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15 Best Filter Apps for iOS and Android | Edit Like a Celebrity 

Do you like to be gorgeous like a celebrity? Yes definitely. Women especially want to appear looking so pretty. So you think that you have to spend lots of money, find a great makeup artist, find the best makeup brands and find the best photographer with large, expensive equipment like that. Don’t worry. You have a great opportunity from your smartphone, Best Filter Apps—further no need to do lots of things for a fantastic photograph of you. 

Today you use iOS and Android Apps for every day to day work. So still, why don’t you take advantage of an App for your beauty purposes only? Now there are large amounts of filter Apps to edit your photographs. Girls always try to be different from others when they are doing fashion and makeups. They like to get the attraction of the outsiders. And now, social media is the primary platform for communicating people. Due to this situation, there is no more important to your live beauty.

All the people pay attention to your profile picture of social media account and other photographs. And you also love to grab thousands of likes, comments, hearts, etc. for your photo. So that’s why the picture becomes more important in society. 

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There is no matter that you are using an iOS or Android phone. To edit your photograph as you wish, there are lots of Apps for both operating systems. You have to choose the best filter App for you to be looks like a celebrity according to your expectations among the filter Apps. Then only you can get a beautiful result. 

Celebrities use filter Apps in their day to day life. They also don’t go to makeup artists and photographers. They just simply use the filter Apps to update their social media accounts and for many other purposes. 

What filter Apps do celebrities use? 

VSCO is the most popular filter App among celebrities all over the world. It is in the top rung among the lots of editing Apps. And the other most popular filter Apps among the celebrities are; 

  1. Snapseed – Best filter app for iPhones 
  2. Afterlight 
  3. Lens Distortions 
  4. Adobe Lightroom 
  5. Mextures 
  6. Enlight 
  7. Instagram 
  8. Polarr 
  9. A Color Story – Popular filter app for Instagram 
  10. Instasize 
  11. Darkroom 
  12. Retrica – My favorite filter app for selfies 
  13. Foodie 
  14. TouchRetouch 

Not only these Apps. There are thousands of Filter App for you. They are different from each other. Every App has a unique feature. So choosing the Best Filter Apps for you is on your hand. For that, you have to know what is the feature they have and how. Here you have more information about filter Apps, which are mostly used by celebrities for both iOS and Android. 

15 Filter Apps for iOS and Android

1) VSCO – Most Popular App Among Celebrities 

Amongst Instagram users, VSCO is the most famous editing App in both iOS and Android. It is not just a photo editing App. VSCO gives a community for photographers. They connect to VSCO and provide their service through this App. 

VSCO provides all the features which you expect from an editing App. You can edit the details of a photograph like saturation, temperature, vignette, highlights, etc. Not only for editing, but You can also use VSCO as a camera. You can capture perfect shots from the camera with advanced controlling. Then it provides the feature to edit and save the photograph without leaving the App. Filters are a significant part of VSCO. So, It has lots of great filters with unique styles and tones. These filters bring the VSCO app to popularity. VSCO offers a great user experience with more and more features and a broad platform for photographers to make new creations. 

Website Android IOS

2) Snapseed 

Snapseed is another famous photo editing app for you. It’s on both iOS and Android. But it is mostly used by iPhone users. Snapseed provides you a professional editing interface and features. With this App, the advantage is it is very simple to use. But the features are very advance. 

By using Snapseed, you can adjust all the settings from brightness to highlights. The most important thing is that Snapseed has special brush tools to adjust your photograph’s place according to your expectations. More filters, HDR, and lens blur are the major setting it has. Snapseed provides you a professional photo editing platform, an unbelievable final result. If you need to get more attention to your social media accounts, Snapseed is the best choice. 

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3) Afterlight 

Afterlight is a paid editing App that is supported for iOS, Android, and Windows. The quality of edited photographs and the simplicity of the interface brings the App to the community. Adjusting brightness, saturation, Highlights, exposure, and contrast are the major functionalities of the App. But these are not all. Filters are the other most popular thing amongst the young crowd. By applying attractive filters, your photograph becomes a standard level.

Filtering facilities that you get from this App are in a wide range. There are special textured filters and light leaked filters. You can add frames by using Afterlight. Among thousands of apps, Afterlight is more popular because you can export your photograph after editing with high resolution. It is a big advantage, especially for celebrities and photographers. If you have a great final production paying $0.99 is worthy for you. Try with Afterlight and edit your photograph like a celebrity. 

Website Android IOS

4) LensDistortions 

Lens Distortion is an App that has amazing distortion effects. All the things you need can add just in a ten-second or less. Cloudy effects, Rainy and Sunny, etc. are what you can add to your photograph. In the Lens Distortion app first, you have to select the photograph that you want to edit. Then click on the particular effect on the bottom of the screen. After that, you can adjust the effect as a wish to the photo by swiping your finger around the phone.

You can also modify all the parameters in effect, such as intensity, shine, and opacity. It is not like a normal app. You can use distortion effects and widely and edit your photograph professional or crazy according to your wish. The ability to add appealing effects in a second to your photo is another benefit for you. It gives a realistic look for it. There is a think twice to familiar with Lens Distortion. 

Website Android IOS

5) Adobe Lightroom 

Adobe Lightroom is a well-known App in photography. Professional photographers mostly use this software. But not only photographers. But also celebrities and ordinary people use the Adobe Lightroom app on their mobile. It supports both iOS and Android phones. Adobe Lightroom software works file RAW file, which is usually used by professional photographers.

The App helps to adjust all the details of photographs easily and have a great professional result. Adobe Lightroom is a professional App. But it is not a paid app. It is the best advantage for you. All the features like saturation, contrast, highlights, exposure, shadow, etc. have this fantastic App. And there is another significant benefit of Adobe Lightroom. By using Adobe Lightroom, you can do bulk edits and export them once in high quality. To keep more attention to your photographs, Adobe lightroom is the best choice. 

Website Android IOS

6) Mextures 

Mextures is an app that supports iOS only for $1.99. The concept of the Mextures App is based on layers. It has a simple editing interface, but with advanced editing. It is the primary reason to become more popular amongst the people. Mextures has lots of filters. So you can use them and edit your photograph quickly ina short time. Using the App, you can edit as a collection or individually as you wish and save the edited photos for future use. It allows both captures the pictures or selects an image from your gallery to edit. Personalized features give uniqueness to Mextures. And It is available on iOS. 

Website Android IOS

7) Enlight 

Enlight is a paid app that is supported only for iOS. It provides a very easy interface and easy editing approaches. So even if you are a beginner, it is not difficult. Enlight has a variety of editing tools. There is no matter what you are searching for. You will find a tool to enable that. Apple was awarded enlightening. It is excellent evidence to prove the App is one of the best apps. Within one year, Enlight becomes more popular amongst people. It is a one of the Best Filter Apps designed by the development team of the classic portrait-finishing application “Facetune.”

App Store highly recommends this App because it provides more and more features. And the most beneficial thing for professional photographers is it does not need more storage from Enlight. With these all advantages, you can buy the Enlight app for $3.99. 

Website Android IOS

8) Instagram 

When we are talking about filters, effects, and editing photos, we cannot miss Instagram. Before Facebook and youtube, Instagram is the next popular social media platform all over the world. In June 2018, it had over one billion active users monthly. It has all the basic photo editing tools such as overlays, filters, effects, texts, stickers, etc. The Instagram app supports both iOS and Android. It provides all the features not only for the photographs which you upload to your Instagram account. You can edit your photos by using this App and save it for future use. They offer all these benefits for you without any payment. Lots of young girls and boys use Instagram to edit their photographs like celebrities. 

Website Android IOS

9) Polarr 

Polarr is a popular editing app that supports both iOS and Android. Polarr offers you more than just editing your photographs with various tools and applying filters. It allows you to customize the editing interface. You have to just tap on the toolbar tools and move them to places that you need. Due to this special feature, you can set up the toolbar with your most familiar tools. It will be an excellent choice for you to have a friendly interface. Adjusting brightness, saturation, contrast, highlights, and shadows are the major functionalities of an editing app.

The special feature of Polarr is it offers you to create your filters according to your requirements and save them. Polarr is an amazing photo editing app. So spend a minute to try with Polarr and get a professional and gorgeous result. 

Website Android IOS

10) A Color Story 

A Color Story is a very popular filter app for Instagram. It supports both iOS and Android and not like other apps that focus on muted and moody tones. Because, It always gives bright and vibrant colors. You can enhance your photograph for social media sharing by using this App. It has more than 20 tools. A color story allows a desktop version with photoshop actions and lightroom presets. Here you have beautiful features and also beautiful interfaces. But you have to pay to get these tools in this App. The initial step and basic App are free. But inside the App, you have to make the payments to get the features. Anyway, if you need to edit your photograph more colorfully, using a color story is the best choice. 

Website Android IOS

11) Instasize 

Instasize supports both iOS and Android. When you are uploading your photo to social media, you cannot upload it without crop. By using Instasize, you can upload your image without any resizing and cropping. Like Instagram, Instasize has also had features of filters, effects, layers, and text to edit your photos.

Moreover, you can create collages using a camera or selecting pictures from your gallery or any other external device. It doesn’t allow share the edited photos on Instagram only. It offers you to upload the photo on any other social media platform and save them for future use. Up to now, this App is downloaded around 1.5 million people. It is a considerable amount for a new app. So try with Instasize and grab the attraction to your beautiful photograph. 

Website Android IOS

12) Darkroom

The Darkroom is an amazing app for you to edit your photo. It is for the only iOS. The ability to adjust the curves as in photoshop is the most impressive feature in the Darkroom. You can adjust the highlights, shadows, mid-tones, blacks, and white by moving your finger on the phone as you wish. It is a paid app, and it is for $2.99. But if you study the features in this App, you will don’t think twice about buying the Darkroom App.

You can create your own presets, customize them, and save. It is one of the biggest advantages of the Darkroom. It offers you to change the color temperature, curves, and sharpness, etc. The Darkroom is more popular among people because it plays the role very fast. To edit your photo, the Darkroom will be the best App for you. 

Website IOS

13) Retrica 

Like Instagram, Retrica is a photo editing app with many filters, effects, and many more features. This App is not a paid app. In the past, Retrica was supported only for iOS. But now the Android user also has the opportunity to use this App. You can try with more than eighty beautiful filters, styles, and effects. It separates from Instagram because you can apply the effect, filter, or any other adjustment before you capture and check that it is good or not. Commonly Retrica is used by people to take selfies. As you take photos individually, you can take more than nine snapshots continuously by using this App is an excellent advantage for Retrica users. Edit your photographs entirely free with Retrica like a celebrity. 

Website Android IOS

14) Foodie 

The people who are food lovers know about this App called Foodie. It is for food photography, which was developed by LINE. In this App, they focus only on taking photographs of food and providing the best food filters. When you go for an out, you do not forget to capture the food you have taken. You need to upload them to your social media platform like the foods are full of tasty. To keep that quality of your photograph, it is better to use this kind of App.

There are more than twenty filters and effects on food. Every food has a unique filter or effect in Foodie. It will help you to capture the food that looks more delicious. If you need to illuminate the photographs, you can use the device’s flash also. Foodie is an excellent app for food photography, which is undoubtedly has forgotten to take even a selfy. 

Website Android IOS

15) TouchRetouch 

TouchRetouch is a unique app in editing photos. It is not just a filtering app. The basic concept of this App is removing the unwanted contents in the picture. This is not a free app, and you can buy it for $1.99. There are some unwanted and ugly things such as telephone poles, power lines, and blemishes in your photos. Now there is no need to worry about that. You can remove them by using TouchRetouch. And no one can find that in your photo.

Always I’m trying to recommend the free apps. But this is a best- paid app for editing purposes. The young crowd is mostly using this amazing App to remove the pimple marks and blemishes of the face. It gives you a fantastic look like a celebrity in a few seconds. TouchRetouch is available on both iOS and Android. 

Android IOS

What Filter apps used by World Famous Celebrities

What filter app does Kim Kardashian use? 

Kim Kardashian mostly uses VSCO for her editing. If you have a look at her photo, you can see there is a retro look. She edits this kind of image to upload to Instagram using VSCO. Except for this, she is using Perfect365 and Huji. 

What filter app does Kylie Jenner use?

If you are searching for the App, which Kylie Jenner uses to edit her photographs on Instagram, there is no wonder. On one look at her Instagram photo, we can see her brow is fuller; lips are fuller, and altogether she looks incredible. Kylie Jenner reveals the secret behind it to Seventeen magazine Article and for the YouTube videos. They are KitCam and Perfect365. 

What filter app does BTS use?

If you are following BTS, you think how these lovely and cute photographs to edit. The photos are very colorful, and they are unique. PicsArt, Snapseed, photo editor, and Mextures are the secrets behind these fantastic final results. 


Beauty is a temporary gift that we have from god. We cannot keep it at a top-level every day. But we can manage our beauty. Today the beauty is more important in social media platforms only. You communicate with the world through these platforms. So due to this situation, today, lots of people are searching for the best photo editing apps. Here we bring you the most famous and best photo editing apps with more features and facilities and are also used by celebrities. Snapseed, Afterlight, Lens Distortions, Adobe Lightroom, Mextures, Enlight, Instagram, Polarr, A Color Story, Instasize, Darkroom, Retrica, Foodie, TouchRetouch are a few of them. It’s your time to choose the Best Filter Apps for you. Edit your photograph looks like a celebrity. Fire up on Instagram. 

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