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13 Best Life Simulation Games Like Sims | Freeplay (2023)

Today, I’m going to show you the best simulation games similar to Sims. Maybe what you love about the Sims game is just raising a family, Freeplay, and house building options. But, there are plenty of other games like sims Freeplay that have similar features or are even better than the Sims family games. Our team selected the following similar games considering various fats such as free play, life simulation, and a better experience. 

What Are The Best Games Similar To Sims?

1) Avakin Life

This is one of the very popular and Best Free Apps Like Sims in both the play store and app store as a life simulation app. It has very similar gameplay to Sims while making family games. Avakin game was developed by Lockwood Publishing Limited and now it has almost 3 million users. If you are looking for games like Sims for iPhone or Android, then this is the best.

You will get a similar experience to Sims. The game app is available on both Android and iOS not available on PC. You get to socialize with others and get to know each one of their different, interesting personalities. There is a comfortable interface and mechanics. You will get a family simulator experience. It is available on Nintendo Switch.

Website Android IOS

2) Virtual Families 2

It is one of the online life simulation games like sims for android and iPhone where you can get married and have babies. Here you can start your own family life by designing your dream house with happy and prosperous family life. You can also play this game on any phone android and iPhone. If you like to play sims, then this will be best. Sometimes, the game won’t start when the virtual families icon is touched.

In these best kid simulator games like the sims 4 free downloads for mobile, you can get the best free simulation games Experience. The regular day-to-day will soothe your desire for a dull routine. If you don’t want to be an alone wolf and living life on the land, you can play the dating game. All eligible bachelor and bachelorettes are waiting for you in Virtual Families 2.

You’ll start just by saying hello and waving coyly but find the right gift for your intentions. You can start a relationship just like in real life. If you reach a ten heart status and find a mermaid’s pendant on the beach, you can even get married and have your significant other moves onto your farm. It is available on both Android and iOS

Website Android IOS

3) Cities: Skylines

It is one of the City Building games like sims on pc where the Precious humans are still in city skylines. They are just far away while you have more significant problems to deal with like the water supply for an entire city, making everyone ludicrously unwell, and all having to go to the hospital that you haven’t had enough money to construct yet. 

Health education that desire for the simple life and parks yet still adequate transport links. It turns out that humans do ask for the earth and cities Skyline is supplying the solution one DLC pack at a time. It’s the sheer scope. That’s so staggering here from tiny towns to large metropolises.

Your creation can grow as big and intimidating as you want them to be. If you don’t have the patience to wait for a city to grow, there are always the wonders of the steam workshop. This game has six types of zoning. Buildings will level up with time. District planning tools allow you to apply policies base on districts or city-wide. Also, it has superb finance and tax system. But, it is offline gameplay.

No need to connect to an online server to build your cities. This game gives you highly mod support through Steam Workshop, infinite gameplay possibility, and extensive experience. No first-person camera, but there’s a mod to do this. There is no random map, but there are tons of functional in the Steam Workshop. DLC’s are a bit overpriced.


4) Game Dev Tycoon

This game takes your knowledge of the industry and makes it into one of the good games like sims house building. As indie and exciting gaming experiences for the hungry button pressing public and your understanding of genres that work well together is a serious plus and your pun skills help too.

Choosing console platforms, taking risks, and combining odd genres make Game Dev Tycoon continually compelling. Even fixing bugs is satisfying. Starting in a garage in the 80s, if you succeed, you’ll eventually end up designing for modern consoles is much more plush surroundings with millions of dollars in the bank.

This game is most suitable for a non-sandbox game for many reasons like many strategies, steam Workshops. (mods available). But it is not enough historical events, offices, or even regular activities that make a significant impact.

Website Android IOS

5) Fallout Shelter

This is a human simulation game where you can create a bright life underground selecting different kinds of modern rooms beneath 1000+ feet. Here you can build your build and protect your home. Hence, this is a very little and cute game with a pretty story and cute Background. It is also can be played on a PC, phone, and PlayStation. This game is available on both Android and iOS. But there is no multiplayer mode.

Website Android IOS

6) House Flipper

It might not have the effortless simplicity of rosebud or mother lode. Still, the design options within House Flipper and its green-fingered DLC are vast. You get to clean the whole place up first. Taking requests from customers, you can polish up the mess, fit radiators.

Paint walls, and organize furniture. It’s like being all of the Avenger sin one if the MCU was full of people with particular DIY knowledge. It might even inspire you to tackle a real-life problem or two of your own houses.

Unlike cheating in the sims app and just buying the most expensive of everything. By the time. You decorate in-house Flipper. You genuinely feel like you’ve earned everything on your own, and you’ll be comparing before and after pictures like a proud parent in no time.

There are lighting, shadows, objects, terrain, etc. It all looks top-notch and a testament to current game engines (when maxed). Animations are very fluid and intuitive. You can get a lot of quality mileage out of this one. But, it is not much variety with houses. This game needs modding support. Nut, it is not much of an end game.

Website Android

7) Jurassic World Evolution

Who needs humans when there are Dinosaurs to play? Jurassic world evolution is all about sparking no expense and playing with Dino DNA as you take control of a selection of murder zoos. At the same time, you can manage every park from the skies. Besides, it is one of the virtual life simulators games like sims for ps4.

It’s getting involved in the sometimes gory day today where the fun lies. Taking pictures of your dinosaurs and getting hands-on with the feeding schedule or just not being able to stop yourself watching the velociraptors hunt your guest when you should be tranquilizing them.

There are a variety of dinosaurs to hatch and create, different scenarios and disasters to prevent, variety of islands to choose or promote to. Animations and visuals are just cool. But it is repetitive gameplay with a lack of existing mechanics/buildings. Explore endless floors with a satisfying amount of monsters and loot.

Android IOS

8) Planet Zoo

Planet Zoo is one of the best life simulation games on PC. Here you can build your own world for wildlife. Frontier Developments PLC develops this game for Microsoft windows to construct and manage your zoo. Here you can meet live animals. This game is very similar to realistic graphics like sims free games. But it is only available for Microsoft windows.


9) Project Zomboid

You are immune from the airborne strain of the zombie virus that infected virtually everyone in rural Kentucky. Beyond that, there is no story. The Excellent Project Zombiod has loaded in common with the best sims game for pc. 

You have to cook food when your avatar gets hungry, which is a skill that improves with research and practice. You can even plonk yourself in front of a book to enhance skills that will help you last more than a few hours in this savage zombocalypse simulator

This game has a good crafting system, lots of tough zombies, a realistic and well-conceived survival game system, excellent sandbox customization, real-time fighting & shooting, good modding support, and very dynamic character upgrades.

Sometimes, food can spoil. Planned sickness and infection (non-zombie) system with the medical system to combat such issues. But, you cannot rotate the camera. Also, no end-game or story progression at all; you either die or get bored and quit.


10) My Time At Portia

Sometimes, you wait years and years for a sequel to one of the most beloved multiplayer games like sims on Steam of all time. Only to be crushed by disappointment when it finally arrives. Sometimes, an entirely different developer turns up and makes the game you always dreamed of

However, the My Time at Portia is that type of play, a bold, unapologetic spiritual successor to the legendary workshop Keeper. This game gave us our first taste of the real-life experience. Simply put, this is My Time at Portia made by people who adored the original games, and it’s deliciously cute. We are recommending this game, especially for Animal crossing fans.

It is a humorous, fun campaign that teaches you how to play the game very well. The fishing mechanic is pretty much fun and challenging. There are lots of new units: raising animals and growing crops, unlock rooms, constructs, defenses, and more with sins, generated by the archives. It is a very amateur-friendly map editor. But, when playing bigger maps, the game performance drops. The interface can seem confusing at times.


11) Two-point Hospital

It is all about maximizing your nurturing side among games like sims 4 multiplayer. Exercising your nursing muscles and basking in the joys of ludicrous pun illnesses like lightheadedness and Mockstar. So you can put the ward in award-winning, equally as satisfying as watching people pass through X-ray machines and saucepans being yanked from skulls is designing your hospital.

You could build a bare-bones functional room, but why do that when you can design prestige wards packed with antibacterial handwash and even posters of pugs. Add in the Tetris skills necessary to pack as many treatment rooms into each hospital building as possible. Two-point hospital scratches all your management itches nicely.  

It is a constant state of progress, with charming visuals, and relaxing music. Always something to be doing. It is very close to the original theme of the hospital experience. Interestingly, you can follow your friend’s progress in different hospitals. This game is available on PC

But, it is slightly repetitive. You can’t save room blueprints. The game does not feature a sandbox mode. Instead, it’s a series of scenarios with win conditions. Which means that you will be building new hospitals over and over again.


12) Farm Together

This is one of the cutest farms and house-building games like sims medieval where time is equally vital in farm Together. This is one of the ludicrously adorable agriculture and life simulation games online free no download that will make your hours and days disappear. Welcome to a world where no sleep, only farming, and production.

There are endlessly adorable animals, limitless trees of fruit, and a blank slate of land to turn into your mini-masterpiece. It encourages playing with friends as you visit other farms to increase your productivity. If the design and clockwork regularly of the Sim free game is what hooks you, this is on track for an ideal change of scenery.       

Many different homesteads to decorate and enjoy. There are many different seasons for different crops, weather effects, like rain, helps water crops, and the snow freezes the water, vast farmland, but easy to expand and grow. It is farming free online simulation games like a real-life experience.

Also, there are tons of quests to keep you occupied. It is an intelligent multiplayer feature that allows you to have your friends jumping in with you to take care of your farm, or even to let strangers come in to visit. It is available on Nintendo Switch.

Planting and watering plants manually can be a bit tiring at first. This game wasn’t made for this, so we can’t blame the developers, but some mechanic feels dull and rather unappealing, but you get used to it. If you don’t like repetitive tasks, you might find the game a bit boring.


13) Overcrowd: A Commute em Up 

One of the many pleasures of real-life free simulation online games, not just the Lifestyle Games similar to the sims, is making everything work. This game is the perfect clearest indicator of just that. When it’s all are running smoothly, your train station is full of happiness.

When it’s not, you’ll know about it quickly as bottlenecks appear in front of ticket barriers, and the whole world seems to be waiting on a train that’s only got two carriages. This game feels like a puzzle as you level the ground around tracks. Make sure everyone is getting off the right side of the trains, and exiting in a usual fashion.

The overcrowd might look innocent and sweet, but there’s an enjoyably brutal granularity. The gameplay is surprisingly addictive. It has a unique RTS design. The campaign is randomly generated. But, navigating through Z levels can be a bit confusing. Even though it’s fun to replay, you do get through all the content rather fast. You can’t build a structure below an existing one above it.


What is the Best Life Simulation Game?

In my opinion, The Sims is the best life simulator game free where you can feel like you are in real life and family. But there are so many like below and above.

  • Epic Astro Story
  • Dream daddy
  • Love & Dating Story: Real Life Choices Simulator
  • Ocean Is Home: Survival Island

What Are Free Online Games Like Sims But Better?

There are many life simulation games free similar to Sims which related to family lives, sex, dating, love, and so on. Here you can build your own house game like sims.

  • Second Life
  • IMVU
  • The Movies
  • Life Quest
  • Virtual Families 2 – Games like sims android
  • Home Street – Home Design Game
  • Love & Dating Story: Real Life Choices – People simulator games
  • Avakin Life
  • Journeys: Interactive Series

What Are Free Life Simulation Games Multiplayer?

  • Animal Crossing
  • Second Life
  • Fantasy Life
  • Stardew Valley


It’s no doubt Sims is the most popular life simulation game in the world. That’s why it has 4 popular versions (Sims 4 is the latest). Anyway, hope these sims-like games will help you to get the same feel and an even better experience with different types of online simulator games. If you played any other games similar to Sims, feel free to add them in the comment section. 

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