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12 Best Games Like Fallout 4 Ps4 (2023)

Video gaming is a fantastic industry and the most popular one among the young generation. If I talk about my experience, Fallout 4 is one of the most exciting games. I see Fallout 4 as a game with much freedom to the player. This is a role-playing action game that is the fourth member of the Fallout game series. But while I was playing Fallout 4, I thought that I should search and try for other games like Fallout 4. I introduce some of them to you here.

What Are Fallout 4 Game Competitors?

1) The Forest

This is the ideal place for horror video game lovers. This game is a fantastic game that gives a very uncommon and unique feeling for you. If you are the player, you have to control Eric LeBlanc, and you have to live in a forested peninsula.

Why the player has to survive there? You are there to search for your son Timmy who was missing from a devastating plane crash. How lovely this story is. I think it will be a new feeling for you. It is $15. But sometimes players spend more on unwanted things. Then if you feel they are not needed, you can refund them within 2 hours of playtime.

Reviews of this game are excellent. The graphics of this game is also amazing. But some players have mentioned that The Forest is boring after playing some time. And another con is it is more difficult to kill the cannibals without fire. But I think this difficulty will kill your boredom.


2) 7 days To Die

7 days to die is another best survival horror video game similar to Fallout 4. This game will spawn you to another randomly generated world. The main objective of 7 days to die is to survive from the elements and zombie hordes as long as possible. There are vulnerabilities to illness and injuries to the players.

And always they need water and food also. 7 days to die is a game based on voxel. When you are using the objects in the world, they are degrading gradually. Then the players have to make new tools to play the game. For this, 7 days to dies allows constructing the necessary tools by creating materials by gathering from nature and human civilization’s remnants.

Survival and the defense are fun in this game. And the player can easily grasp the building. The cons that we can find in 7 days to die are not very impressive graphically, and the loop of survival is too slow. 


3) Subnautica

Unknown Worlds Entertainment developed and published an open-world survival action-adventure video game similar to Fallout 4. In this game, the story starts from another planet. The player has to explore the ocean of another alien planet called planet4546B.

Then their spaceship crashes on the earth. After that player has to collect resources and survive. Subnautica is supported for Windows, Play Station 4 and Xbox, etc. It has four modes. Moreover, they are Survival, Freedom Mode, Hardcore Mode, and Creative Mode. 

  • Survival: The player should manage hunger, health, thirst, and oxygen. If he died, they would respawn with losses of some specific items.
  • Freedom Mode: Survival is there. But hunger and thirst are disabled. 
  • Hardcore Mode: Survival is there. If the player died, you could respawn, and the saved files are deleted permanently. 
  • Creative: Hunger, thirst, oxygen, and health are disabled. Additionally, you have submersibles, a mobile vehicle bay, and a stasis rifle.

Typically Subnautica is not free. But occasionally, they give it free.


4) No Man’s Sky

When searching for a game like Fallout 4, we cannot miss No Man’s Sky. It is an exploration survival game that is developed and published by Hello Games. No Man’s Sky is supported for Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox series S, and Xbox series X. This game is built around exploration, survival, combat, and trading.

No Man’s Sky allows you to play with full freedom. You can see endless variety in this game. And beautiful worlds are there. My favorite part of No Man’s Sky is the music they used. In this game, you can go wherever you want.

I can introduce No Man’s Sky as the largest open-world video game in gaming history. So, I love the graphics in this game. They are very colorful and built creatively. You can play No Man’s Sky in VR. And single-player and multiplayer are provided by this game. I’m sure you will have fun with No Man’s Sky. 


5) The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is another member of the Elder Scrolls family Games Like Fallout 4. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an action role-playing video game. It is supported for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, and Play Station 3.

The player has the freedom to go over the land, which is an open-world environment with caves, cities, towns, dungeons, villages, and fortresses, etc. I know after you heard this you will surely choose this game if you are a nature lover.

When you start the game, you can create your character as your preferences. You can choose the sex and some several races. While you are playing the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you can improve the characters and improve your skills. Lots of beginners also choose The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim because it is easy to start. 

Which is bigger: Skyrim or Fallout 4?

Skyrim is the biggest one when we compare it with Fallout 4. 


6) Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus is one of the best games similar to Fallout 4. It is a first-person shooter video game. But, this gives you a horror feeling also. There are attractive characters and interactions. So they will attract you to the crew and the journey. The story behind Metro Exodus is intriguing.

I can recommend this game as a stunning one. Metro allows the single-player, and you can enjoy it alone. In this game, the most important feature they provide is string weapon customizations and crafting system. But open sandbox areas are a little bit rare in this game.

And navigation through these areas is also a little bit different. These are the main drawbacks of Metro Exodus. This is not a free game, and it will take $24.99 for you to play the game. But my opinion is, it is not unfair when are comparing with some dirty games which are very expensive.


7) Satisfactory

Don’t you like to construct, automate and explore? This is the right place. Satisfactory is a game with dash exploration and combat. Also, it is a first-person factory-building video game that can find similarities with Fallout 4. I can introduce the satisfactory game in another way too.

That is, as an open-world game and a simulation game. If you are the player, you have to act in a role of an engineer. Satisfactory provides you with single-player mode and also multiplayer mode. In this game, players try to save the world by gathering resources.

You can build a factory by your won in this game. And then you can share it with your friends. But it’s up to you. You can travel the world with class by using factory carts, jump pads, hypercubes, jetpacks, trains, or trucks. You have the opportunity to enjoy the Satisfactory game entirely free.


8) Stranded Deep

I stopped at this game because of the beauty of the cover of the game. It’s lovely, and it grabs the audience to the gameplay. Stranded Deep is another survival video game that is supported for all Microsoft Windows, Xbox, Linux, and PlayStation 4.

An Australian Studio Beam Team Game developed Stranded Deep which likes Fallout 4. Day-night cycle and Dynamic weather are featured in this game. Players need to manage health, hunger, thirst, and sleep. There are lots of different life forms in the tropical ocean of this game. And the most exciting thing is, in Stranded Deep, you can enjoy the crafting system also.

The sharks of this game are great. Hence, it provides you unique and pretty gaming experience. The start and the end of the game are excellent. But there are some negative reviews that it is boring in the core. However, Stranded Deep is another best game similar to Fallout 4.


9) Bioshock

Bioshock is a first-person shooter game. And you can tell it as a role-playing video game also. When the player plays this game, they collect multiple weapons and plasmids. Player has the opportunity to change between the weapon and plasmids as they need.

In this game, you don’t need to get frightened about the player’s health. If the player’s health was reduced to zero, you could restore it. And there are several options for the players. They can use these options to face challenges.

Moreover, it has a beautiful story. The graphics of this game is also enjoyable. The most important feature of Bioshock is, it has a top-level character customizations feature. There are some terrible comments that it doesn’t work properly under Vista. And another thing I was confused about is, the final battle was misplaced in Bioshock. But overall, this game is the best game for game lovers. 


10) Green Hell

Do you like to play as a single-player or multiple players? Don’t worry. Green Hell offers you both ways. Green Hell is one of the best video games among the collection of alternatives to Fallout 4. It was developed and published by Creepy jar.

Green Hell is an open-world simulation video game that you can enjoy more. In this game, the environment changes dynamically. This game is a little bit different from other games. The player needs to sleep well and care more about the player’s health. And he should pay attention to avoiding contacting poisonous animals, injuries, and unsavory food.

You can make medicine and bandages to restore health. Here, you can find an immersive sound design. And the storyline is also very strong. Green Hell’s inventory management is very poor. Don’t miss to try with Green Hell and enjoy.


11) Far Cry

Far Cry is not just a game. It is a series of games. Moreover, it is a first-person shooter video game that likes Fallout 4. Action-adventure elements are also included in this game. The game is beautiful. In this game, the world feels alive. It will feel more comfortable because it is an open-world game. The control system of followers is incredible.

If you are a beginner in the gaming world, Far Cry is another best game for you. It is an easy play. But it is another way it will be a disadvantage for you because the too much ease will bring bored to the game. It is up to you. You can enjoy Far Cry without any subscription fee. So, It is an excellent advantage for you. 


12) Borderlands

Borderlands is another game series among games Like Fallout 4. It is a first-person shooter video game which is a role-playing action game. Also, it is an open world. When the player starts the game, he will choose a character with specific skills and weapons.

Borderlands allow you to level up gradually. But how can you do it? You can do it by getting experience through killing human and non-human foes and completing challenges. At the starting point, players can get only two weapons. But in the middle, you can improve it up to four.

The game uses a procedural Content Creation System to create these weapons and items. If you like to play Borderlands alone, you can play it alone. But lots of game lovers like to play games with their friends, relations or any other. Then you need to play with multiple players, and Borderlands provides this feature also.


Is There Any Games like Fallout 4?

  • Rage
  • The Witcher 3
  • Wasteland 2 Director’s Cut


All the games are not bad. Due to the development of technology, people’s traditional hobbies in their leisure time are hidden now. Instead of them, video games became on the floor. It is a real addiction for the young crowd. All game lovers are crazy about video games. Day by day, they are looking for another new one.

In the market, you can find games of every type you need. When I started to research this gaming world, I have found the first thing, how large this subject is, and the unlimited varieties. Anyhow, I began with Fallout which is one of the best and most popular ones. The Games Like Fallout 4 mentioned above are very similar to Fallout 4.

I see Fallout 4 as a game with much freedom to the player. Players can roam freely in the worlds of the game. And if you need, you can leave a conversation at any time. The weapons in Fallout 4 can be customized. There are over 50 guns, and they can be crafted with over 700 modifications such as barrel types and laser focus like Fallout provides wonderful features for the players. 

If you need to find an alternative game to Fallout 4, this is the best collection you have. All the games are different from each other. They have unique features. Some are free, and some are payable. But, the choice is up to you. According to your expectations, choose the best suitable game for you to spend your leisure time with more entertainment.

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