions.

The standard package costs $5 per user is ideal for growing teams to collaborate and share knowledge. The premium package designed for organizations to scale with pricing differs from your needs. 

What Is The Difference Between Jira And Confluence?

Jira helps in planning and tracking projects in your organization. Confluence offers a place to organize all the content. It can store documents available in different places like file folders or shared drives. You can use Confluence and Jira software together. 

Is Confluence Better Than SharePoint?

Confluence and SharePoint both have some similarities. They offer features to edit documents in real-time. You can integrate them with email and calendars. You won’t find a desktop version in Confluence.

It is simple to upload documents and get document templates in both Confluence and SharePoint. Confluence is ideal for small and startup businesses and entrepreneurs. SharePoint serves small businesses of more than 25 people, mid-level companies, or enterprise organizations

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5) is a famous project management software. It is similar to Jira. You can track tasks, store documents, ease collaboration, increase visibility, and visualize has attractive features like task scheduler and prioritization. It is easy to track the progress of a project with

You can view all the project boards in a team calendar view. It helps to figure out the tasks and assigned dates and times for that. You can track the resources of the projects with the resource management option. It is easy to add time tracking for the separate column that includes project tasks. But the particular feature available with the Enterprise plan and Pro plan.

You can integrate Monday with 40 apps and platforms, including Google Drive, Slack, Jira. Shopify, and Zapier. This project management tool has an API. You get a space to store project documents, images, spreadsheets, and any other project-associated material on

You get collaboration features like team dashboards, mobile applications, standard communication features, and a file-sharing facility. Here, you get four pricing schemes on The cost for each plan changes with the number of user counts. The Basic plan offers unlimited project viewers, unlimited boards, 5GB file storage, Ios and Android app, and unlimited boards.

The Standard plan comprises all the features in the Basic plan along with 50GB file storage, unlimited activity log, four guest accounts, custom forms, calendar view, integration access, and timeline view. The Pro plan has all the features included in the Standard plan and unlimited file storage, chart view formula column, private boards, time tracking, unlimited guest accounts, plus ten dashboards.

The Enterprise Plan comes with all the features mentioned above, plus 25 dashboards, advanced account permission, one-on-one training, user session management, audit logs, and a dedicated customer success manager

Is Monday Better Than Trello?

You can get the use of Monday to complete complex projects. Trello is a simple and image-oriented platform that is ideal for decorators, designers, or teams. You don’t get a free plan on Trello has a free plan. So, both project management tools are user-friendly. Trello and Monday are at the top places in the project management tools list. 

Gantt charts, boards, custom fields, task hierarchy, file sharing, and wikis are available in Trello. You can integrate it with several platforms. Trello offers a free trial for users. So you can check whether the platform is compatible with your business requirements. The Trello has a free plan too. It includes many users, one project, and storage.

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6) ClickUp

ClickUp is a tool like Jira. You will find many features similar to Jira in ClickUp. It helps businesses organize and manage tasks, stay focused on the objectives, and report progress. You can fully customize the group’s experience in each space in ClickUp.

This project management tool offers several features like assigned comments for yourself or others, multiple assignees, integrations, multitask toolbar, rich text editing, templates, calendar views, Gantt charts, notepad, due dates, and goalsYou won’t find automation as standard in ClickUp. So you have to get help from a third-party app.

The software becomes slow when processing several tasks at once or when moving between views. As it is a project management tool specialized, it allows you to visualize the project, track progress, and optimize the workflow.

Your company can achieve transparency and accelerate business agility with the help of features available in ClickUp. Here, you can connect planning with execution, gain visibility across projects and portfolios, and optimize delivery workflow with built-in automation through ClickUp.

It has many features, including ClickUp board and cards, timeline workflow, multiple workflows, analytics, and management workspace. This app allows integrations with many apps. ClickUp offers a free trial after signing up with the email. It has two plans, namely Standard and Enterprise. 


7) Wrike

Wrike is similar to the Jira platform and other Jira Alternatives. It has more than 2.3 million customers around the world. Also, Wrike is available in 140 countriesIt offers you tracking for the project performance of your team without knowing statics. The progress reports can be shared with the stakeholders to provide them with visual insight into the business. You can integrate Wrike with many apps. 

Wrike has a free plan. It has task management, file sharing, board view, 2 GB total storage space, spreadsheet view, cloud storage integrations, and real-time activity stream features. The Professional plan costs $9.80 for a user per month. It helps with project planning and collaboration.

Gantt chart, shareable dashboards, task and subtask management, advanced integrations, collaborators, and 5 GB storage space are some features available in this plan. The Business Plan includes calendars, report templates, custom fields and workflows, branded workspace, project and task approvals, 50 GB of storage space, automation engine, and salesforce integration features to help project management tasks.

It costs $24 per user per month. The Enterprise plan consists of elements for advanced security and controls. You can choose the best plan that suits your business. Each plan comes with a free trial for two weeks. 


8) Airtable

Airtable is software like Jira. Over 200 000 leading organizations in the world trust Airtable in project management. It has several pricing plans. So you can select the best one concerning your requirements. The free plan offers unlimited bases, 1 200 records per base, grid, calendar, form, kanban, gallery views, and 2 GB attachments per base. It is ideal for teams and individuals who wish to start with Airtable.

The Plus plan comes for $10 per seat. If you are a growing individual or a team that needs more space and advanced features, the Plus plan will suit you. The most popular plan in Airtable is the Pro plan that costs $20 per seat. It is ideal for teams and organizations that want to collaborate on complex workflows. The Enterprise plan is suitable for companies with advanced control, security, and support requirements.

The starter plan costs zero per month includes Unlimited bases, five projects, and 2GB of storage. The Plus plan is the most popular one in Airtable. It costs $12 and allows unlimited users, includes 100 projects, provides 5GB of storage and Gantt charts. The Pro plan comes for $24 per month, while the Enterprise plan comes for customized pricing. 


9) Mavenlink

Mavenlink is another famous alternative to Jira. It helps your team to deliver the project on time, adhering to the budget. Here, it offers time and expense tracking, resource planning, project budgets and burn rates, real-time reporting, and task management with a Work Breakdown Structure. 

You can select the suitable plan from Mavenlink Free, Teams, Professional, and Premier plans. Many business people that start project management with other tools switch to Mavenlink with the time. You can try Mavenlink instead of Jira. A company that belongs to any size scale can make maximum use of this agile platform.

You can easily track the project progress with the use of Mavenlink. It comprises several key features like standalone project management, project schedule, issue management, project collaboration, reporting, task management, and time tracking. The workflow dashboard allows the team to share notes and comment on tasks.

You can access the progress of the project through a daily organizer in Mavenlink. So, you can either use this platform on desktops or mobile devices. The pricing schemes in Mavenlink depend on the number of team members of your company. It also has a free trial and premium support packages. 


10) Workzone

Workzone is one of the best Jira Alternatives. It offers project collaboration, resource and task management, time tracking, and customizable reporting options. Workzone is a cloud-based platform that gives automated emailed reports with current project status information. You can get a clear idea about the whole project through this platform.

Workzone clearly shows the to-do list and upcoming tasks of the project. It automatically sends a notification to the next party downstream when one team completes the task. Also, It has secure web-based file sharing and collaboration. You can manage different versions of documents, user roles, and file permissions with Workzone. 

Workzone has three pricing plans. They include unlimited training and support. The team plan costs $24 per user for a month. The professional plan comes for $34 per user for a month, and the Enterprise plan comes for $43 per user for a month. You get a discount when your team has more than 15 users. 


11) Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is an agile project management software similar to Jira Alternatives. All the team members can get a real-time view of the project. So all your team members will remain updated about the tasks. It offers a free tracker application for mobile devices. Pivot Tracker is ideal for modern software development teams

Moreover, it comprises many features, including story point, workspace, automated consistency tracker, dashboard reporting for time and trends, and estimate and prioritize work together. You can integrate more than 140 third-party apps in 10. Pivot Tracker. 

As similar software for Jira, more than 10 000 companies all around the world have trusted Pivot Tracker. If you are a product manager, then give it a try for this platform. Jira provides a single source of truth for the team’s planned work, facilitates team discussion, and makes it easy to assign work to team members

Pivot Tracker has a free plan for 1-5 collaborators. It offers core features and read-only seats, and a five-project limit. The startup plan that costs $10 gives you features in the free plan plus a 30-day free trial and flat rate price structure. The Standard plan costs $6.50 per collaborator for a month, and the Enterprise plan has customized pricing. 

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What Are Other Free Jira Alternatives?

  • Hygger
  • LiquidPlanner
  • Notion

What Are The Issues In Jira?

The building block of any project in Jira is called an Issue. It can represent a task, a bug, a story, or any other issue type in your project. There are issue keys and project keys in Jira. 

What is The Best App For Project Management?

You will find several apps for project management. We have discussed tools in this article. You can use one of them too. The best project management tool depends on your business type and requirements. 


If you need a change in the project management tool you are using, then give it a try to proceed with Jira alternatives. There are some drawbacks of Jira software. It has an outdated interface too. The software is not compatible with multiple assignees. So check Jira Alternatives.

You can integrate it with many apps. Their features change from one tool to another. You need to be concerned about your business’s requirements, the number of members in your team, and the affordable pricing plan when selecting a project management tool.

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