Best Games like Pokemon Go for Android / IOS in 2020

A few years ago, Pokémon Go was an increased Reality game that was launched by Niantic Studios. Just after the launch, the game surprised the entire mobile gaming market community. Beginners have to go outside and search for Pokémons using the device. In contrast to other usual mobile games, this game urges people to get out of their rooms and travel the world around them, where there were tons of people on Pokestops and other popular Pokemon breeding places. Now with the time, powerful processors, and long batteries, almost all games have become more composite. So we’re thrilled to share with you the top alternative games which are similar to Pokémon Go.

Monster legends

If you play this game, then you’ll have the fullest and coolest Digimons and pokemon gather here. So hurry to collect the more reliable and popular Digimons. It is the strategy in this board game that uses Pokémon figures. Catch and train the most exceptional team of Dynamons and challenge in Person vs. Person battles. 

Let’s explore an open world searching for the rarest and strongest poke monsters by fighting tough captains and prove your skills are not less than others. Be THE BEST! 

Get ready for the ultimate Digimons Experience! 


  • Impressive Ultra HD Graphics 
  • Excellent Places 
  • Awesome Poke Characters
  • Bonus Poker Characters Special Abilities and Powers Fun for all ages


If you’ve been hoping a tattoo to be done, here’s the Best Games like Pokemon Go, called Inkhunter. So it helps you decide what and where to ink without regretting that growling wolf facial after the fact. The app provides you a rich collection of designs by famous tattoo artists that you can try out virtually via the smartphone-powered augmented reality placing pixels on your body in real-time. You can also transmit your sketches to the app to see how it looks on you. Let’s see whether your pen skills are sharp enough to merit, leaving a permanent mark on your body.

Try on practical tattoos with increased reality before it’s inked into you forever. This app designs any tattoo on any part of your body so you can see how it will look.


  • Try on your tattoo or choose one from our gallery, or download from the web.
  • Check out your tattoo from different ways

Make tattoos look natural using the advanced photo editor.

Dynamons World – Best Games like Pokemon Go

Join the adventure and discover the fantastic Dynamons world, loved by millions of players. Catch and train the most exceptional team of Dynamons and challenge your friends in real-time multiplayer battles. You can tour an open world hunting for the rarest and strongest monsters, fight tough Captains, and prove your skills to be the best. Let’s set ready for the ultimate Dynamons Experience! Dynamons World is updated all the time with even more new Dynamons, quests, battles, and more!


  • Online Battle Arena
  • Battle with your friends and players worldwide in Person to person multiplayer battles
  • Catch and train dozens of unique Dynamons
  • Unloose powerful skills and brilliant tactics to defeat even the strongest rivals
  • Travel from Dynamons Camp to the Temple Ruins in an addictive and immersive story
  • New Online Battle Arena
  • challenge your friends to 1 on one battle
  • Huge new maps, more actions, and an amazing and immersive story
  • Discover the new dark Dynamon types
  • Skill Cards battle mechanic for more strategic battles
  • New Dragon Dynamons to catch


 It is one of the free apps that let you collect and tame monsters to fight other tamers for domination. Play an arcade monster fighting game from the collection that you have obtained. Explore many regions and search for monsters to tame. Collect and gather a team and evolve them to make them more powerful. Then challenge numerous players through a turn-based combat system and establish a strategy early on to ensure victory.

Gather your ultimate Nexomon team to save your friends and save the world! Clash against heroic champions and become famous in this epic journey!

Game Features:

  • Over 300 Nexomon to catch and train.
  • Develop Nexomon into new and powerful forms.
  • Universal Apps that can play on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad.
  • iCloud support. Backup your data and game on all your devices!
  • Get exclusive Nexomon iMessage stickers!
  • A vast and engaging battle system.
  • Mighty and unique legendary Nexomon, find all eight of them
  • Battle compelling and challenging foes in the Nexoworld.
  • Select from seven unique starters.
  • Explore all ten colorful and vibrant regions.
  • Fully animated monsters
  • High-Quality gaming experience like no other!

Trainer of Monster – Best Games like Pokemon Go

Welcome to the mysterious and beautiful world of Monsters if you love adventures, monsters, exciting battles, craft, and fun. Because here, you can find your soul friends. It lets you to pocket creatures, build your house with unique blocks, take care of the pet, and use individual balls to catch a friendly monster in your collection. Improve your skills and become the best trainer in our mysterious world.

Fight with other trainers, check out the abilities of each beast, and select the most suitable monster for you. And never forget to follow your position in the game and use your expertise on time. That is the duty of the trainer. There are different types of magic monsters in the world, each of which has three evolutions. Moreover, you can meet a legendary mystic monster. In our world, new skins of characters, new types, and developments of battle pets regularly appear!

 Have fun!

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