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11 Best Weather Apps For Android, But Accurate (2023)

In your daily career, how do you get information about weather status? In the past, you got information from TV, newspapers, or FMs. But now the world is at a top-level of technology. Due to the development of technology, you can now find good weather apps for Android and iOS. There are a large number of weather apps for both Android and iOS. Here we give a few best weather sites for you.

What Are The Best Android Weather Apps?

1) The Weather Channel

Do you like to have the most trending severe weather details in the world? The Weather Channel is the ideal place for that. As the world’s world’s leading weather details provider, The Weather Channel App for Android iOS provides more features to the users. The Weather Channel gives live Radar updates, on hurricanes, and storms, including all the weather details.

There are the top 4 major features on the weather channel:

  • You can enjoy a personalized weather map and find weather status in a new way. 
  • NOAA Serve weather emergency alerts
  • Track weather alerts and conditions 
  • Enjoy smart videos 

In the Premium version, you can get all the information about local Weather and temperature. And it has a new and improved radar. The Premium version has no ads The Weather Channel will give you a great experience with weather information. 

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2) Accuweather

Accuweather is one of the Best Weather Apps For Android. It gives you daily weather updates, today’s temperature, the latest hurricane updates, sudden situations, and many other weather details. You can be prepared for your work with weather forecasts, detailed reports, radar maps, and any other sudden changes with live alerts.

Is AccuWeather very accurate?

Accuweather daily forecast snapshots provide weather warnings, Cloud covers, rain alerts, UV index, and everything is provided by Accuweather daily forecast snapshots. There are some major reasons to love people with this Accuweather App. Due to these beneficial things mentioned below, the app is a top-rated app for all Android.

  • The latest and updated user interface steals the attraction of Accuweather users. You have a beautiful and streamlined layout with a fantastic conditional background. Due to this user-friendly interface, users can easily find out the information they need
  • Live updated weather reports are the newest feature of Accuweather. It gives the weather situation minute to minute to the users. Now you can enjoy this latest feature of Accuweather. 
  • You can get weather details from the past to today or tomorrow or a 45-day outlook.
  • High Accuracy is another benefit of Accuweather.
  • You can get the fastest weather forecasting service whenever you need and wherever you need it. 
  • RealFeel and RealFeel Shad Temperature technology is another excellent opportunity to enjoy how weather details look and how it feels real and the difference between them. 


3) WeatherBug

WeatherBug is a fantastic app for you to get a better experience with weather information. It won the best weather app in 2019 by Appy Awards. So, it can be the most accurate weather app Android. You can also see its popularity from the amount of weather app downloads in Playstore.

How accurate is WeatherBug?

Moreover, you can get the service free, and it provides more accurate data for the users through environment intelligence. If you need the fastest and the best weather alert app, you have to choose Weather Bug surely. It provides hourly, daily, and 10-day weather forecasts. Now there are over millions of users of WeatherBug. Android users give lots of good feedback.

Here you can see what the unique features of WeatherBug are: 

  • Professional Weather Network 
  • Spark Lightning Alerts – You can be prepared by getting 
  • Dangerous thunderstorm alerts. 
  • Animated Weather Maps 
  • International Weather Forecasts – You can use ave over 2.6 
  • Million locations all over the world. 
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4) Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather is one of the popular free Apps for weather details. When you hear about Yahoo, you memorize good feedback. Yahoo Weather also provides a better service for Yahoo Weather users same as Yahoo.

Giving weather status with more Accuracy, Providing hourly or five days, and 10-day forecasts to manage the user’s schedule is the primary target of the Yahoo Weather App. Yahoo Weather provides wind, Pressure, Temperature, Rain, and chance of Precipitation details.

You can see the animated wind, sunrise, Sunset, and also the pressure modules here. Yahoo Weather provides you with more color themes, automatic night modes, and sweet secret extras. It offers you the most accurate weather details.

There is no worry for you about the reliability of the weather information. It is powered by the world’s largest and the best data sources: Dark Sky, ClimaCell, AccuWeather, The Weather Company, and AerisWeather. The ability to observe interactive maps is an excellent opportunity in Yahoo weather.

If you love to gather the Weather  Details of countries Yahoo weather is the best choice. From this app, you can track all the destinations you need. Yahoo Weather also provides a contrasting color facility. It is another best choice amongst a large number of weather apps for Android. 

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5) 1Weather 

1Weather is a top-rated free weather app for Android. It provides you lots of features. If you need to plan your schedule and have weather details, do not worry. 1Weather is the best choice. 1Weather has more options. You can get 12 weeks extended forecast through 1Weather.

It supports up to 12 cities all over the world and 25 languages. And you have 10+ beautiful widgets. Widgets can customize as your wish. If you need it, you can have hourly details also from 1Weather. Dew Point, Visibility info, UV Rating, Humidity, Wind speed, and atmospheric pressure are the special options in the 1Weather app.

Turning the weather forecasting apps, 1Weather provides local forecast videos from 1Weather TV in HD quality. Updating the trending weather news is another great benefit of this app. Weather is a thing that changes every second. Anyone cannot say anything about the weather 100%. But in the 1Weather app, you can have more accurate details compared with others. 

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6) Weather Underground

Weather Underground is another most popular weather App for free amongst the large collection. It provided data for the users by connecting with over 250,000 personal weather stations. Before you are trying with an app, you have to know the app’s features to the user. Weather Underground gives lots of features.

The Weather Underground features: 

  • It has storm radar and weather alert free service, which helps people be always prepared. 
  • Current weather conditions as hourly, daily, and up to 10 days from local weather stations are provided by the Weather Underground widget. 
  • Most updated weather details are given from this app like wind speed, temperature, wind direction, humidity, and rain accumulation, including weather maps. 
  • Not only the main weather details. It provides other geographical data also as UV index, air quality, sunrise, Sunset, etc. 
  • And the other beautiful feature is you can get the experience by customizing the app in dark mode or light mode or so many various app types and units. 

You can remove all the advertisements in the app by updating it to the version. Try Weather Underground for a better experience. 

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7) Met Office Weather Forecast

Met Office Weather Forecast is a world-famous weather app. It is more popular, especially in the UK. An app can catch the attraction of the users if it provides more and more features for them. The user interface is more user-friendly. It is an eye-catching design. You all know the importance of the first impression. So Met Office Weather Forecast catches the user’s eye with the first look. 

Here you can see the features of the Met Office Weather Forecast:

  • You can switch easily and quickly between daily and hourly forecasts for the locations you need. 
  • It provides an interactive rainfall map and text forecast for the next 24 hours and the previous 6 hours
  • Real-time UK National Serve Weather Warnings with the interactive warnings map for your UK saved locations. 
  • You can have all the instant notifications of the official UK National Serve Weather Warnings
  • It allows you to watch the latest video weather forecasts.

Here you have personal and accurate forecasts, including: 

  • Excellent UK rainfall radar map 
  • UK National Serve Weather Warnings map 
  • UK surface pressure map 
  • Real temperature and feels like temperature 
  • Official Met Office National Serve Weather Warnings 
  • Videos of National Weather forecast in the UK 
  • Sunrise and sunset times 
  • Pollen and air pollution forecasts 
  • Local weather forecasts for unlimited locations 

These are the advantages of the Met Office Weather App. You can study all these things and choose if it suits you. The Met Office Weather App charges for these features. It is not a free app. By using Met Weather Forecast App, you can have excellent service. It is one of the best Weather App Android. 

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8) Today Weather

Today Weather is a world-famous, beautiful, and simple weather app which is more accurate in the local weather forecast. You can use this app very easily. Pollen count, Air quality, and UV index are essential things for people.

Through this app, you can find all the above things things’ details and protect your health from them. Sunrise, Sunset, and full moon are the most eye-catching moments ever in the world. People try to catch them. Now there are no worries.

You can catch these beautiful moments according to the information provided by Today Weather App. So it is an excellent opportunity for travelers and photographers. You can get all the alerts about Strong Wind, Heavy Rain, Heavy Snow, thunderstorms, etc. Rain snow alarm is  Another popular feature in this app.

Not only get details, but you can also now share the weather details for friends from Today Weather. And you can get daily weather notifications. Temperature, Humidity, Visibility, Air pressure, dew point directions, and wind speed are the other facts you can get from Today Weather. Do not miss trying this app, which has all the above unique features. 

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9) NOAA Radar Pro

NOAA Radar Pro is a powerful weather app for all Android users. It is powerful. But it is easy to handle. Through this app, you can get push notifications without opening the app during tornadoes, snowstorms, flood warnings, etc. The snow map feature gives you the ability to find the local and global view of current snow.

It provides real-time animated weather radar images to you. It NOAA Radar Pro has fast-loading radar animations, lots of features for tracking Weather, and bookmarks for saving multiple locations. There is no matter if it’s rainy, cloudy, windy, stormy, or snowy. You can be prepared according to the weather details which are provided by the NOAA weather app.

Here is the best feature you have in this app:

  • World weather Map
  • Customizable overlays 
  • Resizable Widgets
  • Easy location search 

By getting all this advantage, you can have a better experience with NOAA Radar Pro. 

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10) Overdrop

There are over millions of Best Weather Apps For Android. Among them, the Overdrop app takes a great place all over the world. First, you select the Overdrop App. You have to know the features that they provide for you and why you should select them?

Overdrop is another good choice for Best Weather Apps For Android. It catches its popularity, not for forecasting. It is more famous for its widgets. Overdrop is an App that has a beautiful design ever. Overdrop is powered by like Dark Sky Weather, Accuweather, and Weatherby. 

Which are the leading weather forecasting providers. Detailed hyperlocal weather data, Serve weather alerts, 24-hour weather forecast, seven days weather forecasts, Home screen widgets, and Customizable weather notifications are the significant features of Overdrop.

The interface of Overdrop is similar to Today Weather, and Overdrop is easy to use because of the user-friendly UI. Overdrop provides information like temperature, rain, Humidity, Air pressure, etc. The only disadvantage of an Overdrop is it is not a free app.

You have to pay $7.50 for a lifetime, $2.19 for a year, and $0.99 for a month. But there is a special three days trial for you. You can try it within three days and ensure that you need this app or not. It is the best weather app for Android. 

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11) Flowx 

Flowx is a different kind of weather app. It is different from others because Flowx gives a visualization of the forecast through unique maps and graphs. Photography, traveling, hiking, aviation, surfing, and fishing are the most typical Weather and climates.

You can arrange all these things according to the weather details of Flowx. The weather forecasting map is the primary benefit of this valuable app. Through this, users can easily find out what they need. Flowx provides you with 30+ data types like temperature, wind, cloud, perception, waves, pressure, humidity, and more.

Viewing forecasts for up to 16 days, viewing historical hindcasts up to 3 days, customizing graphs by selecting data types, and selecting multiple map options are the unique features of Flowx that have only for the pro version. You can have a better experience with the visualization of weather details by using Flowx. 

These are the reasons to plan your schedule with Flowx: 

  • There are no more ads. You can use Hello Weather App freely without any bother. It saves your time and will be more helpful to your busy schedule. Some people uninstall the app because of these unwanted things. They need the freedom of the app. So in Flowx, you don’t have any bother.
  • Some Weather apps are very complex. To use these kinds of apps, you have to know the Weather and this field. But Flowx gives you this special feature. There is no need to be a weather expert in using Hello Weather. It offers the service of translating scientific words into human words. It will be a great help for the users. 
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Why Weather Apps are So Important?

As we all know, we are living with nature. We are also a part of nature. No one can live against nature. We have to obey them. Weather is significant for all people all over the world. In your day-to-day work, you have to be concerned about the Weather.

Because if the Weather is changed, you have to change all the work according to the weather situation. There is not matter whether you are a scientist or engineer, or a farmer. It affects every field in different ways.

Scientists should do their further research according to the weather situation because they have to work with the environment. Engineers cannot continue the construction and other processes if it rains. Farmers should manage their cultivations by considering the weather status. As a human being, you cannot skip this topic. 

What is the Best Weather App?

From my opinion and experience, The Weather Channel is the best weather forecast app free. It is also another app among the top weather apps for iOS.

What is the Most Accurate Weather App UK?

  • BBC Weather
  • Met Office Weather Forecast
  • Weatherbug
  • Google

Which Weather Apps Are Most Accurate Australia?

  • Weatherzone
  • Aus Weather Australia

Which is the Best Weather App India?

  • World Weather Online
  • Windy
  • Ventusky
  • Weather India


Weather is the combination of different kind of events that happens every day in the atmosphere. Only it includes rainy, sunny, cloudy, windy, etc. “Weather” is a fantastic concept. You, I, and all are in one world. We all have one sky. And, we all have one earth.

Not only that, we all have one atmosphere. But Weather is different in different parts of the world. You can use Best Weather Apps For Android to forecast your daily routine. And also, it changes every hour, minute, and even a second. But how the Weather is affected by your life? 

For that, there are thousands of weather apps for Android all over the world. You can put your weather app on the home screen of your phone and use it. But all the apps don’t suit everyone. All the apps are different. They have different features. Some are paid apps and some are free. And also, some are user-friendly or very complex.

Like these, they have various abilities. According to your expectations, needs, and wishes, you have to choose the Best Weather Apps For Android for you. Here you have a collection of the world’s best weather apps for Android.

It is more helpful to you in your daily activities. Among them, you can choose the best and the most suitable app for you. Here you have more information about the above best weather apps Android. Choose the best, and plan your schedule. If you have any other, show me weather apps in the comment box!

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