Best Games like Angry Birds for Android / IOS in 2020

Angry Birds is a puzzle-based video game based on physics. It is an Action, Arcade, and Single-player video game available on both platforms i.e., Android / IOS. You get slingshot to shot birds at bad pigs living in various types of structures. The main goal is to eliminate all the evil pigs from their structures, using different types of angry birds.

You have to complete each level to move to the next one. There was a time when this game was at its peak, and there was no fierce competitor for it. But now there are plenty of Games with similar or even better features. So, in this post, we are going to discuss the Best Games like Angry Birds in 2020.

Best Games like Angry Birds

1. Worms

Team 17 Software Ltd develops the game. It’s a Super, Turn-based Strategy, Single-player, and Multiplayer android game. Worms are available on multi-platforms like Android, IOS, Xbox, etc.

The player character is of a worm, and they have to complete all challenging levels. In the Solo-player mode, the player has to aim, power-up, and fire enemies and other similar objects to reach a high score. The game also lets the player make the team up to four players in Multiplayer mode. They can dive into battle against enemies, all together, and enjoy the team-based experience.

2. Papa Pear Saga

We will warn you that this is a very addictive game. This puzzle game can be played in solo mode as well as multiplayer mode. The king publishes this game. It comes with attractive gameplay and is available on both platforms i.e., android and IOS.

This game contains various levels, and players have to complete one at any cost to reach the next one. The game takes place in multiple different locations.

3. Angry Frogs

It is an attractive, Action, Arcade, Puzzle game based on physics. Emanuele Padula develops this single-player video game. At this moment, the player can play this game on the Android platform only. It takes you through an exciting journey in story mode. The story is basically that evil snakes destroy the frog’s house, and the player must help the frogs to take revenge from snakes. You get 13 types of frogs, of which seven are unique, and six come with combined powers.

One of the most amazing features which make this game enjoyable is its level editor. Using it, you can create his level and can send this to your friends as a challenge. The game includes different locations and each with a set level of difficulty that the player has to complete.

In any order, this is very similar to Angry Birds. Only in this game, there are snakes and frogs instead of birds and pigs. The snakes are sheltered in a heavily designed structure made up of various materials such as wood, stones, glass, and building blocks. The main target of the player is to aim the arrangement with a slingshot, set the power, and launch frog on snakes to eliminate them all. The player can unlock other levels by completing the present degree.

So they are some of the Best Games like Angry Birds.

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