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15 Best & Super Famous Puzzle Games for Adults & Kids (2023)

Puzzle games are underrated, but the people who are into these games know how exciting and engaging mobile puzzle games can be. All games are different; they throw various challenges; even you may get baffled and frustrated with the gameplay as they are that much exciting. We have handpicked a few addictive puzzle games that are best suited for people who are with problem-solving skills. We know you are one. 

What Are the Free Puzzle Solving Games?

1) Saga games by King

King is a world-famous game developer that came up with mind-blowing top puzzle games over the years. Some of the games include Candy Crush Saga, Bubble Witch Saga, Pet Rescue Saga, and dozens of other action-puzzle games.

You would hear the name of this app among famous puzzle games apps more frequently. King Puzzles have more than 30,000 challenging but highly addictive puzzles. Besides, millions of downloads confirm that something is exciting in this game app.

All these games are different from one to another, and if you had played at least one game, you would know what King brings to the equation. The newest of the lot, Crash Bandicoot: On the run, is forecasted to release in March 2021 and promises to be one of the top story puzzle games for game enthusiasts.

Is Candy Crush good for your brain?

Yes, of course. But, never expect the winning to weigh in your favor, and playing a game like Candy Crush helps the dopamine rush, which is considered harmless to the brain but improves good habits. 


2) Homescapes

It’s another interior designing game where you are creating your fabulous mansion on a leafy street. Austin is the character you are playing, and you will help Austin build his place by matching and swapping pieces.

You can decide what you want inside the rooms, kitchen, or other partitions of the house, and you will have to discover hidden secrets to unlock new stuff. Homescapes even let you invite your Facebook buddies to help you build your mansion.

It’s the easiest way for you to kill some time, but with great exercises for your brain. There are more than thousands of puzzles to solve in the game and more than 500 levels to reach. Also, the character library contains more than many identities, keeping you interacting throughout the levels.

The cozy outlook you and your friends are looking for is always under control. It is regarded as one of the best mystery games for iPhone users, and you can play the game to the fullest for free, though it has in-game purchases to facilitate you with more great features for your house. 

Which one is better Gardenscapes or Homescapes?

Now it’s time to see one of the magnificent puzzle solver games to restore a wonderful garden as per your wish. Gardenscapes is also a product of Playrix, the developer of the previously mentioned game, and you will be helping Austin as you did, this time to build a garden.

There are hundreds of unique items, and you can make new friends with dozens of in-game characters. Different areas of the field require other structures; so, don’t expect the game to be a cakewalk by any means.

Like the Homescapes, you can request your Facebook friends to become neighbors, and even there is a cute little pet to cheer up when you are struggling. Moreover, it’s a constantly updating game with loads of great features, and if you are an Android user, it requires only a device above a version of 4.2.

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3) Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2 is the sequel game of the famous video game Angry Birds developed by Rovio Entertainment Corporation. You can climb the leaderboards, invite your friends, and involve in all-new game modes to experience the most exciting Angry Birds game ever. Daily challenges are great for the people who wish for a quick game, and hundreds of levels will be added in constant updates.

It allows you to join a clan, compete in Arena, and even impress the mighty eagle to earn more coins to buy stuff from the exclusive shop. You don’t need more explanation about Angry Birds, isn’t it? If you have tried the first installment, now it’s time to explore the 2nd edition of Angry Birds to relish the joy

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4) Fishdom

Would you like to take a deep breath and go underwater to solve puzzles? In Fishdom, you can create underwater aquariums as homes for the beautiful talking fish. It is one of the unique puzzle solving apps where you can talk and feed fish and see how they interact with each other.

You can also compete against other players to create your aquarium faster than them exploring a fascinating aquatic world in hundreds of game levels. When you move along, you will get access to the breathtaking underwater décor, and grabbing your scuba mask means you have the chance to flavor amazing graphics. Fishdom probably is the best underwater puzzle game for Android users.

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5) Brain Out – Can you pass it?

This game is a tricky puzzle game that evaluates your IQ level to the fullest. It tests your analytical and logical thinking abilities via different sorts of brain teasers and riddles. If you want to win, you have to put your thinking hat on as the questions are very subverting, and creative thinking is mandatory.

The structure of this game is very similar to the Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles game, but the questions are relatively tougher. There are various riddles and tricky tests in this strategy puzzle game. If you have an appetite for word games, puzzles, or Sudoku puzzles, a Brain Test would be the easiest way you can think of to have all these in one place.

In Brain Out – Can you pass it, you will be helping a tiny little robot stumble home. There are more than 50 mechanical dioramas to explore before you accomplish the task. It has 25 masterfully crafted difficulty levels and thousands of user-made levels as well. Yes, you can make your levels by using building blocks, and fans love this game as one of the incredible puzzle adventure games.

Unexpected game answers, teasers, cool sounds, and offline gameplay are a few of Brain Tests’ features. It is a funnier and more intelligent game than most puzzle strategy games, and the animation, graphics, and the way that questions are brought upkeep you engaged with the game for long hours.

It’s one of the excellent puzzle games going around these days, which we think is better than so-called classic computer puzzle games. These questions come in various categories, and the game consists of many exciting features.

The gameplay is easy to understand, and questions are humorously presented to you. The game’s funny sound effects are just out of the ordinary, and tons of trivia will help you boost your IQ knowledge levels. All in all, it’s one of the best puzzle game apps, and out-of-the-box thinking is required to overcome the hurdles.

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6) Toy Blast

In Toy Blast, you will match the same colored cubes and blast them to move through your way to countless game levels. The possibilities are endless if you give it a proper thought, and you can experience cool adventures throughout the game by winning each level.

Toy Blast’s gameplay is easy as you are only required to tap on the matching cubes to blast. It contains over 4500 puzzles, and there are several events in it, such as Star Tournament, Crown Rush, Treasure Hunt, and Daily challenges.

Also, Legend Arena has an option in which you are playing against the best players of Toy Blast. There are daily prizes on offer with a spin wheel, and in-game cute characters and toys keep company with you throughout the journey. We would rate Toy Blast as one of the top free puzzle games.

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7) Cut the Rope FULL FREE

You can follow Om Nom’s full adventure, the character of the famous “Cut the Rope” puzzle series. The little Monster that came inside the box requests only one thing: candy; you will collect gold stars and hidden prizes to unlock new levels. The features have 17 boxes with 425 levels, superpowers, excellent graphics, and an adorable, cute-looking character.

The gaming world has recognized it as one of the best free puzzle game apps as it has already won four major awards from reputed institutes. The game’s newest feature comes with fresh gun powder, and as the developer suggests, “now they fly better“. 

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8) My Home – Design Dreams

My Home – Design Dreams is another popular Google puzzle game we recommend for home designing lovers. There is a heart-felt story inside the game, and you will come across different characters while you play the game.

You can build your home from a tiny little bedroom to a luxurious mansion using the game’s features. Even you can add balconies, backyards, or pools to the house. Moreover, it allows you to join weekday and weekend events to build special homes, and you are always going to get coins, prizes, and surprises.

Further, if you wish, the My Home- Design Dreams game provides you with the opportunity to compete against your friends and leaderboards. Simply, it is among the highly addictive and awesome free puzzles games for android.

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9) Matchington Mansion

Do you love to build your mansion with new home décor and furniture? If so, give it a try with Matchington Mansion. It’s a fun-filled puzzles adventure game where you have the opportunity to hone your interior designing skills.

It’s incredible in all aspects of the newest puzzle games. Matchington Mansion is regarded as one of the best mobile puzzle adventure games that recognized international mobile gaming awards. It’s a real pleasure to play to taste this game.

When you go level up, you can decorate and renovate the entire house you are building throughout the game, and you will come across hidden secrets among the furniture you select for your home. All you have to do is match and swap candy to fit ideal furniture and other equipment to the most appropriate place.

Suppose you want new items to decorate your mansion, then you can purchase stuff from the in-game store, and you can disable the payment feature by turning off the in-app purchases in your settings as well. 

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10) Flow Free

This game is simple yet addictive and one of the top puzzle games that people choose to play. You will have to connect the matching colors with the pipe to create a flow and pair the colors to cover up the whole board; in doing that, you will complete levels to move ahead, and there are hundreds of levels, or even you can choose time mode to fight against the time.

Talking about the gameplay, it ranges from simple to challenging and all the elements in between. The clean and colorful graphics of Flow Free are unique, so does the sound effect. How you will interact with the game is entirely up to you as there are more than 2,500 puzzles to test your thinking capacity

The game has infinite levels to explore, and all it requires from your end is to connect lines and corners to make connections. It’s easier said than done; you must download the game to check what we explain here.

If you are a puzzle lover and want to test your brain, this is the top choice that your skills get pushed to the top. It has puzzles in many categories. So you search it, Flow Free got you covered. There are six difficulty levels. It’s a brilliant and popular selection among board game apps free that you must play. 

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11) Sand Balls – Puzzle Game

When it comes to the best free puzzle games for android, you can’t omit Sand Balls’ name from a list like this. The bottom line of a puzzle game is to take a break from hectic lives and relax a bit, right? It is what exactly you will experience in Sand Balls.

You will have to move sideways left and right to catch the balls and move them to a beautiful island by a truck. There are features like golden boxes and secret weapons to destroy balls in one shot. It looks cute and straightforward, but do not get caught in its appearance as the game is more challenging than its outlook.

Sand Balls is another great way of improving your logical skills. The game is all about intricate looping patterns, and the ultimate aim of the game is to relieve you from stress and bring some relaxation to your mind.

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12) Lily’s Garden

Would you like to play computer puzzle games with romance, gardens, and puzzles? You will have to help Lily renovate, decorate and expand her great aunt’s garden. The game is all about matching flowers and solving challenging puzzles. There are loads of customizable options available for decoration, and the storyline of the game is full of twists.

Lily is exploring a world full of flowers, and your job is to help her discover hidden secrets and mysteries. If you utilize your brain with a thinking cap on, there will be nothing left to remain as a secret. Solving puzzles, completing quests, and solving puzzles are what you have to do to level up.

By exploring the garden, you will get hands-on with hidden objects and dozens of flowers. Make flowers blossom again with your analytical skills by downloading the app, and Lily’s Garden is approved as one of the coolest video game puzzles by more than 4.7 five-star ratings by its users worldwide

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13) Manor Cafe

Manor Café is a piece-matching puzzle game in which you will design your dream restaurant and garden. You can make the most out of the designing skills to create an excellent restaurant mansion by just swapping and matching items.

Even you can unlock various tasty food recipes and learn about them in the gameplay from both online and offline. To provide you with a fun-filled experience, the developers have created characters like Meg, the restaurant Manager, and the angry chef.

If you get stuck in a puzzle, the Manor Café support service will respond to you within 24 hours. There is more to explore in these kinds of popular puzzle games, and the only way you can do that is by downloading and playing them. 

New levels and new tasks are being added to the game regularly, and the most recent update of the game came just two days before. There are more and more intriguing stories to be discovered, and if you are a fan of designing and puzzle video games, Mano Café is tailor-made for you.

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14) Merge Dragons

In Merge Dragons, you will be discovering a land full of entertainment and secrets hidden among the clouds. The evil zombies have voided a vale, and you will have to use your superpowers to heal the land by matching anything. The items you match consist of dragon eggs, stars, trees, flowers, and even mythical creatures.

Merge Dragons are well equipped with more than 500 eye-catching objects, and you will go through 81 different challenges. You can easily drag these objects around the land make them evolve into superior and fantastic items.

There are 37 dragon breeds hidden in the game that you have to discover, and the tricky puzzles of the game carry nearly 900 questions to challenge your thinking skills. It covers all the aspects you expect from the best brain and puzzles Android games.

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15) Unblock Me FREE

If you want to put cognitive and problem-solving ability under scrutiny, Unblock me Free is the perfect puzzle game iPhone users must consider having. It has over 40,000 puzzles, and each game throws different challenges in various ways.

In the game’s dark mode, the game works oppositely to the standard method. You will have to disconnect all and not leave any single piece connected to another. We have no hesitations in stating that Unblock me is one of the best adventure puzzle games free of charge available on the Google play store. 

There are three game modes: relax, challenge, and daily; it is considered a family-friendly game suitable for all ages. You can play the game both online and offline, and it syncs right after you connect your device to an internet connection. Unblock me FREE is an award-winning game with five top-notch awards making it one of the best Android puzzle games ever.

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What are the Multiplayer Puzzle Games Online

  • QuizUp
  • Jigsaw Blast
  • Quest Islands

Which Jigsaw Puzzles Are the Best?

Fishdom, Brain Out, Brain Test, and Unblock Me FREE are considered the best puzzle games for adults.


Playing a cool puzzle game is a stress-relieving activity, and they help improve your analytical, logical, and problem-solving skills. The unique puzzle games can keep you entertained for a few hours to move ahead in the game. Most of the best puzzle games for pc come with a price tag, which we think is a waste of money when there are great free games available with more or less similar features.

We have mentioned a few iPhone puzzle games, and some of the best games Android users shall consider. Pick one and enjoy the game. All Puzzle games and board games are famous for enhancing IQ levels. All these suggestions are tried and tested; all you need to do is download and play! 

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