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08 Best MacBook Apps to Use (2023)

Reliability and durability are two common advantages that make MacBooks worth their price. For someone looking to get a new computer, Macs make a lot of sense, particularly if you are interested in a laptop rather than a desktop computer. Third-party applications are another element of where MacBooks shine. You have access to many different apps that help you in various ways. This article covers some of the best MacBook apps that every Mac user should download and install on their computer.

What Are the Top Apps for MacBook?

1) Kindle

It should not surprise that Kindle, which is arguably the most popular reading application, is available on macOS. If you like to use the MacBook to read books, various publications, and other content, do not hesitate to get the Kindle app.

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2) Alfred

Some MacBook users are content with Spotlight, but one should also consider improving the default application that is part of macOS. Alfred seems like a sound solution. Task automation is where the strength Alfred lies. The most recent version improved the workflow creator and introduced rich snippets.

Users can also create shortcuts and make text expanders to save time, do calculations, and even check their spelling. Alfred is a jack of all trades, and it should be one of the must-have MacBook apps among MacBook owners.

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3) Bartender

Those who utilize too many applications on a MacBook are likely to run into app sorting issues. Managing too many apps is not productive, and it makes sense to create a system that lets you modify applications in the menu bar. The bartender does exactly that. It is a tool to organize applications on a MacBook to make it easy to navigate the device. 


4) CleanMyMac X

Cleanup utilities are not as popular as they should be. However, given how much clutter accumulates on a computer’s drive over time, it should not come as a surprise to see a lack of storage on the drive. Not to mention that poor storage management affects the overall MacBook performance.

Since temporary system storage and other junk data are part of the problem, you need to eliminate them. Manually deleting files sounds like a chore, meaning that you should install a cleanup app like CleanMyMac X. Whenever you run into a technical issue and do not know what to do to fix it, consider clearing junk data as your first possible solution with the help of CleanMyMac X.

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5) Magnet

There is no denying that a dual monitor setup is quite great for one’s productivity. However, that is not an option for someone who uses a MacBook. Viewing multiple windows side by side is a bit of an issue, so users have to seek third-party solutions to circumvent the problem. Using Magnet enables the option to drag and snap tabs in the MacBook screen’s corners and sides. You will have a much easier time working with multiple tabs that are open simultaneously. 

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6) Unclutter

As the name aptly describes it, Unclutter is a productivity application that lets you quickly store and manage information. If you have notes, files, and clipboard details that you would like to access or transfer to another device without hassle, Unclutter is worth checking out.

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7) Day One

Are you someone who likes to keep track of everything in a journal? If that is the case, Day One should be one of those tailor-made applications. Consider Day One as a journal that incorporates not just text but visuals, such as images. Adding tags and reminders is also part of the package, which should help organize the journal. Finally, Day One has password protection, which comes in handy if you want to keep the things in the journal for yourself. 

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8) Google Chrome

Even though Safari is the default internet browser for macOS, many users still seek an alternative. More often than not, Google Chrome ends up replacing Safari, and for a good reason. Even though Chrome is a bit notorious for its resource usage, its customization options make up it.

The extension store allows you to install additions to the browser that feel like separate applications. Grammarly, ad blockers, text expanders, and screen recorders are just a few examples of popular Google Chrome extensions and categories.

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Getting a MacBook also comes with the choice of picking useful applications. Some tools are part of the macOS package. For example, Time Machine is used for backing up data, whereas Spotlight offers different features, such as searching for files on the computer. So there you have it. This article should give you a better idea of what applications you should consider getting on your MacBook. And remember that more MacBook apps are available, so keep an eye on the App Store.

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