Best Apps like Tik-Tok for Android / IOS in 2020

Tik-Tok has become famous within the last few years now. With more than a million users making short lip sync videos every day, tik-tok has become the largest video sharing platform.

Not only it provides access to a fantastic music library, but the app also offers a rich selection of video editing tools with great filters. Still, there are quite a few alternatives to TikTok out there. In this article, we are going to discuss Best Apps like Tik-Tok that are currently available to both IOS and Android users.

Best Apps like Tik-Tok in 2020

1. DubSmash

Availability: Android / IOS

Price: Free

This is one of the oldest music video platforms used for making lip-syncing videos. It lost a bit of its former glory with the rise of Tik-Tok. Still. the fact that Dubmash has over one hundred million installs tells us about its popularity today. If you download this app, you’re becoming a part of a large community that revolves around entertaining short dialogues videos.

You can use thousands of different types of music and sounds in your videos. It includes movie and TV quotes, which means that you’ll always have fresh content for your videos. The app also gives you features like adding stickers and text overlays to videos so you can make your music videos more engaging. Dubsmash displays videos in the same style as Snapchat stories. It’s divided into two news feed sections so you can follow the channels you like and, at the same time, keep track of the latest videos posted by your friends and family.

2. FuniMate

Availability: Android / IOS

Price: Free, In-app purchase

The most significant advantage of using Funimate over TikTok is the feature that you can create any style of the music video you wish. It can be slow-motion videos, compile several video clips into a video compilation, make video loops, and whatnot. The app’s huge sound library grants you access to a number of popular songs as well as sound effects. This is a reason it’s a perfect choice for lip-syncing videos.

Funimate has more than thirty advanced video effect features that turn ordinary everyday moments into magical viral videos. Not only this, but you can also add as much text or a variety of stickers to a video as you want. Even, You can easily add funny comments to each video you record with this app. Making collaboration videos with your friends is super easy with Funimate. You have to pick a song you both like and merge the footage into a single clip and post it. You can make in-app purchases to get access to some of the app’s more advanced options.

3. Cheez

Availability: Android / IOS

Price: Free, In-app purchase

After joining the Cheez community, you’ll be able to do much more than produce lip-syncing videos. Some of the most popular video categories on this video platform include vlogging, comedy videos, or fashion. If your videos become viral and get enough likes, shares, and comments, you’ll receive rewards. Viewers can also get prizes for watching videos or commenting on the posts you like.

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