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Top 5 Sites Like Craigslist

Craigslist has been the foremost classified advertisements website for years. Now there are plenty of other web sites which offer free services which do the same process just like Craigslist.

However, if you are looking for a job or deal without Craigslist, as you may not be comfortable or satisfied with Craigslist for whatever reason, these are the best alternatives for you. They may not offer the same familiarity of Craigslist but I’m sure they will have the ability to provide a best solution with additional features.

The following list, which has some of the best Craigslist alternatives will allow you to trade online, buy and sell easily.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is mostly used as a place where one can post and share status updates with friends or watch viral photos and videos. But you may not know that Facebook is a place which allows you to buy or sell locally totally free. There ae countless local selling groups in Facebook and all you have to is just type the name of your local city and online yard sale or click on the Marketplace tab which can be found on the left sidebar of the Facebook page.

Same to craigslist, you can list your item on Facebook.


This is like the regular Facebook news feed where the contents will be displayed according to the posting order. If you are looking for a product to buy, you can search for the specific keywords within the relevant Buy and Sell group.

Firearms cannot be sold here similar to craigslist.



While acting as its own classified advertisement service, Oodle is corporative with competitive sites like and in order to make the user’s search more effective and comprehensive. In Oodle, there are some listings which are posted directly to Oodle and also a combination of other craigslist alternatives in order to increase their listings.  Oodle has a wide variety of products and services which includes personals and pets.

Oodle allows the seller to advertise their listings through Facebook too.



Letgo is another famous alternative for Craigslist. Letgo is better than Facebook in term of grouping product listings. Specific keywords or general categories (such as fashion and accessories) can be searched. This is an easy way to search items.

Letgo has an attractive user interface which at the same time allows the sellers to get more detailed while Craigslist is a simple and clean platform. When compared to Craigslist, Letgo is a safe place because prior to creating the profile your Google or Facebook account should be verified.


OfferUp is relatively small compared to Craigslist, but has lot of product listings and it is also a popular nowadays. It has also won the App of the Year award by GeekWire and has a total app download of more than 23 million.

In OfferUp both seller and buyer can get a rating which makes the transactions more secure and reliable. It will also reduce the number of scammers.

This has a facility where the seller can broadcast his listing on Facebook. This allows buyers to either accept the sellers’ listed price or make their own offer.


This is another alternative for Craigslist which offers you a marketplace to buy and sell a wide range of electronic items including cameras, mobile phones, tablets, video games, watches, etc. You can also find a wide range of equipment for smart home such as voice assistants, thermostats and streaming devices. There is no need to pay a fee as a seller although the buyer has to pay a small amount of money because Swappa is helpful in assisting with the sales and ensures that all goes smoothly.


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