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03 Best Sites To Help A Beginner Master World of Warcraft (2023)

In November 2022, another update for World of Warcraft Dragonflight was released. The developers added new dragon islands and continued the cycle of global changes going on for more than 10 years. To get comfortable as a beginner, you need to correctly understand the game meta and be able to adapt it to your character, even if the developers have significantly weakened your class. You need to be able to farm and pump, quickly and efficiently go through the storyline, and master the system of professions. Better to understand the project’s intricacies and feel the World of Warcraft the way the developers intended. So you need to rely on special services and sites to help a beginner master World of Warcraft.

What Sites Will Help You Better Understand World of Warcraft

1) Skycoach


Skycoach is a service to help beginners and experienced players with key mechanics and services related to World of Warcraft. You can buy in-game gold and get upgrades, training, and Mythic raids. Also, you can coordinate your training with a manager, and interact with a professional player. Learn how to play your character, including methods of farming and character development, the ability to pass raids and win PVP, leveling skills, and understanding the game meta. Skycoach also offers to boost services, where you can put your character under the control of a professional player to level up.


To succeed in character development in WoW, you need a lot of gold. Equipment and weapons, materials and tools are bought for it, services are paid for, and all types of exchanges between players occur. You can buy World of Warcraft game gold in any quantity. Professional Skycoach players supply them, with all kinds of security, deal masking from the administration, and a money-back guarantee in case of disputes.


You can coordinate your training with the manager, interact with a professional Skycoach player, and learn how to play the selected character. You will be taught methods of farming and character development, the ability to pass raids and win PVP, leveling skills, and what to focus on. Most importantly, understand the game meta and the ability to adapt to it, even if the game developers significantly weaken your class as part of the next update.


Boosting is a service where you put your character under the control of a professional Skycoach player to level up. The service guarantees the safety of personal data and uses VPN to ensure anonymity. You can track the status of your order online in real time. Upon completion of the transaction, it is recommended to change the password.

2) Wowhead


Read Wowhead to get full information in the form of guides about all the main mechanics, class systems, races, and professions. Skills and tactics, PVP activities, and new updates. To understand the class you are going to play for and not act on a whim with a chance to be with a high-level hero and uselessness for raids and PVP, you need to read the manuals.

It will help to think over and strengthen the development of the character in the right way – you will be prompted for the best quests and locations, equipment and weapons, and a bunch of professions for earning gold and increasing the status and benefits on the game server.

Read about possible ways of developing the chosen class.

For example, a Hunter can develop into a beastmaster and an archer. The Beastmaster can tame animals and turn them into his pets, who will fight on his side and destroy enemies with a set of power-ups, with damage that will depend on the owner’s equipment.

It is the most independent class that can level up just by healing your pet and destroying monsters without support. The Beastmaster is also in demand in group activities – raids. Due to a strong and durable pet, the beastmaster can deal strong and stable damage to the boss and tank, that is, keep him on himself while the rest of the group destroys other targets and reduces the target’s health.

The second path of development is the archer. A ranged warrior who is strong due to chance and critical attack power. The archer can set traps and use camouflage to increase range from the target or to get out of the battlefield. The archer is the opposite of the mage, with physical damage and the largest radius for its application. An archer needs to have a high rate of physical attack and critical attack power to realize the potential of the class.

3) WoW Fandom

WoW Fandom

Fandom is a complete database for most online MMO projects, including World of Warcraft. You can find and read most of the information on NPCs, items, quests, skills, characteristics, and other game moments that can. They should be studied by players for understanding value and practicality.

If you are considering taking this or that secondary quest, look at Fandom. You will find the quest, the NPC that gives it out, the average time to complete it, and the final reward. Some tasks have a long chain of quests to understand whether the task is worth your attention and the time spent on it.

Read about the characteristics of tools for practicing professions.

In the Dragonflight update, Blizzard added tools that have separate slots and increase the stats and potential of crafting. Each profession has its own set of tools and several types of quality. It is recommended to read about each type of instrument before looking for them on the trading floor or leaving a request on the order table. Each craftsman creates only one instrument and buys the rest from other specialists. It means you will always earn gold in other professions, but be sure to spend money on strengthening yourself.


In conclusion, World of Warcraft continues to be one of the most popular and challenging online games, with new updates and changes released regularly. Understanding the game meta and adapting to changes is critical to success as a beginner. To help with this, players can rely on specialized sites and services like Skycoach, Gold, Coaching, Wowhead, and Fandom. These resources guide character development, farming, professions, and gameplay mechanics. So it allows the players to maximize their experience and enjoy the game to its fullest potential. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting, use these resources. They can help you improve your skills, level up your character, and become a more successful player in the world of Warcraft.

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